Time to put normal me in a story!I mean,for crying outloud!Alot of people have done it:Acro111(Who is bassicly the only person who reads my junk.I appreciate her very much!)MrsDimentio,and Anti-Dimetnio-Something else I can't remember...Me in this has no intrest in Dimentio,unless I make a sequal!Although Aiden still hates him,also,me and her are like...15,In this.

Bridget ran down the stone avalanche,followed closely behind by her 5 cousins,and best friend,her grandpa was on the regular path he was walking calmly down to the breakwater,finnaly the 6 teens,and 11 year old ran up onto the breakwater,it was 11 at night,and the August wind was nice and cool on thier faces.

"Grandpa?"Bridget asked when she caught up to him.


"Why are you taking us out here?Wouldn't our parents kill you?"

"Yes they would,but,"He began going into one of his stories,that she loved to hear,"Remember when you and Aiden did that litle trip?"She blushed remembering what happened.(I'm not explaining this,it actually happened.)

"I think,maybe we could have a safe trip at night for once,instead of going to Burger King,or sleeping in the woods."(My grandpa tried to become a hobo,and he slept in the woods.)"Because,did you're dad ever tell you about the time he ran away?"Bridget thought about the time her dad told her about when he ran away.


"Well,he didn't get very far,as you know,he layed under the porch,and when I came back,we went fishing,and that was our fun heres ours!"

"OK..."By now the other kids were halfway to the lighthouse,so Bridget sprinted down the breakwater,while her grandpa stayed behind,put his hands in his pockets,and felt someone grab hold tight of his neck.

"Sorry,but...I can't have you telling you're family about the missing children,can I?"A male voice said from behind,and a second later,there grandpa vanished on a black, ominus wind...

The teens,had broke into the light house and were running all aroud,Michelle,and Nicholas were at the top,having a spitting contest,while Quinn watched,Bridget,Aiden,and Riley were at the botom climbing on the rocks that jutted out of the breakwater,and,Felisha sat calmly with a book,she opened her book and, looked out towards the beggining of the breakwater and noticed there grandpa wasn't there,she got up quickly,and began running up to the lighthouse,but she felt someone grab her by the shoulder.

"Now,now my dear.I'm afraid you can't go looking for you're dear grandpa,but...you can come with me."The same male voice said to her,and she dissapeared in a yellow box.

Nick watched from above,while Michelle helped Quinn with something,he saw his sister dissapear,and when he turned around,Mich and Quinn were gone,he immetiatly ran down to the base of the light house,but on his way bumped into Bridget.

"Nick,you jerk!"Watch were you're going.

"Wheres Riley and Aiden?"

"Raiding the giftshop,why?"

"We have to get out of here."

"I'm afraid thats not exceptable."

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