Title: Visions of Love

Pairing: Kakashi x Hinata x Obito

Summary: She was his best friend's girlfriend but he knew that he never loved her the way he did. All he did was use her like a puppet. Hewould never treat her like that. She deserved much better. She deserved him.

AU: College


Chapter one: Opening

Hatake Kakashi, one of the most popular males in Seihou Gakuenn University. With his athletic body structure, his black mysterious eyes with his abnormally silver hair along with his dark blue mask that he uses to cover his face. Yes, Kakashi was very, very attractive. Most of the girls in the high school always strived for his attention. He was the main topic amongst most of the female population, even by the women teachers. Some males were quite envious of him, but hid their envy especially if they were friends with the popular male.

He was rather cheerful person and carefree but he could be emotionless at times and has a habit of speaking rather bluntly on sensitive topics. He is always seen reading the popular 'Come Come' series while walking in the hallways or even in class. Kakashi loved these books, which quickly implied that he was slightly a pervert. This wasn't a secret since the male had some-what of a ladies man record.

Despite his title at Seihou Gakuenn, he is still Uchiha Obito's best friend and has been ever since middle school. Currently the two were standing in the hallway along with Yamato, Kotetsu and Genma. The five were all close best friends but out of the five, Obito was most likely the only one who wasn't a skirt chaser like the others.


All the males turned their heads, noticing a blonde haired female was running towards the group. She was wearing a short, very short plaid blue skirt, white sleeved shirt with the first three buttons unbutton; revealing her ample cleavage. Something that Kotetsu, Yamato or Genma couldn't look away from. Obito was the only one who appeared to seem indifferent by this as well as Kakashi.

"Is there something you need, Ai?" He asked the girl in a gentle but yet flirtatious tone.

The blonde blushed darkly, placing her hands in front of her body. It was clear by her body language that she was very nervous just to be anywhere near Kakashi. "Well I was wondering if you'll like to maybe um…well—"

"Yes?" He urged her to continue. Although it didn't take an idiot to realize that she was trying to ask him out. This is something that happens everyday at their college. Most of the time Kakashi would politely reject them while other times he would accept but would never date the girl for very long. The longest he dated someone would have to have been at least for a week.

"Well, I was wondering if you'll like to go out on a date with me" She asked rather quickly. Looking up, her honey brown eyes slowly gazed up into his dark orbs, searching for anything that she could find.

"I would love to date you—" He watched her face light up in pure happiness, he knew that she wouldn't be happy anymore once he finished "but I'm already dating someone else" Kakashi stated sadly. His eyebrows creased down, showing that he felt bad. Behind Kakashi, his friends all looked at each other, clearly confused.

"It's okay. I'm sorry for bothering you" She quickly ran off causing Kakashi to sigh to himself.

"Why didn't you ever tell us that you had a girlfriend?" Kotetsu frowning, becoming upset that Kakashi has been keeping things from them.

"I don't have a girlfriend, I lied. She wasn't my type so I told a lie to lie myself a way out of it" He stated in a dry tone. Pulling out his book he started to read it only to have to stop when he heard Genma's voice.

"Heh, bad boy Kakashi, I have a feeling you turn a lot of girls you aren't interested in down. She could have been a good girlfriend, you know" He joked.

"I bet she still likes him too" Yamato sighed to himself, shaking his head from side to side.

"Of course she does, almost every girl here liked Kakashi. I bet there isn't a single girl here who doesn't like him" The dark brown haired male chuckled to himself, while chewing on a sharp needle.

"That's not true. There is one girl who I've noticed who doesn't seem to pay Kakashi any attention at all" Obito spoke lowly. He had been silent the whole time to the point the others forgot he was even standing there with them.

"Oh yeah, what girl is that?" Genma asked, not really believing that there was a girl like that in there school. Hell, all of his girlfriends he has had all were in love with Kakashi. That's one of the main reasons why he never lasts long with any of them. But always tells his friends the reason is because he wasn't interested or because he found them to be too clingy but the truth was because they all loved Hatake Kakashi.

Obito's eyes gazed over to the side, staring at the porcelain skinned female walking past them with her books in her hands, holding them close to her chest. "That girl right there, Hyuga Hinata" He stated.

All the males turned their heads to look over at the female. She wasn't popular like Kakashi but she was known for her status as the heiress to the Hyuga hotels. She mainly kept to herself a lot, only talking to a select few. The five males never had any interaction with her but knew of her to be very smart and in the top of all her classes.

