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Clary blinked her eyes opened to a white sky from her black dreamless world. It was blank white, not blue. She wondered if she opened her eyes to heaven. But before long, her mind started to fog up again, and her eyes drooped back into the darkness. What felt like a few hours later, Clary slowly grew conscious and felt the soreness and fatigue of her body. She moved her head a little, and her neck burst like flames. She moaned in pain.

"Don't move, it'll only make it worse," said a velvet male voice. But Clary turned her head again, ignoring the pain, to see the young man with gold eyes sitting by her feet in the corner of the white tent. Memories of the night rushed to her, the moonlight sky, the meadow, the shadows, the monster, the dagger, and her rescuer. He shook his head in spite of her stubbornness, but smiled. Clary turned her head back to the position it was before, squeezing her eyes to shut to ease the pain in her neck.

"I told you not to move," said the voice, amused. Clary wet her lips and tried to find her voice.

"I heard you." Her voice was hoarse. She heard him move and felt him come closer; something cold and wet was placed upon her forehead. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her. He almost looked lost in thought.

"Then you should listen." He smiled at her as he moved damp cloth gently across her face.

"Might I ask who you are?" she said. Clary watched him as he looked away from her eyes to the cloth on her skin.

"Yes, you can ask. Anyone normal would, though I am surprised that you would," he said mockingly. Clary narrowed his eyes at him. He smirked, watching her from the corner of his eyes.

"Are you insulting me?" Clary furiously asked.

"No," he replied sarcastically. "Any woman walking around at night in the middle of nowhere is quite normal." When he finally met her eyes they showed anger. "What were you thinking, traveling at night?" His face matched the fury in his voice.

"You still have yet to answer my question," Clary said ignoring his comment.

"And you haven't answered mine," he said putting the cloth aside. Clary felt his warm breath on her face. She stayed silent.

So did he.

He moved back to his spot in the corner. Suddenly the sound of rain broke out, and beat against the tent. Thunder rumbled, and the doors of the tent started to flap. The young man took hold of the doors, finding something heavy to hold it shut. The temperature in the tent started to drop. Clary felt the hairs on her arms rising, even with the bundle of blankets on top of her. Minutes went by, before the young man let out a loud sigh.

"Jace," he said. Clary turned her body little to look at him.

"Pardon me?" she asked, confused.

"You may call me Jace," he said a little louder.

"Jace? Is that not a little informal?"

"Green-eyes," he let out a dry laugh. "We are past formality."

"Is that so?" asked Clary, her voice thick with sarcasm.

"Yes," he replied, deep in thought. He murmured something quietly.

"What was that?" inquired Clary.

"Nothing," said Jace. Clary turned her head back gently so that she was staring at the white roof tent. The pain in her neck had eased and she slowly felt fully awake. The sound of rain lessened outside when Clary realized something.

"Jace? How long have I been unconscious?" she asked, still looking up to the roof.

"Since last night," he said calmly.

"What time of day is it now?"

"I assume it to be mid-afternoon," Jace replied.

"What is the-"

"You know, for a lady, you ask quite a lot of questions," interrupted Jace. "Yet you still haven't answered any of mine." Clary remained silent. "Now tell me, Green-eyes, why were you in the abandoned meadow in the middle of the night?" Jace asked, again.

"Why should I tell you? You may be dangerous." Jace let out a sly laugh.

"I suppose you are right, but you would be dead by now if I was," he said.

"You might just be saying that, so you can kill me later."

"You are so stubborn, aren't you?" he muttered, almost to himself. He got up, and stood up as much as the short tent allowed him. "I'll be outside."

"Wait!" Clary exclaimed, slightly getting up on her elbows. "Where are you going?"

"I am clearly making you feel uncomfortable, so I thought I would be the gentlemen, and leave you here," said Jace with a sarcastic smile.

"But it's raining outside," Clary argued.

"Really? I didn't know," said Jace mockingly. Clary fell back to her pillow.

"Will you please stay inside, with me," Clary finally said. "I promise to answer your questions if you answer mine."

"I'll only answer yours after you answered mine, Green-eyes."

"So be it," said Clary irritably

"Now, for the third time, why were you in the meadow in the middle of the night?" asked Jace impatiently.

