From days of long ago…

From Uncharted regions of the universe…

Comes a Legend...

The Legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe

A mighty robot; loved by good… feared by evil.

As the Voltron legend grew; peace settled across the galaxy.

Voltron faded into the depths of history and legend…

Until a new horrible menace threatened the Planet Earth and with it the universe…

Voltron was needed once more.

An organization was formed, and they specially train a group of young pilots…

Unknowing that they would be chosen to travel to the farthest reaches of the cosmos

This is the story of five young, unlikely heroes

Who united… would bring back…

VOLTRON: Defender of the Universe


"It's in your heart

It's in your soul

Don't be scared

Keep believing

I know you know

Deep inside

That your time

Has come…

Once in every lifetime

If you do believe

Man can move a mountain

Change the course of history

How far we've come

So far…

From home…"

-"Once in Every Lifetime" - Jem

Chapter 1.05: Rebirthing

Kensuke pulled and pushed at Green Lion's controls but there was nothing but pitch black darkness in the cockpit.

"What do you think you're doing, Kensuke?" a voice echoed around him.

"Who's there?" Kensuke looked around wildly. He finally looked forward and saw what he first thought was his own reflection in the monitor.

"What are you doing?" the young man in a similar flight suit as Kensuke said, staring back at him.

"I…" Kensuke breathed.

"What makes you worthy to fight in Green Lion?" the angry pilot frowned, staring back at the young man. "All you've ever done is ride on the coattails of others. First Toji, now Shinji and Asuka… And now even Rei. They're worthy, but you, look at you. A little soldier wanna-be. Rei, Shinji and Asuka have training from the Evangelion Project, and Toji's at least put some effort in training his body for possible fights and to protect his sister AND you. What have you ever done besides take pictures of girls and pretend to be a soldier?"

"I… I uh… nothing…" Kensuke dropped his head and released the handles.

"That's right," the pilot in the monitor snapped, "Do what you're best at and go running and hiding in a safe bunker. What good are you out there anyway? Green Lion needs a pilot, not a photographer."

"No," Kensuke whispered.

"Pardon?" the young man in the monitor tilted his head.

"I said no," Kensuke looked up, his eyes burning with determination. "Shinji, Asuka, and Rei have saved my life so many times, and they need my help. Shinji never ran away when it really came down to the wire and this is my wire. I'm going to fight with or without this stupid lion!"

The pilot began to fade but a bright smile appeared on his face before he disappeared from view with two final words. "Go Lion."

Kensuke closed his eyes when the lights came back on brightly and the control panel jumped to life.

Deep in the forests near the Castle of Lions, the massive emerald and silver Lion rose above the tree line, roaring in defiance.


"I do not understand…" Ayanami said, looking over the dead controls of the Lion. She blinked in surprise when a reflection of a man in a similar blue flight suit appeared in the reflection of the HUD. "What?"

"Ayanami, you were not instructed to do this," Gendo Ikari appeared, standing beside her in the cockpit.

"Commander?" Ayanami asked in surprise.

"You know what you are meant to do," Commander Ikari said coldly, "Get out of this lion. That is an order, Pilot Ayanami."

"Is zat vhat you vish to do, Ayanami Rei?" she looked over her other shoulder and a man stood in a uniform near identical to her own.

"You will obey my instruction, Ayanami," Gendo snapped angrily, "Instrumentality must happen. There can be no other way!"

"Zhere is another way, Rei… you and zhe others can bring him back…Look around you, Ayanami Rei, you seen our once beautiful planet Arus… is zhis vat you wish for of your own planet Earth?" the other man asked, "Voltron can save it… all you must do is accept Blue Lion, cut the strings and leave Ikari Gendo's doll here at zhe bottom of zhe sea… but you must be zhe one to do it. Let go of Commander Ikari and be yourself… be Rei if zat is vhat you vish…"

"Ayanami!" Gendo shouted as Rei took the controls of Blue Lion in her hands. "I told you to stand down! STAND DOWN!"

"I cannot," Rei said, her voice trembling, "I cannot do this, Commander Ikari. My friends have worth to me. I will not stand by and let you sacrifice them for your obsessive goals." She bowed slightly, closing her eyes tightly. "I am sorry… but I cannot be your tool…your doll to do with as you please… any longer."

"Rei… You have never gone against any of my instructions, I am ordering you now. You know you can be replaced."

