Fandom : Psych

Title : Speed Dating and Smoothies

Pairing : Shassi (Shawn/Lassiter), very, VERY slightly implied Guliet. (Gus/Juliet)

Spoilers : Slightly for Episode 11 Of Season One - He loves Me, He loves me Not, He loves Me, Oops he's Dead, which this one-shot is based in

Genre : Romance / Humor

Rating : T, because of slight double entendres's, and the word ass. *grin*

Warnings : Shassi-established relationship, the word Ass, Lassi smacking Shawn's ass X3

This one-shot makes a lot more sense if you've seen episode 11 of Season one :) So yes. Saw this scene in my head as I was watching. SHASSI IS LOVE 3

Shawn face-palmed, and grabbed Lassiter by the tie, pulling him into a corner. "Come on Lassi, lighten up." Shawn said, as he smoothed down Lassiter's suit jacket, making sure you couldn't see the detective's holsters through the fabric. "Shawn, I don't like this." Lassiter growled as Shawn undid his tie, pulling it off, and undoing the top button of his shirt. They were inside Shenanigans, getting ready to go speed-dating.

Shawn smiled, and kissed Carlton's cheek. "You'll be okay. Just don't be all….police-y, Okay? Act like you're here for a date. No interrogating, or asking creepy questions of the daters, okay?" He grinned. "Let's get this over with, and then we'll go out with Gus and Juliet to get some Pineapple smoothies."

Lassiter smirked, and ruffled Shawn's hair, ignoring the indignant squawk from Shawn, who whined, and tried to put it back the way it had been. "Sounds good, Spencer. Now go." He ordered, smacking Shawn's ass he went by.

"Hey! No damaging the merchandise!" Shawn scolded, rubbing the now-sore spot on his ass. Lassiter gave a toothy smirk that made Shawn blush a little. "I own it, I can hit it if I want." Shawn blushed bright red at the double entendre. "Oh…go find your date." He said, waving Lassiter off and heading for his own table.

They had work to do.

Review please :D Tell me how my first Psych story went. I really tried to keep them both in character (well, as much as you can for them being together in my story, lol)