"I was… traveling to a nearby town," Clary lied. Jace sighed.

"Do you expect me to believe that? There isn't a village near here."

"Where is here?" Clary curiously asked.

"You said you would answer my questions first."

"You said you wanted me to answer your questions, not to tell you the truth." Jace lost his patience and was suddenly was very close to Clary

"Look at me, Green-eyes, you must tell me!" Jace demanded. His golden eyes turned darker, somehow hypnotizing her.

"My mother is sick, so I was trying to find a warlock that can help her," Clary said breathlessly.

"At night," Jace added in an angry calmness. "So no one would stop you."

"Yes," Clary answered even though Jace didn't ask.

"Do you know how dangerous that is? You were lucky I saw you in the village or no one would have saved you!" Jace growled. Clary looked up to his face, blinking, as she understood what he said.

"You… you saw me in the village?" Clary stuttered. Jace turned his face down, hiding his face. He said nothing.

"Jace! Answer me!" exclaimed Clary. She abruptly twisted her head to one side, looking toward him. Clary fell back into her pillow and hissed in pain. Jace's head shot back up. Noticing her pain he took her hand in a comfortable grip.

"I'll be right back," Jace said as he left. Clary barely heard him as the pain became unbearable. She could not think, see, smell, or hear anything. She started to shiver. Her insides felt like they were on fire, but her outsides felt ice cold; she screamed.

"Clary, Clary!" yelled a male voice. "Green-eyes? You have to swallow this." Clary suddenly felt something small being pushed into her mouth. She closed her lips as tight as she could, fighting to keep it out of her mouth

"You have to trust me. Please, trust me," urged the voice desperately. She let the small object enter her mouth.

"Good, now swallow. Swallow and sleep. You'll feel better by morning." Clary pushed the object down her throat with her tongue. The object tasted bitter, but she swallowed it. Almost immediately Clary felt her whole body numb. Her neck didn't hurt anymore. Her head felt heavy, and she felt as though she was drowning in water.

"Sleep, Clary. Sleep," lulled the voice. Before her body and her mind detached she realized something.

How does he know my name?


Clary woke up to the sound of soft snores. She opened her eyes to the white roof of the tent. The tent was brighter than she last remembered it. She could almost feel the sun shining through it.

Clary slowly got up to a sitting position and moved her neck carefully. It felt normal, almost as if the vampire never attacked her.

She turned to the sound of the soft snores to see Jace sleeping, sitting up with his shoulders scrunched and his head drooped down. It looked like an uncomfortable position. His locks of hair hung in a way that made it impossible for her to see his face. One of his hands held a white towel and his other clenched onto hilt of his sword that was sheathed in his belt.

Belt. Clary immediately remembered her belt with the maps. Her hands flew to her waist. It wasn't there. Clary shifted around and looked around the tent to see where Jace could have placed it: nothing. Maybe I'll be able to sneak out before he stops me, Clary thought. She knew he wouldn't let her out of his sight if he woke up. The conversation they had the other day proved that tenfold.

Her stomach growled loudly. Clary quickly wrapped her arms around her stomach to lessen the noise; she did not want to wake Jace. Clary then remembered the food and money that she had hid into her dress. Her hands patted the skirt of her dress. She couldn't find the cheese or the bread, only the money she had hidden in her dress. He must have taken it! Why would he take it? Clary looked at Jace's sleeping form and glared at him. Clary's stomach growled again. She sighed.

Clary slowly got up keeping her head down so as not to hit the roof of tent. She slowly and softly tiptoed to the entrance of the tent. Quickly moving the flap, so that the chill and the light of the new morning wouldn't wake Jace up, she stepped outside.

Once Clary was outside, she looked at around to see where she was. She was in a small clearing in the woods. The sun shone down brightly; there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The forest was well lit, not looking like the mysterious and dark forest she traversed two days before. She could see the brown bark and healthy new leaves on the braches. It looked endless, but amicable: almost inviting her in. The clearing itself was lively. The grass looked greener than any grass she'd ever seen.

Clary suddenly saw movement in the corner of her eyes. Her heart leaped, as she turned around to see that it was Jace's white horse eating grass. She placed a hand on her chest and took a deep breath, trying to calm her heart down.

