Samuel Alvarado


English III

I am a Conquistador for Spain. Looking for riches and fortune for myself and my homeland. I am a very rich so I paided for my trip and carrying slaves, a few crazy people that are up for an adventure and gold. My ship is one that is specifically set to conquer the new lands and just a few days we arrived in a big island that seems to be deserted but has a few manmade objects that gives me a sign that we have come to the right place. I told my men to unload the ship and my small group of soldiers got down and began to make a HQ for us. I commanded the slaves to chop down trees and build houses, I gave them the advantage to make their own little house for protection from the elements. I need these slaves alive so we can keep building and loading when the time arrives. Now with a command center I sent some scouts out to scan the area and look for our resources and map the area. We found water and food so we were set to do what we intended. The first sign of other inhabitants is that I saw smoke in the far distance. I sent my troops and I followed as there commander to the location. I felt like we were being watched and I noticed people coming up to us from the fog. There were people with stones and sticks, they barely had any cloths, and had paintings on their face. I commanded my men to not attack but instead take the shiniest think they had and put it against the sunlight. One of my men took off his helmet and pointed it up to the sun making a huge shine that the Indians looked at it with awe. I asked one of them where is the gold, I took out a piece of gold out of me pocket and showed it to them. One of them came back not with not what I was expecting to be gold but, other gems I managed to see silver, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. All my men could not believe their eyes that we had hit the jackpot, on this expedition. I asked the Indians to lead us to the location where they found the gems. I had discovered that everything in their civilization was rather small but everyone had gems on their house or on them. Then they took us up to a volcano and there I saw the lava that was harden and the so many gems in the volcano. I told one of my scouts to go gather the slaves for the harvest. When the slaves got here I told them to start to dig and use the hoarse to take the crystals back to the ship. When we started digging the Indians looked upset at what we had done and I think it was time to break the truce we had. I commanded the slaves to barricade themselves and prepare for war. Me and my men charged and attacked the Indians, we took them out fast for they were not expecting it and their numbers were small. One round of the muskets and the Indians fell like flies. We razed the place and filled every part of the ship up with gems. After that we departed back to our homeland I was rich and my family and many generations shall remember and feast in the richness of my conquest!