She glanced up at him. "No… No I cannot. I am not a doll. I am a person. I am… me." Rei said, a small smile appearing on her face. Gendo snarled as the console came to life, lights flashing and the key closing into a cross and sliding into the Lion's ignition.

The pilot faded into the shadows with two final words: "Go Lion."

Rei looked up into the monitors as the Lion rose up from the sand and sea weed covering its lair. She gripped the controls and pushed them forward and the Lion first took two tentative, stiff steps before a few bounds then finally leaping toward the surface. Rei could hear Gendo's voice screaming for her; felt his hands gripping her arms and shoulders. He was still holding on, but he had lost strength. She was getting closer to the surface, the sun light basking through the water. "Ayanami… come back…" Gendo's voice was begging now. "Rei…"

She glanced to the side and saw his fading face, his influence growing weaker the closer she got to the light. She took a deep breath and spoke boldly. "Go Lion!" She cried out loudly, as the Lion broke the surface of the water, both lion and master roaring in victory. A large smile spread across Rei's face as waves of relief and joy washed through her. She was free, free at last. "Go! Go Lion!" She laughed as the Lion took to the air, roaring as it flew toward its prey.


"Figures… probably been sitting here so long the engines are trashed…" Toji groaned as he sat back in the seat of the dead cockpit of Yellow Lion. He pressed buttons and twisted and pulled on the controls, but nothing.

"Big Brother?" a voice spoke from behind him, He turned quickly missing a large man in a yellow flight suit appearing just on his other side. He looked up to see his little sister standing in Hikari's arms. "Hikari? Sis?" He breathed as the two girls stared at him.

"You left us…" Hikari frowned at him as his little sister clung to her.

"I didn't … it wasn't like I wanted to come here…" Toji shook his head.

"Yes, you did," Hikari shook her head, "Ever since you found out about the Evangelions you've been wanting to get in on the action… now instead of trying to come back to us, you've gotten into this… thing. You're going to defend a dead world and leave us to fend for ourselves…"

"No, I…" Toji shook his head, the words hitting him so hard that tears were forming in his eyes. "Hikari… you don't understand…"

"I understand," Hikari snapped, "You want fame, you want glory. You want everyone to look at you like they look at Shinji."

"I… maybe a part of me does, but that's not what I'm doing," Toji shook his head, his hands trembling. "Those folks in the castle… no one else is going to stand up for um… someone's gotta and Shinji, Ayanami and Devil Girl can't do this on their own."

"But why you?" Hikari narrowed her eyes.

"If I don't who will? I'm going to help them stop these guys and then I'm going to find a way home… find a way back to you both!" Toji stated, and his sister turned toward him. Smiles spread on Hikari and his sister's faces as the original Yellow Lion pilot stepped up to them and put an arm around Hikari's shoulder while giving Toji a thumbs-up. "Go Lion," the three said together, and the cockpit instantly came to life.

Yellow Lion rose from the sand, shaking its body to remove any remaining golden grains before roaring to the sky. In its cockpit Toji grinned broadly, "Oh, I love this… GO LION!" He urged and the Lion broke out into a run.


Asuka wiped the sweat from her brow as she sat back in the lifeless cockpit of the Red Lion. "Mein Gott it's hot…" She groaned as she tried a few buttons on the controls to at least turn on the air conditioner.

"Asuka…" A soft voice spoke from behind her seat, and the redhead stiffened in recognition.

"Ma-Mama?" She slowly turned to see her mother standing there, holding the familiar doll in her arms.

"I miss you, Asuka… why did you leave?" Kyoko said, looking Asuka deep in the eyes. "Come back to me…"

"You don't have to do this, Asuka…" Misato stepped out from behind Kyoko and smiled at the girl. "You know you like Unit 02 better. C'mon back and we'll get you back in the entry plug where you want to be."

"Yes, Pilot Sohryu," Rei appeared beside her, wearing her plug suit. "The Lions cannot stop this. We must use the Evangelion Units. We must keep on the plan."

"Yeah, Asuka," Shinji nodded from her other side, "What can a robot do compared to the Evas? We need the greatest to lead us and that's you."

"Eva…my Unit 02…" Asuka looked down to the lifeless control panel of Red Lion.

