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Chapter 28: The High Cost of Doing Business

"I'm so bored…" Naruto said, lying on his stomach inside of the Foxhound Pirates' section of the hotel that they bought out to stay in.

Two days after the entire situation at Enies Lobby had come to a close the two crews had returned to Water 7. Of the Foxhound Pirates, the injuries inflicted were pretty severe for most of them. Nojiko had taken quite a heavy bit of damage from Kalifa to go with her chakra exhaustion due to using the seals on her guns including nearly having her spine severed by her Shigan attack. Johnny's legs were utterly worn down from overuse. The muscles were all useless due to the amount of attacks he had to launch during the battle and the amount of running he had to do with Vivi on his back to allow her to escape not to mention the damage he took when Miss Valentine's attack crippled the Buster Call ship they were on.

Miss Valentine had actually hurt herself pretty badly after her attack that had stopped the ship Vivi had been taken aboard. She had a bruised tailbone and numerous cuts due to the wood that had flown about and scratched her. Yosaku had many deep slashes from Vice-Admiral Strawberry and had broken a few ribs from Miss Valentine's attack on the ship. Soren had severe blood loss and many wounds of varying severity all over his body, most notably the deep puncture wounds around his collarbone in addition to a broken left arm and fractures all over his body.

Needless to say, the large living space was filled with sleeping, bed-ridden people, but the one that had seemingly taken as much damage as anyone and used more energy than all of them on that day, Uzumaki Naruto, appeared to be as right as rain at the moment.

Muret was busy taking the bandages off of spots on his body that had taken heavy damage during his fight with Aokiji. Some of the nastier wounds were done by Naruto himself and his last attack, wounds that Chopper had hurried to patch up once the imminent threat of getting taken out by them Marines was over, "How's it looking?"

Muret shook her head in response as she looked over Naruto's torso and arms, "Like you were never hurt in the first place. Who heals from third degree burns and all of the blunt trauma damage you took in two days, not to mention that gaping wound that was in your shoulder? You should be a flaking angry mess right now from what Chopper told me. You're seriously weird Naruto-sama." She said to him as she finally peeled the heavy bandage off of his shoulder where Aokiji had stabbed him through, "At least you don't require many supplies to fix unlike everyone else. All you need from what I've seen are bandages and disinfectant and you're good to go."

"And I'm not even sure about the disinfectant." Naruto said jokingly as he got up off of the bed and checked himself over. Not that he didn't trust Muret, but… it was just what you do whenever a doctor looks at you, even though you know that it's not like you'd see something that they didn't, you still look anyway.

"I didn't know you had a tattoo though." Muret said rather distastefully, "Those are sort of dangerous to get, especially where yours was situated; around your belly-button."

Naruto looked down and saw that she was referring to the odd pattern on his stomach, "That's not a tattoo. It's a seal, like the one I put in Miss Valentine's umbrella, or like the ones I engraved in Noji-chan's gun." He sighed, "You know I was wondering when someone was going to ask me about that. It's an old remnant of my days as a Konoha shinobi."

Muret only knew what everyone else had been able to tell her thus far about Naruto. Therefore all that she knew, same as everyone else, was that he was a ninja, had fought in a war to save his entire continent, and not much else besides that. How he was able to garner their trust without them knowing too much about him was beyond her. Oh who was she kidding? She trusted him too.

"Well…" She said to him as he put his shirt back on, "I'm your doctor. I don't know anything about your medical history. At least everyone else on the crew has legitimate medical records that they can recite from heart. You just say that you've had so many injuries that it doesn't matter and to give you whatever. I need more info than that Naruto-sama."

Naruto shook his head as he put his sage coat back on, "You're just using that as an excuse to dig up some dirt on me aren't you?" Muret smirked, giving him his answer, but he didn't seem too upset by it, "Okay, fine, long story short so we can get this out of the way. A long, long time ago there was something powerful inside of me. It's the reason I heal so fast and so well, it's the reason I have so much energy naturally, and basically it was a demon." Muret gasped, "It used to be inside of me, but it's not anymore. It, and eight other creatures like it are all somewhere safe, protected by the toads that I have a summoning contract with."

