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Celebi frantically raced through the forest, heart pounding, mind spinning.

They had found her.

After all this time, they had found her.

All this time.

Had the situation been different, Celebi might have laughed.


She could remember when she had had perfect control of time. Before things had changed so drastically.

It all came down to this moment.

The last chance she had.

The passage of time.


Her body tensed, and her heart nearly stopped beating.

They were here.

Her scream was unheard as they knocked her into a tree, and she saw stars.

A giant paw pinned her to the ground. She could barely breathe.

She felt hot breath on her face, and opened her eyes, petrified with fear.

"Arcanine… you're here for Heatran, then?" she said, trying to sound braver than she felt.

Her mind was racing. She needed to think of something.

Needed to.

Arcanine snapped his jaws menacingly.

"You know what we want. You can do this the easy way, or…"

As if on cue, several growlithe stepped into view, snarling and smirking at celebi's pain.

"I won't!" screamed Celebi, struggling against her captor.

Arcanine laughed. High, cold, clear laughter that reverberated throughout the lifeless forest.

Celebi coughed, forcing more air into her lungs.

Arcanine placed his snout next to celebi's ear.

"The passage of time…" he hissed.

She struggled harder, heart thundering in her throat.

"Alright, we're going to have to do this the hard way. A shame, really," Said Arcanine, an eerie smile illuminating his face. "Maybe we can persuade you."

The growlithe began to walk forward, mouths foaming.

There was a flash of yellow.

A blinding light, and Celebi was free once more. She flapped her wings and ascended into the air once more.

She grinned widely.

"Jirachi, dear! I thought you would never come!"

"It's been a rough thousand years, my friend!" Jirachi beamed. "Now, to deal with them…"

He nodded at the furious pack of Growlithe below.

"Arcanine, my dear, I'm afraid we're off. And the fun was just starting, too…" Celebi said.

"Prepare to teleport." Jirachi called.

He grabbed celebi's arm, and narrowly avoided a growlithe's jaws.

"The passage of time!" Called Jirachi.

And they were off.

Swirling through dimension itself.

Everything was so very real in limbo, and yet nothing really was.

Celebi could feel again, for the first time in decades. The wind whipped at her face, and she welcomed the sensation. She saw unimaginable splashes of colour, a thing she had forgotten existed.

Once more, her heart flooded with hope.

Perhaps it was foolish, but her heart fluttered, and she couldn't help but grin. It had been quite some time since she had last smiled.

They were on their way.

They were going to make it.

"Now arriving!" Jirachi sang.

And once more, there was nothing. No sound, no colour, no hope.

The future was a grim place.

She forced herself to be confident, and observed her surroundings.

"Ah, yes! The passage of time is just up ahead!" She called, excitedly.

They rushed through the forest once more, until finally they stood upon the opening to the passage of time.

It was a blinding, pulsating light. Still unopened, untouched after all these years.

"Can you still do this?" Jirachi asked, looking at Celebi.

"Of course! What do you take me for?" Celebi said, smiling.

She felt hope again, even in this grim place.

They were going back.

She focused, hard. She concentrated every ounce of her power on opening the passage.

It was probably the single most important thing she would ever do.

Jirachi lit up.

"You're doing it!"

And with a swirling of sound, the passage opened fully.

"Alright, we have to be quick," said Jirachi determinedly.

Celebi nodded.

"I'll see you in the past, my friend," she said.

"Don't lose sight of the goal. We must attain it at all costs," Jirachi said, resolute.

He looked at Celebi, adventure in his eyes.

"We're the only ones who can."

Celebi nodded, and looked back towards the passage.


"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Let's go."