"Evangelions are right up your style, Sohryu," a pilot in a red and white suit stood among the crowded cockpit behind Asuka. "Isolated in that entry plug, away from everyone… perfectly safe, right?"

"And you can go back to that, if you guys can find a way back to Earth that is," the pilot shrugged, "or you can try something new."

She looked down at her lap, frowning in thought. "Take Red Lion, fly him, and use him to bring back something that can actually make a difference. But to do that, Asuka, you're going to have to trust. You're going to have to trust the stooges, Wonder Girl, and the Idiot. If you can't do that, than this lion is a worthless piece of scrap metal."

"You can do it, if you see that the Stooges have more heart than you give them credit for," the pilot continued, "That Wonder Girl is more than just a doll, and looking for an escape from the pain she's suffered, just like you… and really, Baka-Shinji, why don't you trust him already? The kid has saved you how many times? He'd die to save you, kid, and he gave a pretty good shot at doing just that the other day, didn't he?"

"I don't need… I don't need anyone," Asuka said fiercely, though her hands trembled on the Lion's controls. "I'm the Great Asuka Langley Sohryu! I can do it all on my own! I am the best and I need no one! I don't need Mama, I don't need Misato, I don't need The Doll, and I especially don't need… don't need Shi-Shinji…"

"Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?" the pilot crossed his arms, "Sure you're a great pilot and maybe you can go far in battle by your own strengths and skill. But I'm not asking what you need. I'm asking what you want. Is that what you want to be, Asuka? Do you want to be alone? Do you want to face those monsters alone? Do you want to continue facing your own demons alone?"

"I … I…" Asuka closed her eyes as she felt the familiar sting of tears behind her eyes. "I…"

"I deserved everything that monster was giving me…" She said and there was now an obvious shake and sob in her voice. "I know I'm not easy to get along with, and I'm mean to everyone, especially you and Misato… and the Stooges… I even mistreat Hikari…" She stopped to sniffle. "You shouldn't have stopped it. You shouldn't have gotten hurt. I'm not worth that. All I was worth was to be that… that thing's whore."

"You are worth more than that," Shinji said, an odd iciness to his tone, causing Asuka to suck in a breath. "I dove on that sword and took that bastard's eye because you deserve better than to be treated that way. You're not a whore, Asuka," Shinji paused, closing his eyes. "You're my friend."

"I want…" Asuka's voice trembled as she struggled to keep herself from shaking.

"You're not a whore, Asuka," Shinji paused, closing his eyes. "You're my friend."

"I want…" Asuka closed her eyes tight, biting her lower lip for a moment.

"You're my friend."

"I don't want to be alone…" She whispered faintly.

"And you're not," the pilot said as the cockpit came to life, with lights and the control panel powering up brightly. Asuka looked around and saw herself surrounded by the red pilot, Shinji, Kensuki, Toji, and Rei in their V-Force uniforms, Princess Alura, Corran, Misato, and Kaji. "You're never alone. You're part of a Pride now, Asuka. You are Voltron Force. Now … Go Lion!"

Asuka nodded and turned forward as those in the cockpit faded away. Her eyes focused forward as the familiar fire and strength flared in her blue eyes. "Alright! Show Mama what you got, Kitty!" Asuka said as she pushed the controls forward. "Go Lion!"

With a thunderous roar Red Lion rose from the burning magma, and jumped clawing over the edge of the volcano. Stretching his head and neck to the sky, Red Lion roared in victory of his new pilot, before thundering toward their prey.


"You get me here, you give me the key, and now you lock me out…wonderful…" Shinji sighed as he sat back in the seat of the Black Lion's dark cockpit.

Shinji heard a hiss behind him and turned to see the upper hatch of Black Lion open up and light spilled down into the cockpit. His eyes widened when he heard the sounds of lions roaring in the distance, and much to his surprise a single monitor and the audio systems came online. "Where's Shinji?" he heard Asuka's voice ask as Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Lions converged less than a few miles before where Black Lion was sleeping.

"Haven't seen him or the Black Lion," Kensuke replied.

"Perhaps he hasn't gotten his Lion to activate yet," Rei replied, her voice sounding slightly different than normal.

"Or he didn't pass his test…" Toji replied sullenly.

"No, he'll come, the Invincible Shinji never misses a fight," Asuka replied also sounding a little differently.

"Excellent work, Voltron Force, the Robot Lions are now yours to command, more so they are now parts of you, extension of your own beings," Alura's voice spoke through the com.