Muret was still rather shaken up at trying to comprehend that Naruto used to have a demon inside of his body, but he had yet to lie to her, and he had said all of this with a straight face. She walked over to him and poked at his stomach, "You really had something in there?"

"Yes." Naruto replied glibly as he pulled her up from poking him, "Why the hell do people always try to mess with the seal when I tell them about it? Like something's going to pop out and say hi if they mess with me."

"Sorry Naruto-sama." Muret said sheepishly, "Anyway, you're done. You're perfectly healthy, and I'm not going to give you the whole 'take it easy' speech because even if I did you wouldn't do it." She made a shooing motion towards him, "Now go on, get out of here already. Vivi's at Dock 2 checking on our ship."

"Yeah, yeah…" He said as he opened the door out to the balcony of the room and stepped outside, "She's been a good girl for the last two days. She's been running all of the errands while you kept us all cooped up in here. Someone's got to go relieve her." 'And I'll do that after I drop a little something with the Straw Hats.'

"The only one out of all of you ungrateful bastards that could even walk a straight line was you, and that was just yesterday!" Muret snapped back at him heatedly before putting a hand to her temple and calming herself, "Just go. I'll take care over everyone here. It was your job to do the fighting and my job to piece you all back together. I knew that when I joined up."

Naruto gave her a faux salute and took to jumping along the rooftops away from the hotel. Muret let out a sigh as she turned her attention to the remaining crew inside, "How many of you were awake and heard him say what he said about the demon that used to be inside of him?" She got a unanimous chorus of affirmative groans from the rest of them, "Good. That means I don't have to repeat it for him. Now go back to sleep you bastards or I'll get my new buddy to put you back to sleep." She said, patting a sword on her hip; a western-style curved sword that seemed to have tusks on the hilt and a short tail on the pommel, "Thank you for Funkfreed Soren."

"…You're welcome…" He drawled out as he weakly lifted his arm and made a request, "More drugs…" That got a response from everyone else in the room as they all lifted their arms and echoed his sentiment.

"No!" Muret yelled at them all, "You're all not in enough pain that you need to be doped up, so gut it out!"



Vivi walked alongside the diminutive bald shipwright that Naruto had conscripted to work on their ship. Part of Vivi's self-tasked chores that she took upon herself to handle for the Foxhounds while they were temporarily out of commission was to check in with the status of the ship, and found that a pleasant surprise had awaited her with news on their leading shipwright once she arrived, "I'm very happy for you Stanley."

"Well thank you lass." Stanley said as he led her along the area of Dock 1, "I have ta' say, even though those boys left in the middle of some turbulent times around here those Dock 1 boys leaving gave me a great opportunity. I've got a spot now. And I'll still finish yer ship before I move on up too, the least I can do for all o' that high quality lumber that Mister Uzumaki provided for his ship. I think I'll have plenty o' leftovers to use at ma' leisure."

Vivi was aware of the more than copious amounts of wood Naruto had managed to create after he and the Straw Hat crew decimated the Franky Family house and was also aware of the fine amount of lumber that Naruto's clones had cut for the ship and also sealed away for his own later usage should it come to that. A useful tool, that Mokuton of his… destructive though.

"From what I saw I think he'll be very happy." Vivi said about the ship she had just come from viewing, "It seems like it can take more of a beating too, which is good." She remembered how the ship wound up looking just due to the way that everyone trained most of the time.

"Aye." Stanley agreed, "The wood that Mister Uzumaki provided is wondrous. It's tougher than anything I've ever seen in person as far as lumber goes."

Vivi stopped and extended her hand to Stanley, "Well thank you for all of your hard work! When you finish be sure to call us. We have a Den Den Mushi now so you can contact us. I need to get back to the others, I've been gone all morning."

Extending his hand as well to shake Vivi's, Stanley gave her a huge grin, "It was no trouble at all! Fixing up all o' Mister Uzumaki's requests was actually pretty interesting lass. Be sure to tell him to stop in before I'm done so he can tell me what he thinks."

Vivi shook her head, "He doesn't want to see it until it's done..." She let out a small laugh, "I keep telling him it's dumb, but he won't even let me tell him what it looks like. He wants to be surprised by your work. Everyone's going to love it."

