Title: Visions of Love

Pairing: Hinata x Obito

Summary: She was his best friend's girlfriend but he knew that he never loved her the way he did. All he did was use her like a puppet. Hewould never treat her like that. She deserved much better. She deserved him.

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Chapter ten: Finale

From the eyes of another

I watched in silence as Obito playfully tried to feed Hinata food. It was irritating to watch but yet comical whenever Hinata would send him a glare. It's been two years since they have gotten together. In the beginning, I admit that I had been very jealous and hurt that she never gave me a second chance, but I've learned to move on. No use hanging onto the past, it won't get me anywhere.

"What are you thinking about, Kakashi?"

Turning my head, I glanced over at my best friend. He was smiling sheepishly at me; the orange goggles he refuses to throw away are on top of his head, reflecting the light from the ceiling. Despite all the mess that happened between us, Obito has always been a good friend of mine. No matter how much of a jerk I had been, he always stood by my side. When we first met he hated me and it wasn't until Obito was hit by a car right before my eyes that we were pulled closer together, becoming best friends.

"Nothing, I'm just wondering how long you're going to baby feed her. It's obvious she isn't into it," I teased, enjoying the pout that slowly emerged on his face. My eyes gazed over at Hinata, a smiled appeared on her face at my words. If it were even possible, she had grown even more beautiful over the years. Her skin was as flawless as ever, her bright smile could light up the room, showing off her dazzling white teeth, her hair has grown even longer than before, reaching to the top of her thighs. As I look at her, the length of her hair is hidden in a high bun with bangs and strands of her hair framing her face. She will always look absolutely stunning.

"See, even she wants you to give it a rest." I said, causing Hinata to giggle again. Her laugh is just too sweet.

Obito glared at me a bit longer before looking away from me, smiling slightly to himself.

"Fine, I'll stop."

I watched him stand up, extending his hand out towards Hinata, telling her how he wanted to take her outside to watch the stars. Of course I stayed in. I'm already a third wheel most of the time. Well, that's how I feel whenever I am around them anyway, though I know that they would never want me to feel that way. At times I think back to how that could be me dating her. I wish that it were possible to go back in time and erase the bad things I have ever done but I know that I have to live with my choices.

The regret has been rising within me more over the years. Just knowing that this girl could have been mine, and possibly my future wife…it really pains me. Trying not to think about it sometimes proves to be harder than living in constant regret. I've tried moving on to someone else, tried to finally make a brand new start with someone else. But it never last for very long.

I lay back in the soft cushioned couch; my eyes resting on the white ceiling. Thoughts of my past memories with Hinata begin coming back to me again. Why couldn't I see that I had the perfect girl? Was I really that stupid? My head snapped up when I heard running footsteps coming towards me and before I could react Hinata had pounced on me. What was going on? I looked up at her face; it appeared as if she were crying.

"What's going on? Did Obito hurt you?" I asked in concern, turning to look at him as he slowly walked towards us, smiling.

"No, he asked me to marry him! I said yes!"

What? Married? Is this really happening? I looked over at Obito for confirmation. He merely grinned wider at me, pointing his finger to his hand. He was probably telling me to look at her hand. When I did I couldn't help but noticed the rather large diamond ring resting on her ring finger. Looking back at her face, she seemed to be waiting for me to say something but what could I say? "C…Congratulations, I'm happy for you. I'm happy for you both." I smiled brightly at them both.

It wasn't a lie. I honestly am happy for them. To be able to see the smiles on their bright faces, the tears of joy coming down her cheeks. Looking at my best friend, grinning like an idiot, didn't dampen my mood at all. I turned to face Hinata once more, she was still smiling happily. That blush that never seems to disappear was dusting her cheeks.

"It's time for a celebration. I'll get the drinks!" I groaned at Obito's cheerfulness. By drinks he meant soda. The guy couldn't hold his alcohol very well. One sip and he's already drunk, mumbling nonsense that doesn't make any sense. It gets quite comical at times, I have to admit.

Obito quickly ran out of the room, probably to get some bottles of soda. That just left me and Hinata alone in the living room. It's awkward, very awkward. Hinata and I haven't been left alone together in quite some time now. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with trust. Obito is just always around, so it never gave Hinata and I a chance to be alone like this.

Gazing over at her, she was admiring her ring. Hell, even I was admiring it. The diamonds on the ring were huge. My friend was, well not was, he is very wealthy. His entire family is of some special police force. So the ring is no surprise. It's very fitting for an heiress. "So you'll become future Hinata Uchiha soon, how does that feel?" I asked curiously.

"It feels nice. I really love him…he makes me happy."

The smile on her face was radiating and it brought a smile to my face as well. "I'm glad that you are happy with him. Obito talks about you like crazy, sometimes it's kind of annoying." I said teasingly, nudging her arm.

"What about you?"

"What about me?" I asked, raising my brow up.

She blushed and shook her head. "Do you have anyone special in your life?"

Just by looking at her I could tell that she was probably embarrassed by asking me that. After all, it isn't something she would normally ask. I smiled weakly and shook my head, "No, I don't. I'm not really ready to let someone into my life just yet." Okay, now I'm starting to get uncomfortable. I don't want to start saying something I shouldn't be saying to her. Where is Obito with those drinks?

"I'm back."

And he is back, right on cue. I reach over and grab a can from him. We begin talking about various topics. I was in and out most of the time, just watching them react with each other. She had left my side to go and sit next to him. They honestly did look cute together. Learning how to push back the thought that keeps reminding me time and time again how much I messed up is something that I need to work on and something that needs to be done so that I can move forward. The least I can do is be happy for my two best friends.