OK!Time to get this thang started!

The two teens turned around to see a man with a yellow and purple poncho, and hat. A long black sleeved shirt, gloves, and pants. He had a black and white mask on, as well.

"You! Give me back my cousins!" Nick yelled.

"Our." Bridget said behind him.

"Be quiet, you're not blood related!" Bridget minds completely snapped. She grabbed him by the collar and growled in his face.

"There still my family. And he probably has MY best friend!"

"Right you are! But first, allow me to introduce myself." The man began.

"I know who you are." Bridget said glaring at him.

"You do?" Nick exclaimed confused.

"I can tell whos smarter already." The man told them, "I am master of dimensions... pleaser of crowds... I am... Dimentio! And here are you're cousins friend, and some people you don't know." He said, and with a snap of his fingers, they all apeared in a yellow, floating box. The only new faces were:Luvbi and, a man around the age of 34.

"Brad!" Bridget yelled looking at the oldest man.

"Ah! So you and Brad are already aquainted? Good. But I'm sad to say, you're not coming with us my dear." Dimentio told her. With another snap of his fingers, Nick was in one.

"Well, I have what I want. Ciao!"He said, and with a snap of his fingers, they were gone. Bridget walked up slowly to the top of the lighthouse. She stood there. Her family had just gotten captured by pshychotic jester. She curled up into a ball and layed there.

"Don't give up." A voice whispered in her ear. She jumped up and looked around to find no one.

"Behind you." The same voice said again. She turned around to see a boy around her age. He had light blue skin, white hair, and blue eyes. He was holding a staff with a red gem on it, and had a white cloak, or something...

"My name is Lucas." He said holding out his hand.

"Bridget." She told him shaking it.

"I saw what happened. My father knew Dimentio."

"I knew I recognized you from somewhere! You're the son of Blumiere and Timpani!"

"Yes. Apperantly video games give you knowledge."

"Yeah... Can you help me?"

"Hmmm... It depends."


"You let me lead the way. And I get to give you this." He said holding out a sword, like one you would use in fencing, only this one was stronger, and it was black. Bridget smiled at it. Black. Her favorite color.

"Of course! Do you know why he took them?" Bridget asked him.

"No. I'm sorry."

"Thats OK. What do we have to do?"

"We have to find the Key Of Purity. It has 8 pieces that were scattered throughout my world. If we find all 8 pieces, we can reunite the Pure Hearts into a whole one. The Pure Hearts will imediatly reasemble from wherever they are, no matter what dimension."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Then lets get started."

Just to let you know, they don't like each other.