The short shipwright laughed to himself as he walked away back to where he had been working, "You know, I think I like that kind of attitude. 'Till the next time lass!" He said as he and Vivi parted ways.


Naruto was whistling a jaunty tune to himself as he walked along with his hands shoved in his pockets. He had found his way to Dock 1 and forced his way past the gates fairly easily, although the people outside looked like they had seen a ghost or something from the expression on their faces. He wasn't that scary in person… when he wasn't trying to be anyway. How could he have spooked them?

Naruto's answer came when he suddenly came face to face with someone he thought he had avoided the last time that person made port in Water 7 looking for him specifically.

Monkey D. Garp, the two apprentices with him… and a ton of Marines.

Naruto simply stared at the rather imposing man with interest, Garp returning the favor, as everyone stopped in their tracks. The two apprentices, Coby and Helmeppo, along with all of the underling Marines could feel a heavy aura set over them all as Naruto and Garp stared at each other for the longest time, no one moved.

Garp stroked his bearded chin as he looked down at Naruto who was looking back up at him with large inquisitive blue eyes and a tilt of his whisker-marked head, "Nice day we're having eh?" The legendary vice-admiral said to him.

Naruto finally smiled back at him, "Yeah, besides that storm that came through this place a few days ago, it has some really great weather most of the time." He looked around at the other Marines that seemed to be shocked at seeing Naruto shoot the breeze with Garp face-to-face without any fear whatsoever.

"I came here for a little business and to catch up with my grandson." Garp admitted to Naruto freely as if Naruto had common knowledge on who that was, "Unfortunately I've got to get back to base again…" He almost couldn't believe it. A week ago this guy had been here looking for him. Did he really not notice him now, or was he really just ignoring Naruto's record? Either way, Naruto wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, nor was he going to start a fight for no reason.

Naruto eventually shrugged and continued on his way, "Well, I have to be on my way. I've got some friends to meet up with and tons of errands to run today. Nice to meet you." He said, walking past Garp and the others as the Marines cleared a large hole for him to pass through. Naruto's vision did go blurry for a moment when a flash of light hit his eyes and the sound of a loud camera click rang out, but he just ignored it.

Garp let out a few chuckles and kept walking on his way, prompting his entourage to follow him, "What a well-mannered young man. I wish Luffy was more like him. I think he'd make a fine Marine."

Coby leaned over and whispered to Helmeppo, "Do you think we should tell him who that was? We just walked past Uzumaki Naruto like he was some normal guy on the street." Helmeppo looked behind him at Naruto's retreating and disappearing form and back at Garp who didn't seem to have a care in the world before he shook his head to his partner, "I guess you're right. If they were meant to fight it would have just happened wouldn't it have?"

Meanwhile, Naruto on the other hand wiped his brow once he got out of sight in relief, "Thank Kami… I really didn't want to fight someone like that a few days after I just got through doing the same damn thing, especially in a town that's still being rebuilt from that storm and the CP9." He continued on his own path as a thought came to mind, "Still, there's something about that guy that seems familiar for some reason."

"Naruto!" He turned to see Vivi walking towards him, "I was just about to come back to the room. I see Muret finally let you out."

"Yep." He said cheerfully, "I have a clean bill of health like always. You should know that a few baby scratches like the ones I got the other day aren't enough to keep me down Vivi-hime. I was just about to go find the Straw Hats. Do you want to come with me?"

A nod from the desert nation princess was his answer, "Yes. I saw them this morning before I started running errands, but they were still out of it for the most part. Luffy's actually in worse shape than all of our crew except for maybe you, but you heal so quickly it doesn't matter." She let out a scoff at him, "Baby scratches… yeah, as if."

Naruto laughed at the cavalier way he treated his own injuries and how Vivi perceived it, "Anyway, let me tell you who I just met…"


(Galley-La Company Temporary Headquarters)

Naruto and Vivi walked in and were quickly able to find Sanji, Robin, Luffy, Chopper, and Zoro. As they both entered the living quarters of the pirate crew, Naruto had to point out something both he and the princess had seen, "Why does that wall look like someone just broke it down?" He asked the entire group, pointing at a wall that had been hastily repaired not too long ago.