"But what about Shinji?" Asuka asked softly.

"You cannot worry about him right now," Alura replied, "Until he joins the battle, Asuka, you are in command of the V-Force. Until he gets there, do the best that you can and believe in him. He will come. Black Lion chose him for a reason; Shinji only has to accept the call. Engage the Enemy. Do not let him get close enough to get a visual on the Castle of Lions; that is your priority."

Each of the four said Roger, and turned toward the approaching monster.

Shinji's breath quickened as he watched his friends run toward the Angel in their Lions. Asuka jumped first but the Angel caught her in its arms and threw Red Lion back to the others knocking them all off their feet. "Work, damn it, work!" Shinji jerked on the controls, "Why won't you work?"

He closed his eyes tightened as he heard Blue Lion release a half roar/scream as the Angel kicked it hard. "Mustn't run away… Mustn't run away…" Shinji chanted to himself.

"Why mustn't you?" a familiar voice spoke from beside him, and he turned to see Commander Keith leaning on side railing of the cockpit. "The exit hatch is right there. You have to be here because you chose to be here. If you feel you're here for any other reason, the exit is right there."

"I don't… I just…" Shinji shook his head, "I'm just going to mess up… I'm going to get everyone killed…" Shinji closed his eyes tightly.

"Then go, the Lion will chose someone else," Keith said, glancing to the exit hatch. "If you want to continue to be weak and controllable… continue to be your father's pawn in his game. You have a chance here, Shinji, you can be yourself. You can be a man. You can be a Lion. But you have to want it. Not to prove yourself to your father, not to prove yourself to Asuka, Misato, not for anyone. You have to stand for yourself before you can stand for anyone else. We all need heroes, but even the greatest hero has to be doing it for something selfish, something he wants. I wanted to make Alura happy and protect her world. So I made my choice to accept Black Lion's call and defended the Universe with the others. Do you have reason in yourself to fight, or do you want to live your life as a pawn, fighting when others tell you to?"

Shinji closed his eyes. The thought of Lotor getting his hands back on Asuka entered his mind. The thought of the monster getting his hands on Misato, Rei, Hikari, anyone else for that matter made his blood boil. The thought of the Galra Empire causing Instrumentality on Earth, killing everyone, covering the world in LCL made his breath catch.

I lie here paralytic inside this soul
Screaming for you till my throat is numb

"Good morning, Shinji!" Misato flashed Shinji a smile, stretched out on the couch in the living room in her boxer shorts and a tank top holding a beer can toward him in greeting.

I wanna break out I need a way out
I don't believe that it's gotta be this way

Shinji's eyes widened when he looked away from Kensuke and Toji to see the beautiful redhead standing there with her fists on her hips, long hair and yellow sundress waving in the wind and a large, proud smile on her face.

The worst is the waiting
In this womb I'm suffocating

Shinji looked and saw the medics wheeling the injured blue-haired girl in a damaged plug suit and bandages. He watched her as the room shook and the stretcher fell. He watched her tumble to the ground... and stood helpless as she groaned and struggled to stand to her feet.

Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen

"I do have a reason…" Shinji slowly opened his eyes, and took the Black Lion's controls as the control panel flashed to life.

I take you in

"Go Lion," Keith smiled and faded away.

I've died…

The four Robot Lions and Angel both turned as a large bolt of lightning came from the clear sky and struck the stone Lion Statue. A monstrous roar, stronger than the others combined echoed from the statue as it began to crack and break.

Rebirthing now
I wanna live for love wanna live for you and me

Black Lion rose to his feet, stretching out its wings and neck to roar to the sky as bolts of lightning struck it, running over its shimmering black, red and silver armored bulk.

"Go Lion," Shinji growled, gripping the controls as Black Lion stomped forward, folding its red wings onto its back.

Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow

"Alright, V-Force, form on me," Shinji said, his eyes focused on the Angel. It was a tone of voice that Asuka and Rei have heard only a few times from the Third Child. This was the warrior that they have seen appear in their darkest hours. This wasn't the spineless wonder or the apologetic kid sleeping across the hall…

Rebirthing now
I Wanna live my life wanna give you everything

…this was the Invincible Shinji, this was the Berserker. But it was different. Could it be he has finally mastered that part of himself, Asuka smiled slightly, hoping it was the case.