"She doesn't count" Kotetsu sighed, turning his head away from the girl.

"Yeah, she's nothing but the school's stuck up princess"

"She's not that attractive either" Genma stated causing Obito to frown in displeasure.

Kakashi on the other hand was staring at the female; he had to agree with Genma, she wasn't that appealing to look at. He found Anko to be more appealing than her, not that Anko was someone he found not to be attractive. "She's the one girl in this school I wouldn't flirt with" The mask male said honestly. "For one, she's too shy, she stutters and she isn't cute at all. I think she'll be a very boring girlfriend"

"Wow, very blunt there Kakashi" Genma joked, "Heh, I think I have an idea. I bet you can't last dating her for ten whole months" Genma was known for making bets with Kakashi, who often quickly accepts the bet just to prove Genma wrong.

The silver haired male shook his head, "This is one bet I will not take" He shook, turning his back on his friends walking away from them. As he was walking away he heard the bell ring and Yamato and Kotetsu shout that they'll catch up with everyone later.

Obito and Genma on the other hand were walking in the same direction as Kakashi seeing how all three of them had the same class. Genma stuffed his hand into his right pocket; his eyes glanced up ahead at Kakashi. "You know, I think you're too chicken to accept the bet because you know you could never get that girl to fall for you" He pretended to act coy when he noticed Kakashi stiffened at that comment.

"It's not that I can't make her fall for me, it's that I choose not to" He stated, turning his head to the side to gaze at his friend.

"Sure, whatever you say" Genma sighed, throwing his hands into the air as he walked past the male.

Obito looked over at Kakashi; he knew that Genma was only testing Kakashi. The Uchiha knew his best friend well enough to know that he hated to be doubted. "I know he'll end up accepting the bet eventually, it's only a matter of time" Walking beside Kakashi he felt someone bump into him. Turning around he caught the person just in time before they fell to the ground. "Hey, are you okay?" His eyes widened once he realized that it was none other than the girl they had just been talking about, Hyuga Hinata.

She nodded her head, "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you" She slowly lifted up her head, her bright wide doe like eyes stared into his black eyes.

The Uchiha couldn't help but to blush, he held a huge crush on the girl. In his eyes no matter what anyone else thought of her, she was a beauty beyond beauties. The only reason why he has never approached her was mainly because of how nervous he becomes whenever he is around her. He hides his feelings that he has for her very well, it's not like he was embarrassed to let anyone know it's just that he didn't want her to know about his feelings. If Genma knew, he was almost positive that his friend would tell the whole school. "You're welcome, Hinata, right?" Who was he kidding, of course he knew her name but he has never talked to her before and wanted to play it off as if he didn't know.

"Yes, you're Uchiha-san from what I know. We have the same class" She spoke softly, standing up straight, smiling shyly at him.

Obito grinned widely at her, "Yes that's my name"

Kakashi and Genma could hear the two conversing with each other from behind, the brown haired male smirked to himself. "I still say you're too chicken"

"You know, I accept your bet"

Genma grinned, "I knew you would. All you have to do is see if you can make her fall for you and you must date her for ten months"

"Isn't that a little too long? Why can't it be two weeks?" Kakashi groaned, not liking the idea that it's so long. Looking behind him at the Hyuga female, he placed his hand behind his neck rubbing it. Kakashi honestly didn't know if he could handle being with her for that long. She had a horrible speech problem at times, and then she did that annoying fiddling with her fingers. His dark eyes gazed back over at his good friend, "I'm so winning this bet" He groaned in despair.

Genma grinned widely, "And the bet is on"


Lavender-grey eyes paid close attention to the teacher in front, discussing a new assignment. She has been trying her hardest to ignore Kakashi, who has been staring at her during most of the class. A crimson color painted her cheeks, from her eye sight on the side of her she could see his head resting on the palm of his hand while facing her. She clenched onto her pencil tightly until it snapped into two causing a few people around to her look over at her.

"It seems you're in need of another pencil, wouldn't you say?" His voice was deep, making her heart beat twice as fast. His black eyes stared deep within her unique pools; one could tell that he was smiling flirtatiously even if he did have his mask on. Without looking down at his desk, he grabbed the pencil on his desk, extending it to her. "Here, you can burrow my pencil" Kakashi winked at Hinata causing her to blush deeply.