Luffy looked up and noticed the arrival of his friends and gave them their answer, "I just got a visit from my grandpa. He wanted to talk about some stuff like my dad, what I've been doing, stuff like that."

"Well that sounds nice." Vivi said as she walked in and took a seat at the small table with most of the others, "It must be nice to have someone come all the way here to visit you." She noticed Luffy shiver slightly at mention of his grandfather.

Naruto let out a laugh, "I can only imagine the genes that wound up somehow spawning this guy down the line." He said, pointing over at Luffy, "I really wish I hadn't missed that meeting, that was probably really amusing to watch."

Luffy eventually shook off his trepidation when it came towards his grandfather and gave Naruto a grin, "He didn't even try to capture me or anything, so it was actually really good! I got to see Coby again too, I can't believe he's doing so well as a Marine!"

"Why would your grandpa want to-?" Naruto was about to answer him before he started putting things together. What Luffy had just said, and the meeting he just had with someone who said they were there to visit their grandson. Naruto gave Luffy a dry look and opened his mouth to make a smart remark of some point, but just shook his head as he saw the look on Vivi's face as an indication that she was able to string together what he had as well, "I don't think I even need to say anything to you… I knew there was something familiar about that guy. I just dodged a bullet…"

Vivi looked at the confused Straw Hats and explained what the blonde captain meant by that, "He ran into Vice-Admiral Garp not too far from here outside. I think we were just lucky that I didn't run into any Marines around here or we might have been in some serious trouble."

Zoro looked at Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "You actually dodged a fight this time around instead of just trying to bulldoze through it like you usually do? That doesn't sound like you. Normally if you had run into Luffy's grandfather somewhere else then half of that town would be wrecked by now."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly before directing a light glare at Zoro, "Hey, I never start any of the fights I get into… except for the last one… kind of." He shrugged, "Actually you know what, nevermind. They still started that one as far as I'm concerned." He said, looking towards Robin who for some reason couldn't meet his eyes when he did so.

Before he was able to call her on that strange behavior that he had never associated with Robin before now, Chopper was poking at prodding at the places he had been most gravely wounded in the other day. Naruto paid attention to the little reindeer seeming to marvel at the fact that there wasn't even a faint bruise or mark to show that he had been as hurt as he had been. His skin wasn't even red from the burns, "Wow, Naruto you're amazing! You're not even limping around or anything today."

"I don't limp Chopper." Naruto said to the Straw Hat Pirates' doctor, "I told you I was going to be fine. There wasn't any need for you to freak out so badly when I climbed aboard your ship. When I'm actually so bad off that I'm worried about my own injuries that's when people should start freaking out."

Nami walked inside the room from outside in a bikini with a towel around her waist, "Your powers are so weird. I don't know who's got weirder abilities, you or Luffy."

Naruto smirked and took good notice of the female navigator's apparel as Sanji was reduced to a lovestruck mess, "Would it be wrong of me if I asked you to stay like that for as long as I'm here today?"

Luffy jumped up and got in Naruto's face, "So why are you so strong again? You already told us about that chakra stuff that you say you use. There's got to be another reason besides that right? I'm a rubber-man, but my grandpa did weird stuff to make me strong when I was a kid."

Nami gave him a dry look as she recalled what Garp called his 'training' for Luffy in his youth, "You mean like throwing you down valleys, leaving you alone in inhospitable jungles, and tying you to balloons to fly you up in high altitudes…" She remarked rather distastefully at the practices that made Luffy what he was, "Who does that to kids?"

Apparently Jiraiya wasn't the only person that had thrown a kid off of a cliff to get them stronger. Naruto shrugged at hearing these things, "I don't see what the problem is here. That doesn't really sound that different from how I was trained come to think of it." He noticed a lot of the more normal members of the crew, and even Vivi who should have known better by then, looking at him strangely, "What? Is it really that surprising? You've seen what I can do."

