Okay, yeah, I think I have a Luffyko disease since this is like my, third one I believe. Well I happen to like Luffyko and everything. Vampire Revan did a fanfic that was a Marco x Luffyko and it gave me the idea for one as well. I like the pairing though it seems to stick to me more with a female Luffy so I did it as one as well. I know I have others to work on and everything and that I just started one and I do have a request to do but I had this going through my head as well as When I Grow Up by Mayday Parade so this kinda appeared. I hope you guys like it and yes I will give you a better summary then what was on the link if you bothered reading it:

He was all that she had. He was gone and now he was the only one that could help her get over it. Marco is determined to get Luffy back on her feet after the accident and the hyperactive girl might just let him. But what else will happen as he helps her recover. MarLu (Marco x Luffy) I hope that is right.

Phoenix's Light

Chapter 1 Emotions are Useless

She stood in front of the stone as the rain poured onto her hair. It was funny really, like in all of those movies where something sad or dramatic happens, it rains. Here it was the same. The rain poured down hard and people were dressed in black and the sky was grey toned. A bunch of red hibiscuses in her hand.

Etched into the gray stone that was now darker due to the rain was the name of who was buried underneath. Portgas D. Ace. The girl didn't move as the thunder clapped in the background. People were behind her, all already had taken their time to say good bye to the young man. It was only the girl who was left.

They stayed quiet, never bothering to move to cover her from the rain or to tell her it was time to leave. She had been standing there for almost ten minutes. Marco knew what was going through the girl's mind as she stared at her brother's grave stone emotionless. She had been there too. The bandages covering her body was proof enough as it was.

The blonde man glanced over at another group that was also present but not part of friends and family though the family itself was only the girl. The man who was semi in the middle was the cause for all of them to be there. He was the one at fault in this matter. Even so, Luffy didn't blame him. She didn't blame anyone for what had caused Ace's death. Just that he was gone.

Luffy continued to stare at the stone and images flashed through her head. The car had been driving normally. It was sunny and the roads were dry. They hadn't been speeding.


When the light turned green, Ace moved forward across the intersection. Luffy was asleep next to him and he was also tired. Both of them had come back from visiting their gramps and Ace had work the next morning. It was almost noon and they had been driving most of the night.

The black haired man hadn't heard the police siren as it came flying down the road. The car rammed into the side that Ace was on. The impact woke Luffy up, but only enough for the girl to feel pain and see what was happening as the car jerked and flipped. She felt Ace's hand hit her and glass shatter. After that she blacked out.

When Luffy woke up again she was in a hospital. Marco was in her room and the others were outside. The place Ace worked was very well known as a port warehouse but also as a gang. Luffy was a semi member of it. Oyaji wasn't in the room but when Marco noticed the girl wake up, some of the other guys were called in.

"The doctors said that you were lucky and that the worst injury you got was the cut under your eye and some bruises." Marco said as the girl attempted sitting up.

"Ace…" the small girl said not exactly one hundred percent sure on her surroundings. "Where is Ace..?"

Everyone's faces dropped and so did the atmosphere of the room. The guys looked away from Luffy as she turned to them, looking for answers. Marco decided to be the one to give them. "I'm sorry Luffy; they got there too late…" the man tried his hardest to make it easy for the girl. "He's gone."


Luffy dropped the bouquet before turning around and walking past the group that was behind her. She ignored them and kept her head low, not wanting to make eye contact with any of them. They watched her pass in silence. Ace was all Luffy had had. There was no other relative for her. She was alone.

Luffy opened the door to the apartment she and Ace shared. She walked pass the kitchen and pass the living room. She walked by the open door that led to her messy room and opened the door to her brother's decent one.

She looked in the room and Ace's scent filled her. Cigarettes and a bit of booze along with his own scent filled the room. Luffy walked into the room and let the door swing shut. She walked over his clothes and ignored the pain that filled her foot when she stepped on a broken CD.

The black haired girl climbed onto the black sheets that covered the man's bed and went to the corner of it where the bed touched the wall. Luffy brought her knees up to her chest and covered her face. She sat there and looked at her brother's room. A blood covered red bead necklace around her neck.

Marco hefted the box onto others and looked around the warehouse. Everyone was working like normal but the absence of Ace was obvious. It had been ten days since the funeral and the last time they had all seen Luffy. The girl would come with Ace when he went to work and after school. Eventually everyone liked her and Oyaji even accepted her to take his mark which she had done.

Luffy was always cheerful and even if she was prone to fall and trip over stuff, the girl was a lot of help and made everyone happier when she came. Now, they hadn't even heard from her. Marco put the box he was carrying down as his cell buzzed.

"Hello?" he asked almost hoping it was Luffy even though the caller ID wasn't hers.

"Is this Marco?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yes." Marco said questioning almost who this person was.