"We're Lions," Shinji said over the com, "Fight like a lion, and lions don't stand alone, they don't fight alone. We are a team. We are a pride. Now let's take this son of a bitch!"

Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow

With a mighty roar, Black Lion charged forward toward the Angel. The giant reached out to counter attack the lion, but as it reached out its arms, Red and Blue Lions leapt up and sank their claws and fangs into its arms.

Green Lion leapt at the same time as Black Lion from another angle with both hit the Angel's chest at the same time as Yellow slammed its body into the back of the Angel's legs.

The Angel gave a mixed roar scream as it slammed onto the ground with Green and Black Lion on top of it. "LIONS! ATTACK!" Shinji ordered and all Five Lions jumped onto the monstrosity biting and clawing.

The Angel screamed in rage throwing the Lions off it and stood too its face.

"Great work, guys," Toji said as Yellow Lion growled, "We've pissed it off."

Tell me when I'm gonna live again

"It's too strong," Rei said as Blue Lion dodged an attack. "We are not powerful enough."

Tell me when I'm gonna breathe you in

"Pretty sure we're open to suggestions," Asuka said, making Red Lion breath fire on the beast.

Tell me when I'm gonna feel inside

Shinji gritted his teeth when he heard Keith's voice in the back of his head whispering. 'Activate interlock…' Shinji's eyes sparkled in determination. It was as if he always knew what to do. Perhaps it was the Lion telling him. But he knew exactly what they had to do. "Lions! Form up! Get ready to Assemble!"

Tell me when I'm gonna feel alive…

"Shinji, we've never…" Asuka said, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"Yeah, we've never practiced; we just now got these Cats runnin' again!" Toji said in a rare occasion of agreeing with Asuka.

"Now or never, team," Shinji nodded, sitting back in his seat, twisting his controls as the Lions stood together before taking to the sky away from the confused Angel.

"Ready to form Voltron…" Shinji said as the controls before each of the pilots sparkled. The keys shifted and turned as the panels changed shape, a large box rose showing a star shape in five segments.

Tell me when I'm gonna live again!

"Activate Interlocks!" Shinji said as the segments light up, top segment black, left top green, left bottom yellow, right bottom blue, and right top red.

Tell me when this fear will end!

"Dynatherms connected!" All segments light up together and began to flash, as the key shifted and turned to where the cross and crown was upright and glowing brightly.

Tell me when I'm gonna feel inside!

"Infracells up!" All five lions began to glow their specific color and increased their ascending speed.

Tell me when I'll feel alive!

"Megathrusters are go!" The Lions' engines roared louder than their own roaring as they flew faster leaving colored comet trails, flying closer and closer together.

"LET'S GO VOLTRON FORCE!" All five said together as they flew closer and closer together…closer and closer till the sky exploded in bright colorful light.


Black Lion roared as his front legs folded inward and its torso twisted to form a humanoid body. Its rear legs stretched out straight, as the bottom potion slide open several connectors and its wings stretched out and upward forming a V shape.

I wanna live for love wanna live for you and me
Breathe for the first time now
I come alive somehow

Red and Green flew side by side, growling as their legs folded up into themselves and center sections extended. Yellow and Blue folded their legs as well, though their rear portions opened up with flashing guide lights and cables and connectors waiting. "Form feet and legs!" Shinji ordered and Blue Lion slide onto Black Lion's right leg, its upper body folding upward into the shape of a foot. Yellow Lion did the same to Black Lion's left leg. Both flashing with energy as the cables and connectors locked into Black Lion.


"Form arms and body!" Shinji barked, and Red and Green Lion flew alongside Black Lion. A connector rod extended from the rear segment of Red Lion as a port opened and another connector slid from Black Lion. They locked together and pulled the two Lions together locking it in. The same happened with Green Lion, both Lions roaring as energy flowed through them all.

I Wanna live my life wanna give you everything
Breathe for the first time now

"And I…" Shinji said as Black Lion growled. "I'll form…" Black Lion looked downward, points on the top of its head opening forming a crown-shape, its mouth opening wide in a loud roar, "…The Head!" a humanoid face pieced together in Black Lion's jaws its eyes glowing brightly.

