Dear Diary,

I can't believe I'm doing this. But I have to do something while the penguins stalk my home because they think a mental racoon is trying to destroy the zoo. Funny story, I'll tell ya later.

The strangest thing happened today. Kowalski walked in one me while I was combing my fur! He wanted me to answer some questions about the zoo.

So I told him, "Excuse me?" But I asked really sarcasticlly. Like one of those snobs you always here about. He looked at me for a second, confused. Then he went outside and knocked.

The other penguins hve did that too. Rico would come in and have this really shocked and embarrased look on his face. Then he goes and comes back in two hours.

Skipper will come in and ask really stupid questions. Here's one conversation we had:

"Can I borrow your pillow to go to Canada?"

"Why do you need my pillow to go to Canada?"

"That's classified information."


When Private comes in he's so sweet! He'll come in to get one of the other penguins. And when he sees me getting annoyed, he'll cover his eyes, drag the penguin out, and beg that I'll forgive him for walking in when I need privacy. Then tomorrow I'd get a bunch of flowers from him.

But I honestly think it's no big deal. I'm just brushing my fur! Anyway, the guys want me to get questioned.

Dear Diary,

I said that I would tell you why the penguins are trying to capture a racoon. So here it is.

Kowalski found footprints in my habitat. And because they're penguins, they decided it was an enemy agent trying to steal a invention or something. So now, I'm locked in my home. One of these days, I have to know how they think. But I think it was just my footprints.

Dear Diary,

Ha! I was right! It was my footprint!

Anyway, now the penguins want to make it to me, by going camping! Yeah, that'll make everything better. Hey, did I mention that it's Kowalski's birthday in a few days? The penguins don't celebrate birthdays. So I think this'll be the first birthday party for Kowalski as soon as I put it together.

Do you ever have nightmares? Like, continuous nightmares? I have this one where a giant tiger comes and starts eating everyone in the zoo. And then when I'm about to get eaten, I wake up.

Kowalski has on where his invention goes wrong, and everyone in the zoo dies. And he has to live life without anyone friends or anything. And he has to live with the thought of knowing that he killed Skipper, Rico, and Private.

Rico has one where he goes on a rampage and destroys everything in New York. I'm not sure if it's an actually likes i or not, but he says it's a nightmare.

Skipper has one where he wakes up screaming. I don't know what it's about though. I asked Kowalski about it, and he said that only Private knows what it's about.

And finally, Private. He has one where he kills Skipper, Kowalski and Rico. And everyone saw it. There's some more things that happen, but he won't tell anyone about it.

Anyway, the camping trip is tommorrow.