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It started out as any other dream.

Eevee was on a mission with Riolu, but there was too much food. So they went to the swamp. But the kecleon market in the swamp had too much of a line-up, so she walked around the building, and then… it changed.

It didn't feel so much like a dream anymore. It wasn't dark, but it wasn't light, either. It was just nothingness. She could feel the thick air pressing in on every bit of her body, and her heart beating steadily in her chest.

Every muscle in her body tensed as the voice spoke.


It was barely a whisper, but Eevee could hear it clearly. She groggily rotated her paws through the blank air around her, then turned to where she thought the noise came from.

"Eevee…" It mumbled again, a little more clearly this time.

Eevee blinked, wondering if she should respond.

"Um… hello?" she said uncertainly.

"Eevee… mission…" The voice was fading again.

"What? What do you mean mission?" Eevee urged the voice, excited in spite of herself.

"Tomorrow… You need… mission…" The voice was barely audible.

"Wait! What do you mean?" Eevee cried, eyes widening as darkness began to close in on her.

But the voice did not respond, and Eevee was fading away. She tried to call out again, but she could no longer hear her own voice.

And all was dark.


"Eevee!" called Riolu, shaking her. "Wake up!"

"Whatimesit?" She mumbled, stupidly.

"We need to get an early start towards the job boards!" Said Riolu, looking slightly irritated.

"Mmmm…" Eevee sat up, rubbing her eyes.

It was still dark out, and the guild was silent.

"Come on," whispered Riolu, and they slipped outside.

She couldn't make a sound. The smallest noise could tip the balance. She inched past the other rooms along the hall, not daring to breathe.

She edged towards the main room, keeping track of her every movement.


She practically jumped out of her skin. Riolu pulled her against the wall, and they froze.


Eevee squeezed her eyes shut, bracing herself.


She opened one eye, daring to glance around slightly.

Riolu was standing at the door to a nearby crew room. He motioned her over.

She peered cautiously around the corner.

Loudred was fast asleep, taking gracious gulps of air.


And he was snoring.

Eevee tried to stifle her laughter, and Riolu smiled as he led her once more down the hall.

They shuffled past the guildmaster's room, and quickly headed up the ladder towards the job bulletin boards.

"Let's just pick out a few good missions, and then we'll go back down for morning address…" Riolu whispered, poking his head up to the next floor.

He froze.

"Eevee, there're pokemon up there already," he said, disappointed that someone had stolen his idea.

Eevee crawled up next to him and took a look.

"That's Espeon," She breathed. "So… those must be the people going on the special mission today!"

Riolu sighed longingly.

"They're so lucky."

Eevee looked at her feet.

"I…I think we should go with them," she whispered. She didn't know where the thought came from, but the moment she voiced it, she knew it was what they must do.

Riolu blinked.

"What? That's insane!"

Eevee blushed slightly. She knew it was a stupid idea.

"It… it was a dream I had. But it wasn't really like a dream. There was a voice… that said… something…" She faded off.

If Riolu had eyebrows, he would have been raising them mockingly.

"So you want us to go on a dangerous mission meant for extremely advanced pokemon, put ourselves in danger, risk paying high penalties should we be discovered, and blindly follow a bunch of pokemon we don't know to who knows where? Because of a dream you had?"

Eevee sighed a little. It was insane…

Suddenly, Riolu split into a devilish grin.

"That's brilliant! It sounds like so much fun!"

Eevee looked up in astonishment.

Riolu peered back over the top of the ladder, and watched as the six pokemon left.

He counted to fifteen.

"Alright, Eevee. It's now or never," he whispered.

Eevee smiled a little.

"Alright… let's go." She said, climbing into the foyer.

Riolu led the way up the next ladder.

"Okay, so we'll stay about half a mile away at all times. Unless we can't see them anymore."

He paused halfway up the ladder.

"By the way, this is still insane."

Eevee smiled.

"I know. Let's go."