I come alive somehow
Right now

Voltron brought its red and green arms together across its chest in a loud clang. Red Lion roared then Green, then Blue, then Yellow, finally all of them together defiantly toward the Angel. The Mighty Robot slowly lowered itself to the ground before the Angel. Its five pilots were still in amazement at the incredibly power at their finger tips.

Inside the Command Center of the Castle of Lions, Corran and the rest of the bridge crew cheered at the return of their savior. All were joyful except the Princess, who was watching the monitors intensely; one hand on the control panel, the other holding a ring that was attached to a chain around her neck.

"Here it comes, guys," Shinji warned as the Angel charged Voltron. With a loud roar, Green Lion grabbed the Angel's attacking claw, and with a hard backwards slap, Red Lion's head crashed into the Angel's head, sending it rolling backwards.

"Oh, super robot pimp slap! I like it!" Toji laughed.

"All power, transfer to Cross," Shinji barked as Voltron took several steps back, the Cross and Crown in Voltron's chest symbol began to glow a brilliant white. "FIRE CROSS CUTTER!" he yelled, and cross-shaped beams fired from the mighty robot's chest, taking one of the demonic angel's arms clean off.

"Asuka, flame thrower," Shinji ordered again, and the arm made from Red Lion opened its maw wide, roaring as a stream of fire was released over the stunned Angel.

"Shinji! I see the core!" Asuka proclaimed as the flesh burned away on the Angel, revealing the blood red core.

"Alright, let's do this…" Voltron leap farther away and Red and Green Lion's maws slammed together energy flashing brightly between them. "FORM BLAZING SWORD!" Shinji ordered, and the two lions pulled outward, stretching a length of energy that finally took the shape of a large, multi-tipped battle sword that glowed brightly in Red Lion's maw. It reared it back and stretched out Green Lion to the Angel which roared defiantly at their enemy.

The Angel gave one last rush to attack its enemy, but Voltron was ready. As it came, Voltron leapt into the air, holding the Blazing Sword with both Red and Green's maws. As it came down it brought the blade down, slicing through the Angel and its core with ease. Voltron turned its back and brought Red and Green's maws together, dissipating the sword as the Angel exploded in a cross shaped tower of energy.

The Castle of Lions Command Center exploded in cheers and joyful yells as Voltron flew up into the air and broke back apart into the five robot lions. Alura sat down roughly in the Command Seat and gripped the small diamond ring in both hands. "Thank you… thank you, Keith…"

She looked up when she felt Corran grip her shoulder. "He was right there with them… and right here with you, Princess…" Corran smiled softly.

She gave a sad smile and nodded. "I know… now, let's get ready to welcome our heroes home."


The five pilots exited the shuts to standing ovation among the command center workers. "Excellent work, V-Force," Corran said clapping his hands as he and Alura approached the team.

Shinji blushed and looked at his feet, Rei gnawed on her lower lip and looked away, and Asuka, Kensuke and Toji embraced the praise.

"Stop being so modest, Third," Asuka elbowed Shinji hard in the ribs, "We saved the day!"

"Don't be too confident just yet, Voltron Force," Alura said, "That was just your first battle in the Robot Lions. The Galra Angels will be back and they will be better prepared."

The five young pilots grew somber, but Corran stepped up. "Be that as it may this was a great victory, and with the return of Voltron hope has come with him."

"Rei, is something wrong?" Shinji noticed Rei's distressed expression.

"Can… Can I speak to you all …" Rei glanced around to all the other pilots and Alura and Corran. "Privately…"

They all nodded, "We can speak in the debriefing room," Corran said, and ushered the group to the smaller side room with a large table in the center.

"What's going on, Rei?" Shinji asked, stepping up to his blue-haired friend.

"I know everything…" She said closing her eyes tightly.

"Everything?" Alura asked, as the group stared at the girl questioningly.

"Commander Ikari's plan for a controlled Instrumentality of Earth," Rei explained and a pin could be heard falling in the room.

"A what?" Asuka was the first to regain herself enough to respond.

"A controlled Instrumentality… The Human Instrumentality Project…" Rei took a deep breath, "The three of us, Pilot Sohryu, Pilot Ikari, and myself, each have an important role in the plan."

"Commander Ikari created me to be the key and control for the Instrumentality Wave," Rei continued.

"Created you?" Alura asked curiously.

"I was… I was created from combining the DNA of Commander Ikari's late wife, Ikari Yui and the Second Angel Lilith," Rei saw Shinji's eyes widen in shock and quickly looked away. "In a sense I am their daughter."

