Raditz decided to got back and see his baby brother, truth be told he was happy to have a younger sibling, he imagined what it would be like to practice wrestling moves on Kakarott, Kakarott would probably cry and Bardock would have to come in a break it up. and Raditz will tell stories of his mission that will motivate his brother to train harder. He left before his mother could talk with him.


He headed out to a bar, he might as well get drunk before the mission, you can barley hear the song bad to the bone playing, the waitress handed him his drink, she gave him a friendly smile before going back to fill out the other orders. Raditz took a sip, some how the security doesn't seem to care and they have been letting teenagers in, he laughed to him self, he was about to take another sip when a dunk female threw her self on him making his cup drop to the floor.

" what the hell bitch" he snapped, the female wrapped her arm around his neck

" WHOOO HOO !" she said, taking her drink she chugged it down " LET PARTY !" she slammed her cup on the bar table like a man would after a good drink " THIS BITCH WILL DRINK TONIGHT!" she even flipped the bird but no one was paying any attention, her hair was amber color and she had it up in a pony tail, her sayain armor had only one shoulder pad and it was on her left the other had a strap, she wore a green spandex with a skirt piece.

" look lady I'll give you to the count of..."

" How old are you?" she asked cutting off Raditz warning " you so young, how old are you?" she hiccuped, Raditz pushed the woman off him, but she wouldn't let go of him

" Your so cute!" she said " just like...uh...like him!" she held up her cup now refilled, she chugged it down again

" uh who?" Raditz asked,

" my name is Momosa" she quickly changed the subject " I like cute things, like you for instance" her tail unwrapped from her waist, her tail started to rub against raditz leg, the teen looked down now he felt uncomfortable with this drunk woman.

" don't be shy hun" she started " all men are like that!" she started to stroke Raditz's hair, like a cat " we girls got to defend our selves" now she completely forgot the fact that Raditz's a boy and started to refere to him as a girl " such a sweet little girl" she started to nessle in his hair, she tighten her grip around his head and his head was forced in between her breast, and it wasn't comfortable with the sayian armor on. Raditz almost had enough of this.

" Mamosa!" a older male came prying the drunk female off of the boy

" Hey Spinake" she protest " what to you think your doing" she re clamp her self back on to Raditz

" Momosa, you had way to much" he said, he tried prying her off again a succeeded he lifted his mate over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes

" Spinake, put me down, I was having fun with the pretty girl", she kicked like a five year old misbehaving then she passed out " I...want...some...peanut butter" she mummbled. Spinake sighed how could his mate cause so much trouble, he turn to Raditz

" hey I'm sorry for Momosa's behavor" he apologized " can I get you a drink?' Raditz shook his head

" forget about it" he told the sayain " next time put aleash on her"

Spinake laughed in agreement , The teenager got up and payed for the spilt drink and headed out of the bar.

"...Peanut butter with a banana please" The drunk Momosa said.

I always wondered what would happen if a sayain got drunk?.

more name puns

Spinake= spinach

Momosa= momo which is the Japanese word for Peaches

why Peanutbutter?