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"With the 5th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft the New York Jets select Finn Hudson, Quarterback, Purdue."

A gasp fell from Rachel Berry's mouth, and in a shock her drink slipped out of her hand and came crashing to the floor as her attention immediately turned to the television. Everything around her seemed to freeze as she watched him hug his mother, before he made his way to the podium his face smiling back from the television as he held put on the green and white hat, before he held up the jersey for pictures.

"Rachel, Rachel," she could hear the sound of her name being called, but her entire body and her vocal chords felt frozen as she stared transfixed at the television screen. "Rachel I didn't know you cared so much about the NFL draft." A voice finally snapped her from her trance.

"I don't," she said as she shook her head and snapped herself back into reality, her voice shakyy as she took another glance at the screen to see him being interviewed, it was defiantly him. Even if for a moment she might have wanted to try to convince herself that there was another Finn Hudson in the world, the sound of his voice, the goofy smile on his face as they asked him how he felt at that moment. She had seen that look before, the night they won Nationals, she wondered if what he was feeling right then topped that moment. A chill slid through her body as she remembered the way he'd wrapped his arms around her when New Directions name was called. "I have to go," she said as she moved to put on her coat and quickly excused herself walking out of the bar.

The night air felt colder as she walked towards her apartment, and tried her best to digest what she had just seen. Everything in her head was spinning so fast she couldn't get a grip on her thoughts. He looked exactly the same, well except for the suit he had on it was far too nice for him to have picked out. She wondered for a minute if it had been Kurt who'd dressed him, of course it was Kurt who'd dressed him. There was no way Kurt was ever going to let someone related to him appear on national television looking anything but spectacular. And Finn had looked just that, spectacular. His hair been messy in all the right places, his tie perfectly matched to his suit, even the shoes he'd had on screamed Kurt. But the way his eyes danced, the smile on his face when he held up that jersey, his goofy stuttered response at the first post pick question he was asked, everything that mattered was all Finn. For a moment her heart had even pounded the way he always used to make it pound. Rachel swallowed a hard lump in her throat and fought back the tears that were begging to fight forward as she made her way up the four flights of stairs to her tiny apartment. She wanted to be able to tell herself that she hadn't thought about him in years, since the last time she'd seen him. But that wasn't true, she thought about him every day since. Every night when she tried to go to sleep she thought about him, all she had wanted to do at night was see his face, and not tonight it had stared right back at her from the television screen.

It took some time but her shakey hands finally managed to get the lock to her apartment open, the tiny space completely void of any light, which made Rachel let out a sigh of relief that her roommate was out and she wouldn't have to do any explaining tonight. In the dark she made her way across the living room and into her bedroom, undressing in the dark and turning on the small lamp at on her beside table only once she was finished getting ready for bed. The small light illuminated and Rachel looked long and hard at the twin bed at it's center. The twin bed she was about to crawl into so she could close her eyes and try to pretend that the latter part of the evening had never happened. Her eyes closed and a small tear fell from the corner of her left eye as she thought about her twin bed and how it wasn't suppose to be this way. The details of what she had heard tonight hadn't even begun to sink in, those were all thing she would deal with later. All she knew at that moment was it wasn't supposed to be this way. She wasn't supposed to be sharing her first real apartment with a roommate and about to crawl into a twin bed. This wasn't the way she'd planned it out, this wasn't the way she'd dreamt about it happening, this wasn't her dream and sometimes she wondered if it was even what she still wanted. She had told him before that her dreams were bigger than him, but somewhere along the line she had interagrated him into her life so much that he had become a part of her dreams, a part of her dreams that she had never replaced. With a deep breath Rachel squeezed her eyes closed and forced herself to keep from shedding another tear, as she crawling into her small twin bed. She rolled onto her side and looked out the window, the blinds half open allowing the glow of the street lights to shine in as she listened to the wind outside rattle the fire escape. Her eyes slipped closed as the images of earlier ran through her mind, she saw his face clear as day standing on the podium smiling in that hat as he held up the jersey, the images around him and his dress slowly morphed in her mind until everything was different and she saw them standing together at Nationals but the look on his face hadn't changed, if there was one thing she knew with all certainty it was that she may not have seen or spoken to him in three years but he was still the same Finn Hudson, her Finn Hudson and in her mind he always would be, nothing had changed.