"Instrumentality is triggered by any other Angel and Lilith making physical contact, Commander Ikari has a sample of the first Angel Adam's DNA grafted to his hand, and he plans to use me as a control when he uses it to begin the Human Instrumentality Project. With my connection to Lilith I am to control the flow of Instrumentality."

"You said Shinji and I have roles too…" Asuka asked, struggling to comprehend what Rei was sharing.

"Shinji and Unit 01 were intended to be the trigger for Instrumentality. The Evangelions were created by combining Angelic and Human DNA, Unit 01 was based on Lilith. Commander Ikari was sure to have Pilot Ikari…Shinji raised to be as controllable as possible so that he will do as he was needed for his Human Instrumentality Project to be a success."

"And me?" Asuka asked, but Rei simply looked down, "Ayanami, what is my role?"

"Commander Ikari's plan suggests that a human blood sacrifice will be needed to have true Instrumentality…" Rei looked up sadly at the redhead. "Your role is to be sacrificed in what Commander Ikari calls the Final Battle… Armageddon."

"Sacrificed…" Asuka sat down roughly, "Commander Ikari plans to kill me?" she squeaked slightly.

"No, but others will slaughter you," Rei replied. "You and your mother…"

"What?" Asuka's eyes widened, "my mother's already dead!"

"No, only her body is," Rei replied locking eyes with the German. "Do either of you know why you're able to synchronize with your Evangelion Units?" She asked glancing to the other two former Eva pilots.

"Do you remember how your mother died, Shinji?" Rei asked with a quake in her voice.

"She was… oh God…" He breathed, as it fit together, "I don't remember clearly but… I remember her waving from… from the Entry Plug of Unit 01… no, Rei, tell me… No, no…"

"I am… I am sorry… but when the Evangelions were first activated… they require a living soul to operate. Ikari Yui was the first to enter Unit 01… and so they became one." Rei explained.

"My Mama wasn't absorbed though, she was pulled out… she… she died after…" Asuka said as Shinji sat back and stared at the wall.

"Her soul was stripped from her body, what they pulled out was simply human flesh without her whole soul," Rei shook her head, "Her heart beat, and her mind functioned but she had no human soul. The fact she did not attempt to kill you when she killed herself was a shock to Commander Ikari." She said, shocking Asuka even more with how much she actually knew of her past.

"And your Eva?" Alura asked as everyone stared in shock. "If you were created you didn't have a mother…"

"True, but I do have sisters… one of which was murdered by Dr Akagi's, who then killed herself from the apparent shock of her action or fear of Commander Ikari's response… and then either my sister's or Dr Akagi's mother's soul… or possibly even both were imported into Unit 00." Rei nodded. "I do not know for sure…"

"Why would he want to do that?" Alura shook her head, "Why would anyone want to engage Instrumentality?"

"SEELE, the underground council which controls much of the world, has made plans for the Human Instrumentality Project since the discovery of Lilith, and pushed it even further with the discovery of Adam and the Second Impact Event. They funded Commander Ikari to form NERV to prevent the Angels' Instrumentality attack and to develop a controlled Instrumentality based on Commander Ikari and Ikari Yui's AT Theories. SEELE wishes to make mankind into a single god."

"But what does father want?" Shinji asked, already suspecting the answer.

"Only one thing…" Rei replied glancing away. "He wishes for his wife back… no matter the cost… even the cost of every life on the Earth."

"Mein Gott…" Asuka shook her head.

"No," Shinji stood up, head bowed but fists clinched on the table. "It's all one big trick, Galra is just using father to turn everyone on earth into LCL. I… I can't let him do it… I can't let them do it. I won't."

"Little hard with us on an alien planet, yo," Toji shook his head.

"We got here, we can find a way back," Shinji nodded fiercely. "I won't run away anymore. We have something that the Galra Empire and Father can't stand against."

"Voltron," Asuka whispered, glancing to Shinji. "The Evangelions were never meant to save the world…" she shook her head with a smile, "just a roundabout way to do it the way they want to."

"That is… that is true…" Rei said, looking down and placing her key on the table. "I will understand if none of you wish for me to continue to be a part of your new team. I have not only known about the Commander's plan all along but have aided him in some ways… I am not even truly human… But I will do everything I can to help you stop him… Blue Lion has opened my eyes and I assure you that I will do all I can from the sidelines to save our home…" She started to turn and walk away but stopped when a hand gripped her arm.

