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Light sat in the back of the class room with a bored expression on his face. The lesson that he was learning wasn't keeping his interest at all. So to keep him entertained he looked out the side window and day dreamed. They were supposed to get two new students today but they didn't show up at all. He was hoping they would be cool and not geeky.

"Yagami-kun! Please pay attention!" His sensei yelled.

Letting out a really loud sigh he tilted his head slightly so it looked like he was paying attention but his gaze stayed out the window. "You know Light, your sensei is right." The brown haired teen looked over to see Ryuk. He was a shinigami that only Light seemed to see. He had a stupid wide grin on his face that gave the teen a bad vibe.

"Sine when do you tell me what to do Ryukie?" He wrote down on a piece of paper. The shinigami let out a evil chuckle that made Light roll his eyes. The bored teen went back to looking out the window to see a limo pulling into the school parking lot. Shifting just a little he got a better view on who was getting out.

An old guy that was wearing a tux. White hair was done up and glasses covered his eyes. His eyes seemed to be closed but he went over to the other side and opened the door with no problem. Out hopped two boys. They both had what looked like bed head jet black hair.

Light seemed to have been looking at the window like he was at home cause he earned a tap on the head with his sensei's book. "Looks like the new students are here." he said as he walked away from a blushing Light. Ryuk chuckled softly behind him. "Told you."

A knock was at the classroom door in minutes after they pulled up. Sensei went to open it up and was greeted with the two boys. Everyone's heads turned towards them and looked them up and down. They had the same slouch and hands in their pockets. One had red eyes and the other had black coals. The other wore a black shirt while the other had on a white one.

They were almost complete opposites from each other. "Hello, I assume this is room 289?" The one spoke with the black eyes.

"Why yes! You must be L and BB?" The two nodded in tune and walked into the room and faced the classroom. Sensei pulled a smile. " Class this is L and BB. Say hello and make them feel welcomed."


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