What had just happened to him was something some guys dream about their whole lives and never have happen. Some guys would just kill to get the opportunity to play professional football regardless of a draft status. Finn Hudson wasn't sure when it became if his dream, he wasn't entirely sure that it had ever become his dream, it was more like an opportunity for a life he couldn't even dream of because it wasn't realistic. Dreams and ambition had always been a something he needed to work on. His attitude had always been more of a go with the flow, and the last few years it had been a never ending cycle of 'do this because it's what's best for your future.' He wasn't even sure he had anything to dream for anymore. He couldn't remember the last time he'd really wanted something to happen. The last time he was willing to fight to make something happen. Somewhere along the line he just lost his drive. He became of machine programmed on the 'do this because it's what's best for your future' cycle. It had been years since anyone had even bothered to ask him what he wanted, or if he was happy. But he wasn't going to complain because at least now he had a future and it was the kind of future some guys dream of their whole lives and very few every get.

The Draft had ended hours ago, Finn had been interviewed by what he was certain was every media outlet possible, he was beyond exhausted. He was overwhelmed, and he hadn't even had a chance to fully process what had just happened to his life. All he knew was that it was about to change in a way he couldn't even begin to imagine. He drew in a heavy breath as he loosened his tie and looked out at the stage of Radio City Music Hall, the NFL podium and back drop were still set up, and while he was sure all the other guys who got drafted would have been replaying their short moment on the stage in their minds that wasn't the imagine Finn saw. He shrugged off his jacket and made his way up the steps to the stage, he wondered if he still knew the steps, he knew that he still knew every word to the song but he wasn't about to get caught singing by some janitor, or even worse a news reporter that was still straggling around. He let his eyes glass over as he looked out at the empty seats, he would swear he could hear the crowd as they cheered and clapped. And when his eyes slipped closed he was certain that he still knew exactly what it felt like when she wrapped her arms around him at the end of the number. He knew they were going to win, he hadn't had a doubt in his mind, sometimes he hated his sensory memory, the smell of her hair seemed to fill his nose, and the way she felt against him tingled through out his body as his skin rippled reliving her touch.

"Hudson, what are you still doing here? You just had the biggest thing in your life happen to you, you should be out celebrating with your friends and family right now."

"Hey Jimmy," his eyes flew open as he turned towards the sound of his agents voice. "Yea I was just finishing up a couple of interviews, I'm going to meet up with everyone at some fancy restaurant in a little bit." He said as his voice oozed with shock and melancholy.

"So what are you doing back on the stage kid, relieving holding up that jersey because if you want to do that you can just go turn on ESPN." His agent laughed and slapped his hand across Finn's back.

Finn laughed slightly and shook his head, "No, I was relieving the other time I was on this stage, just some old high school memory." He said shrugging off the topic before Jimmy started to ask for an explanation. "I don't think today has quite sunk in yet."

"It usually takes a couple of days to sink. 70 million with 36 of it guaranteed it's a big number for anyone to have to let sink in. You ready to be a New Yorker for at least the next six year?"

Finn cocked his head back, that thought hadn't even occurred to him. He was going to be a New Yorker, sure he would have time to go back and spend in Ohio, but for the good majority of his year he was going to be a New Yorker. A small half smile crept up on his lips, it was one that read bittersweet. Living in New York was a dream he'd given up years ago, one he'd tried to let go of. And now he was going to be a New Yorker, he was going to have an address that ended with a New York zip code, and maybe even a phone with a New York area code. Those had been things that at a time in his life he had wanted to happen more than anything, but they weren't suppose to happen this way. He raised his head and nodded at Jimmy in an affirming manner, "I am but first, I need a favor."

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