"Rei, wait," She looked back to see Shinji holding her arm. "Your… your mother was Ikari Yui?" He asked, voice shaking slightly.

She nodded, "Yes, in a way…"

"Then… then you're my sister, Rei." Shinji smiled, "You and me, we're in this together deeper than anyone else. We're family, Rei, you are my family."

"I… I thank you… brother…" She said awkwardly, glancing down, "I am unsure… how to respond…"

A flush crossed Shinji's face as well but he spoke with a loving smile. "You could start by giving your big brother a hug…"

Tears formed in Rei's crimson eyes as she dove forward, wrapping her arms around Shinji's frame. "We're in this together, Sister…"

"Thank you…" Rei nodded, she then turned and was surprised to see Kensuke standing, holding out her key. "So you're part angel," Kensuke smiled, placing Blue Lion's key in Rei's hand.

Toji smiled at her too, and thumbed toward Asuka, "She's part devil and we put up with her. We can deal with ya."

Toji yelped when Asuka kicked him in the side of the head, sending him falling out of the chair. She cursed him in German for a moment, before glancing to Rei. "We haven't always see eye to eye, Ayanami…" Asuka said, "don't think we ever have period… but… like Shinji said in the fight, we're a team… we're a pride. We stand together. Red Lion's taught me that much so far."

Rei looked around the room, at all the accepting faces. She wiped her eyes and bowed. "I… I thank you all… so very much…"

"It's amazing what putting together and flying a giant robot can do for friendships…" Toji said from the floor, just before Asuka stomped him again.


Growling roars echoed through the star-lit Arusian night as Black Lion flew over the Blood-Red Sea with Red Lion flying just to its side. "Why did you tag along again?"

"Princess Alura and Corran's rules, Third Child," Asuka replied from Red Lion's cockpit, "No one flies solo unless absolutely necessary."

"Yeah, yeah," Shinji rolled his eyes, before keeping his eyes on the ground as they left the lake of LCL to the ruined capitol city. "Here we go… the Lion lead me this way… we should be getting close to where I left Unit 01."

"Such a good child, abandoning your mother on a hill for a few weeks…" Asuka said teasingly.

"Don't start, I'm still trying to get my head around that…" Shinji shook his head, "Are… are you ok… with everything we've found out…"

"Still working it out myself," Asuka said, her voice growing low and serious. "Everything I've worked so hard for… just to be a sacrifice to end the world? How would anyone take that?"

"It's not going to happen, Asuka," Shinji said, and Asuka looked up in surprise by the tone of voice her friend was using. "I…We won't let it. We've got the Lions and Voltron now."

"Us working together, even with Toji, Kensuke and Rei," Asuka smiled, "What can stand in our way?" she said, and Red Lion roared in agreement.

"What the hell?" Shinji breathed as he brought Black Lion down to the side of a hill, "What the hell?"

"Shinji, what's wrong?" Asuka asked as she brought Red Lion down to the ground as well.

"I left it here, Unit 01 was right here!" Shinji said, and Asuka looked down through Red Lion's optics, and scanners picked up where the ground had an impression where the Evangelion had laid there for some time, but was now gone.

"Could it have gotten up and moved on its own, Shinji?" Asuka asked, "It's been known to do things on its own and without power before…"

"No… I don't know…" Shinji shook his head.

"We'll get the others and comb the whole area, Shinji," Asuka said, trying to comfort her friend. "it has to be around here somewhere…"

"I just hope the Galra doesn't have it…" Shinji bit his lower lip.

Meanwhile, high above the planet in the Galra capitol ship, Prince Lotor stood with Hagar over a large cage where workers busily examined their find. "It wasn't created on Arus, my prince," Haggar stated, stroking her cat, which snoozed in her arms. "Nor is it originally from us, like the blue haired girl, it is from another race using our technology…"

"Ah yes, I do recognize this creature," Haggar smiled, "It is from your brother's current assigned world…"

"Earth… similar Lilim as Arus' race… just as resourceful… this creature could possibly face down Voltron…" Lotor smiled.

"When we learn its secrets," Haggar smiled evilly, "We will finish off Arus and take Earth with their own weapon."

To Be Continued…

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