Dear Diary,

I am going to kill the penguins. No, seriously, they're dead.

Turns out the whole thing with missing penguins was all a prank. And you know why they pulled the stupid prank on me? Because I forgot Kowalski's birthday. Great. They made me feel bad. So today I went over there at night and was going to give them a piece of my mind.

I got onto the top of the island thing when I saw Skipper lying there on the ground. I think he was stargazing. Perfect. I was going to fall for him again. I hate love.

"Hey Skipper. what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much. Just wondering how the team and I can get to the moon. We tried once and Kowalski forgot to carry the two. So we're going to try again."

"You know Skipper, you need to lighten up. I mean, the second somebody does something wrong, you have to get revenge. And if your going on a road trip, I'm coming."

Skipper laughed as I laied down with him. "You can't go to he moon. Space squids Marlene. Space. Squids. You couldn't handle it."

"I'll have you know I took a kung fu class fighting space squids. They're not that tough. If you have a grill with you anyway."

Skipper laughed again. "Your just here so you can get revenge on us for our prank."

"No. That's not the whole reason."

He sighed and stood up to leave. "Well, I don't care either way. Good night."

"Wait, Skipper?"

"Yes, Marlene?"

"Can you get me a glass of water?"

"Shut up and go home."

Dear Diary,

I felt mad about the penguins making me feel bad. So I went into their habitat and stole their Ipods. So they came in my habitat and stole my Diary. And, of coarse, I went to go get it back. That's how I found out the penguins wrote in it. They wasted two whole pages writing stuff like this:

Skipper is hogging all the salmon!

Yum... fish...

Ow! Rico just kicked me!

Why did the petroleum go in the test tube?

Nobody cares Kowalski...

That was kinda mean Skipper

Fish... Yum...

Yeah, that was basicallyhalf a page. I think they were just passing it around while they were eating. Maybe later I'll ask Kowalski what the joke was with that petroleum thing.