"My name is Makino; I'm a secretary from the school Monkey D. Luffy attends. I know Luffy-san's brother just died but she hasn't been in school for almost ten days now. Is something wrong?" the young female seemed to be concerned for Luffy and the girl's well being.

"Not in school?" Marco questioned. Vista looked at him predicting that the conversation was about Luffy. The other guys seemed to pick up on this as well. "I haven't seen Luffy since the funeral so I'm not sure what is going on."

"We were wondering if you could please make sure she is OK and get back to us." the woman said it more as if she really cared about the girl rather than that the girl would be expelled if she didn't show up.

"Okay, thanks for telling me." Marco hung up his cell and looked at the rest of the guys. "Apparently Luffy hasn't been in school since the funeral."

"I wonder if she's okay, Ace was everything to her." Thatch said looking at Marco who was staring at the closed device. "Why don't you go and check on her?"

Marco looked up at him. The others seemed to agree with the man. "We'll tell Boss what's going on so you go and make sure that Luffy is okay. The girl's family to us." Thatch said and the man nodded before heading towards the doors.

Marco stared at the door to Luffy's apartment. He thought about knocking but ignored doing so and simply opened the unlocked door. He had done it so many times that it seemed normal but felt wrong at the same time. He walked in and shut the door, locking it out of habit.

The kitchen was empty and so was the living room. No sign of life even emitted from the place. Dust was beginning to collect on things and everything seemed to be painted in dull. Marco moved through the halls of the small apartment and came to Luffy's room. He looked in and saw it vacant.

The man had been over to the house before so he knew where everything was and nothing seemed new to him about Luffy's room. The red bed sheets were unmade and the pillow was lopsided on the bed. Clothes and toys littered the floor. Marco drew his eyes around to the closet wondering if maybe the girl was in there. She had a habit of hiding in it when Ace was angry at her or if she felt like jumping someone.

Marco was about to the walk in and open the closed white door when his eyes rested on Luffy's bra which was loosely hanging on her chair. The man quickly pulled out of the door frame and closed the door quietly. He took a deep breath and looked at the only other closed door that wasn't a bathroom or closet. He had never told anybody about the small feeling that he had for Luffy. Especially not Ace.

The man walked to the door and opened it. At first it was pretty dark because the lights were off and the curtains closed. Still, light would usually be able to shine through them but since it was night, none did. Marco was moved his eyes around the room in a similar way he had done with Luffy's until they rested on a small figure in one of the corners of the room. Marco looked at it closely before finally recognizing the dark, untamable hair.

"Luffy?" he whispered hoping not to scare the girl. There was no answer. Marco walked into the room all the way and closed the door behind him.

He walked up to the bed and sat down on the edge of it before looking at the girl again and attempting to get a response out of her. "Luffy?" the man asked again. He reached out and put his hand on her shoulder. The physical contact made the girl flinch and she looked at him shocked.

Marco stared at the girl's large brown eyes with a worried look. Luffy seemed scared and lost. Bags were under her eyes suggesting that she hadn't slept and it was a good guess that she hadn't eaten. Marco sat all the way on the bed and said the girl's name once more.

"Luffy, what's wrong? Why are you here all by yourself?" the man asked still keeping a hand on her shoulder. Luffy looked up at him and Marco noticed the tears that were beginning to form in the edges of her eyes.

"Ace, I can't get him out of my head…" the girl's voice was cracked and Marco noticed the tear stains dotting her face. The bandages that had been on her were ripped off opening some of the wounds she had received but they had healed naturally by then.

Marco sighed slowly before moving his hand to the girl's head. Luffy tightened the ball she was in. "I can't go to sleep because I'll see him." the girl continued. The girl looked up at Marco and tears were beginning to form even more and soon they over-spilled out of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. "Marco, help…"

The words wretched at Marco and the man wrapped his arms around the scared girl. The girl almost disappeared as Marco brought her onto his lap and held her there. Luffy wrapped her arms around Marco and gripped his shirt as tightly as she could. Tears began to land on Marco's skin but the man ignored it and looked down at the girl.

He brought a hand under the girl's chin and lifted her head up to look at him. Luffy showed emotion and her face wretched at him. Marco leaned his head down and gently placed his lips on Luffy's. Luffy didn't seem to mind as Marco molded his lips to match hers. Warmth filled her cheeks but tears never stopped coming down her cheeks.

When Marco broke the kiss he brought Luffy's head to his shoulder immediately. "Don't worry." He said quietly but firmly. "I won't go. I'll stay with you." Luffy loosened her grip on his shirt but then retightened it as she nodded her head in his shoulder, agreeing to what he told her. Marco smiled and leaned against the wall of the room. Luffy, sitting in his lap and leaning against him, finally fell asleep.

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