Final Fantasy Vs. Warcraft: War of darkness

One day, at Sepheroth's base.

"Ha ha, I will make a portal to another world".
So he made a portal to another world.

Out of nowhere, The Litch king jumped out and chopped his head off.
It was cool.

"I will take over this world and it's peplos." said Arthas.

So he fought against all of shinra and killed them all. Then he killed all of the rest of the people who were not in avalanche.

At the avalanche headquarters:

"We need to kill The Litch King!" Barret said.
"And you Gotta help" Said Sid.

"Go find out how to kill the litch king" Red 13 told cloud.

"Ok" Cloud said.

So Cloud found out how to kill the litch king.

"Did you find out how to kill the litch king?" Barret said.
"I found out how to kill the litch king." Said Cloud.

So they all went to kill th litch king.
So they went and talked to him.

"We found out how to kill you." Said cloud.
"You foud out how to kill me?" Said the Litch King.
"We found out how to kill you." said Cloud.

So they killed him.
Out of nowhere, the litch king appeared, and said "hahaha, that was my copy, you cannot kill me, I'm the Juggernaut!".

So he fired his portal gun, and out of nowhere, the Heavy came in and shot the litch king.
And the litch king died.

"I died" Said the litch king.
"I killed him" Said thee heavy.
"You killed him said Cloud.
So they all ate sandviches.

The end.