"Like what?" Luffy said excitedly, "What did you do to get stronger? I can only imagine…"

"Let's see…" Naruto tried thinking back in order to how he got his skills, "Um… when I was twelve I learned how to stick to surfaces using nothing but my own energy, then I learned how to walk on water, I got thrown off of a cliff, then I learned how to summon toads the size of skyscrapers, I learned how to carve into solid stone with my chakra, then later when I was like fifteen or sixteen I had to cut a huge waterfall in half up the middle with my chakra, then I had to learn how to absorb the energy of all of nature around me… It slowed down later, but more recently I had to will a sapling to instantly grow into a tree with my chakra, and learn how to freeze water with my will, not to mention all of the crap it took to get Hiraishin no Jutsu down. Yeah, I was really busy when I was a kid though."

After hearing all of that, everyone stared at him until Zoro shook his head with a wry grin on his face, "I love how you said all of that with a straight face, which means that everything you just said was completely true. And I like the 'cutting the waterfall' exercise you were talking about… I need to try that." He said, imagining himself cutting all the way up a cascading waterfall with just his swords.

"By the way Naruto-kun…" Nami said before staring at him with money signs in her eyes, "Guesses: 29, 31, 24!" She exclaimed excitedly.

Naruto pointed at her dramatically, "Answer: Wrong, wrong, wrong Nami-chan!" She started counting off on her fingers and muttering to herself about what ages she had left to choose from before things started getting ludicrous.

"No Devil Fruit?" Sanji asked him with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto gave him a dry look, "I've told you all like a thousand times already, no. I didn't even know what that was until I started travelling the East Blue and met Luffy. This is what the strongest shinobi in existence is capable of. I'm more awesome than you Sanji, accept it. The coolest blonde in the room is me."

"Oh!" Vivi said in realization as she fished through her clothes and pulled out a Hiraishin kunai that she handed to Naruto, "I got the knife you wanted me to get for you Naruto. The only one I was able to find was the one stuck in the headboard of your bed."

Naruto frowned but accepted it from the princess, "Thank you Vivi-hime. This is fine. I don't need them to fight right now." He stabbed the kunai in the center of the table, "This is for you guys." He said with a smile, "If you all ever think you need an extra hand, if you ever need my help, or if you just want to talk, feel free to throw this. No matter where I am in the world I'll feel it and I'll be right there if I'm not busy." He stopped for a moment before adding something to the end of that, "Actually, call the Den Den Mushi if it's not an emergency so I know and don't panic over nothing."

Nami picked up the blade from the table and looked at it in thought before she realized what it was, "This is that thing that you used to teleport around Aokiji when you fought isn't it? That was so cool before he broke it. Why don't you have more?"

Naruto smiled at the girl as he took the weapon from her and flipped it around in his hands for a moment, "They're hard to make and I'm no blacksmith. I still have more than a few, but if this is all that you use then you can be beaten by anyone that's halfway decent, even if you have a bunch. If you don't beat a good opponent in one move then they can just destroy the kunai and then focus on you, so all you do is end up wasting the energy darting all over the place. I can't use these against Aokiji if we fight again, he knows how they work."

"How are Johnny and Yosaku doing?" Zoro asked Naruto, changing the subject, "Yosaku looked pretty rough when we were all heading back. Hell, everyone looked rough."

"They're fine." Naruto insisted with a wave of his hand, "Muret is just being all cautious because she's starting to really like us and doesn't want to see us hurt. It's sweet, but for someone like me it's a real drag."

The door to the room opened at that point and the doctor of Naruto's crew herself walked in with her hands on her hips and a playful scowl on her face, "Well sorry for trying to make sure you all don't wind up crippled wrecks before we even get to the next island. Two of you should have been dead after all of that." She pointed her thumb back over her shoulder, "Anyway, I brought the rest of the crew Naruto-sama."

"How?" Naruto asked her before the rest of his crew walked into the room and Nojiko handed Muret the sword that she placed in its sheath on her back. Everyone sat around and made themselves comfortable while Naruto started fuming about his unanswered question, "Is anyone going to tell me how Muret got you all here or am I a ghost now?"

Muret tilted her head in confusion, "You don't know what Funkfreed can do? Didn't you fight the CP9 people? Soren was the one that got it for me."