She stared at the pencil for a few moments until she hesitantly took it from his hand, "Th-Thank you Kakashi" She quickly looked away from him. "Why is he suddenly showing interest in me? He never once spoke to me before; I'm basically non-existent to him. So why would he talk to me now?" She edged away from him in her seat, in attempts get away from him.

Kakashi of course noticed this and scooted his desk closer towards hers. "You know, I've never noticed it before but you're a very attractive" He placed his hand on top of hers, letting out a chuckle when she jumped from the contact of his hand. "So jumpy, I would have to say you're nervous" He winked at the female.

"Hinata and Kakashi, since I'm too boring for you two, I want the both of you out of my classroom"


The silver haired male smiled behind his mask; standing up from his seat he grabbed Hinata by her arm lifting her up from her seat, pulling her down the aisle as the two walked out the sliding doors. Once outside the classroom Kakashi turned his head to the side noticing that Hinata was glaring at him. Well trying her darn hardest to glare at him. He thought it was funny to see the 'Heiress' glare at him. Leaning against the wall behind him, his black eyes gazed her form. Kakashi wasn't going to lie, she had a body but that's about the only thing on her that caught his attention.

"I've never been told to l-leave class before," Hinata pouted, looking directly at up at the taller male.

"Well I'm glad that he told us to get out. It gives me time to get to know the lovely Hyuga Hinata" He winked causing the female to blush, "So tell me Hyuga Hinata, do you have a boyfriend?" Kakashi didn't want to beat around the bush with it and quickly asked what he wanted to know.

"No, I don't" She hadn't expected him to ask this sort of question. Hatake Kakashi, asking her of all people if she were dating anyone, she felt like he had something up his sleeve. He is known for his playboy habits, despite how polite he is with everyone. "Why are you asking me this Kakashi?"

"Well it's obvious isn't it?" He smiled warmly at her, walking towards her. Noticing how each step he took forward she took back until he had her cornered against the wall. Raising his arm up he placed his hand on the wall, leaning forward closer down towards her face, "What do you say? Want to become my girl?" The silver haired whispered softly to the shorter female. His other hand began to trace the outline of her face, waiting to hear her answer.

She shifted nervously under his gaze. Not once has she ever been this close to him before, upon closer inspection she could see how flawless his skin is, his dark black eyes, eyes that she could stared in for hours and get lost within their depths. Turning her head to the side, she bit down on her bottom lip. "Why are you asking me, out of all the other girls?"

Kakashi wasn't expecting that question. He is used to girls throwing themselves at him and never asking any question since they were so happy that he asked. "Because, I like you and I'm interested in getting to know you more" Pushing himself away from her, he ranked his hand threw his hair, "So what do you say?" This was starting off to be very difficult, especially seeing how he is going to have to deal with her for months just to prove to Genma he could get the girl to fall for him.

"O-Okay" She finally replied nervously.

A devious smirk slowly appeared under his mask, "Great, we're a couple now. How about letting me steal a little kiss from my new very cute girlfriend" He raised her chin up with his finger, staring down at her lips. "Maybe I shouldn't kiss her" Leaning away from her, noticing her confused facial expression he winked at her, "How about saving that kiss for another time" He smiled down at her, turning his back away from her.

Hinata looked away from him; she was starting to have second thoughts about dating the male. She honestly didn't even know why she accepted in the first place, it wasn't like she was attracted to him because he is very handsome but she wasn't into him in that way. Hell, she was positive that she was one of the few, if not only girls who didn't like him. But Hinata just couldn't get herself to say no. "That's fine" She turned away from him; seeing how they weren't allowed back inside the classroom she thought it would just be best to leave since this was her last class of the day.

"I'm going to just head home" She explained getting ready to walk past him.

"You know, I can drive you home if you'll like?" Kakashi offered. He didn't really know if she had a car or not but throughout this entire bet he was going to be as nice to her as he could be.

The Hyuga female stood walking, slowly turning around to face the taller male. She looked skeptical but slowly nodded her head, "My car is actually in the shop so I was planning on catching the subway. But since you're offering I suppose I should accept the offer" She smiled brightly at the male.

"Great, shall we go?" Kakashi guided her down the hallway, in the back of his mind cursing himself for even getting in this predicament. But if it's one thing he didn't was to do is lose a bet against Genma. I'll die before he lets that happen. He could already tell the way Hinata looks at him that she doesn't really care for him but was trying her hardest to be polite towards him. Why she accepted, he didn't know but what he did know, within these months, Hatake Kakashi will make Hyuga Hinata fall for him.


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