"Jumpy?" Clary screeched, turning toward the voice, and fell backward onto the damp grass.

"I must say I have never gotten that loud of a reaction from any female," Jace said arrogantly as he straightened up from leaning on a tree. He walked to where Clary had fallen. She stared at Jace with disbelief; she was so sure that she didn't wake him. He held out a hand to Clary. "Thought you could runaway?"

"I thought you were asleep," said Clary as she took Jace hand to get up.

"So you were running away from me." Jace smirked.

"I never said anything about that. I just said I thought you were asleep," corrected Clary. Her voice was uneven, giving her lie away.

"You were, I know," Jace said as he looked deep into Clary's eyes. "I see it in your eyes."

"So what if I was to? I have done nothing but waste your time. You should be happy," said Clary.

"I am coming with you," said Jace evenly.

"What!" Clary exclaimed.

"I am coming with you," Jace repeated.

"But why? You don't even know me," Clary questioned. Jace turned his face away from her.

"I feel that if I let you go alone, whatever happens would be my fault." He turned around looking serious. "If you go alone, I'd be always anxious to know where you are, or if you are doing well."

"You have a life you know," said Clary. Jace smirked at the thought.

"I know."

"You have people who love you," said Clary

"Possibly," Jace replied sarcastically. Clary glared at him.

"Will you stop that! I am implying that you have reason to be away from your home, which is not me," said Clary angrily.

"That's simply another reason for me to go with you." Clary paused and looked at him.

"You ran away?" asked Clary confused.

"I wouldn't say I ran away. I am more… disappearing for an elongated period of time," clarified Jace.

"Oh, is that so?" Clary raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, so you have no choice but to have me as your companion," Jace grinned. Clary let out an irritated sigh.

"All right you are coming with me," accepted Clary. "Now my companion, would you mind telling me where my maps and food are?" Her stomach growled right as Jace's grin grew.

"They are in my horse's saddle pouch," he said as he pointed towards his horse. "I thought it wouldn't be too comfortable with the food in your skirt, or a belt on your waist. So I cut your skirt and stitched it back up, and removed your belt."

"You wore your belt to bed. With your sword on it." Clary argued, suspicious.

"I did, but that is because I have to," replied Jace.

"What if thieves came in the dark of the time and stole our things?" Clary's eyebrows challenged.

"I know it will all be fine," said Jace as he pulled out a silver chain with a key, "because I have the key." He smiled knowingly and dropped it back down his shirt.

"Fine, now may we please break our fast?" asked Clary. Jace smiled.

"We may."


After Jace unlocked the pouch he took out Clary's cheese and bread, and three of his apples: one of which he gave to his horse. They went and sat on two damp stones near the tree he had been leaning against earlier. Jace gave Clary a knife to cut the cheese and bread, as he took another out to cut the apples into small pieces.

"You never answered my question from yesterday," Clary finally said.

"I was hoping you had forgotten." Clary shook her head.

"You promised to answer my question if I answered yours."

"Fine, ask your question," Jace said irritated. "And I would rephrase it if I were you, because you already know I was in the village." Clary stayed quiet as she thought of what she wanted to ask.

Clary's voice lowered. "Why did you follow me from the village?" Jace turned his face to the ground.

"I-" he began then looked up into Clary's eyes. "I've seen you before, and when I saw you in your village center I just-," he paused turning away. "I couldn't rid myself of the feeling that you were in danger. So I followed you." Something clicked in Clary's mind.

Clary's face softened. "You were there weren't you? By the river I mean."

"Yes." He looked into her eyes.

"And you heard my entire conversation with my friend." She grimaced.

"Yes." The tone of his voice slightly changed.

"And that is why you already know my name."

"You do know you are asking more questions than I have," Jace said changing the subject.

"I know, and you are going to answer every one of them," she said mater-of-fact, "I wasn't the one spying on random people."

"You are not random," muttered Jace under his breath.

Clary scrunched her eyes in confusion. "What did you say?"

"Nothing." He turned his face away from her. "Nothing important."

"Fine, now can you please pass me some slices of apple?" asked Clary.

"Only if you pass me some cheese and bread, Clary" He grinned. So he does know, Clary thought.

"Then it's a trade."

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