"No." Naruto said, "I was busy destroying a bunch of giant ships and fighting an admiral. The only CP9 guy I fought was the one with the cow-looking haircut."

Muret happily pulled the sword back out and held it forward, "Okay Funkfreed you can come out now." The sword quickly transformed into a rather large white elephant that stood in front of Naruto and looked at him curiously.

Naruto just stared back before waving, "Yo." He looked past the elephant at Muret, "Did your sword just-? Nevermind, it's not like I haven't seen weirder stuff before."

Muret walked up to Funkfreed's side and gave the elephant a hug, "He's so cute! And he's a sword most of the time so we can keep him on the ship, and you know how I can't fight?" She whispered in the sword/elephant's ear and it suddenly transformed its tusks and trunk into blades, "So I can train him too."

Naruto drew his finger across the blade end of the trunk and saw that it easily cut him, "Okay cool. You can keep him." Muret squealed happily and hugged the elephant again once it turned back to full animal form, "I'm actually glad you guys are all here. I have something to tell you that I think you all need to know anyway. It wouldn't be fair to anyone if I kept this away from you guys any longer."

Nojiko sat next to Nami and spoke up, "We already know about those powers you told Muret about Naruto-kun. It's not important at all. After what we've seen it's not even that big of a deal."

"No not that…" He said shaking his head, "That better not be a big deal after all of the shit I've seen in comparison since leaving my home. I'm talking about something else." He looked at Nami, "Do you know how I kept having you guess my age and you could never get it? Well I'm going to give you one more try."

Nami took a moment to think. She didn't even care about winning the 100,000 beli anymore. From the tone of his voice it was rather serious, "I don't want to Naruto-kun. Is it really that important?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah it is. It's why I was so hesitant to be with you or Nojiko. I'm still kind of shifty on it… It's because I'm actually around 120 years old. It's around that by a year or two. I stopped counting since it doesn't matter to me."

Everyone stared at him with slack-jawed expressions and wide eyes before Sanji pointed at him slowly, "Devil Fru-."

"It is not a Devil Fruit damn it!" Naruto snapped at him childishly, "Come on! You're the reason that people think blondes are so stupid!" He chose to ignore how hypocritical that statement was, and the gravity of his last proclamation made sure that none of the more smart-aleck members of either crew called him on it, "But anyway, yeah. I'm immortal." He said before pausing and moving his hands in a ghostly manner, "Ooooooooh~…"

Everyone kept quiet until finally Luffy was the first to speak, "Cool! So you're like an old man or something Naruto-jiji! You're a super, grandpa-hobo!"

Naruto just stood and stared at Luffy emotionlessly before walking towards him with his hands extended in a strangling motion. A pair of hands came from the floor to hold him in place and keep him from murdering Luffy. He looked up at Robin who again looked away from him, but her eyes cut back towards him every once in a while.

"Um…" Soren said, raising his hand like a schoolchild, "I think I speak for everyone here when I say, how in the hell are you immortal?"

Naruto sat on the floor and started fielding questions, "My family always had a naturally powerful life-force. Apparently I was going to live to be over one-hundred no matter what, but those healing powers I talked about are more akin to regeneration. My body never really broke down from its peak conditioning, that's why I look like this and I'm as old as I am. And I'm so in-tuned with nature that I don't get illnesses or diseases." He then hurriedly raised his hands defensively, "I can still die if anyone good enough to kill me ever pulled it off, I can still be killed, I just can't die… and I'm going to outlive every last one of you. That's the reason I was so skittish."

Nami waited for the room to go silent again, "Is that why you left your village that you told us about? Because you outlived your friends?"

Naruto nodded, "They were all getting older and all had families. I didn't. I don't have any kind of family ties, just friends, so I left Konoha and traveled around the entire continent trying to keep the peace. Eventually I wanted to leave the continent altogether so I did… and now I'm here." He looked around, at his crew in particular, "I took you guys with me so that I could do whatever I could to help you all with your goals."

"-And then what?"

Naruto blinked and looked towards Miss Valentine who had a serious look on her face and her arms crossed over her chest. She didn't have any hint of a smile whatsoever. