Beyond's P.O.V

Well since me and Ryuk happen to be on the same page I think it is time for me to plan out completely plan out breaking L's heart. I did it before and I will do it again. He's to sensitive in a way and maybe I could get him to kill himself? Hmmm?

This is going to be hard, him and Light are completely inseparable just like L and I use to be. Wait, just like L and I? I know what I'm going to do know.

Its Saturday evening right now and L and I are sitting down at dinner. The lights are dim and we kept our eyes on our own plates. Maids and servants hustled and bustled passed us and made sure we had enough to eat before bring out our desserts.

My fingers grazed the jam that stuck to the side of the jar and then slipped their way into my mouth. I snuck a quick peek at my twin on the other side of the long table. He seemed to be enjoying a sugar cube and it danced around on his tongue.

"Brother, are you doing anything tomorrow?" I asked innocently.

"I can not say I am. Raito and I didn't make any plans." I took a sip of his coffee. "I think he said something along the lines of having to work or something."

Slipping on a lop sided smile I asked him if he wanted to hang out then. He muffled out a yes. I was so happy that phase one was completed.

Short, yes. Longer chappie next time? YES!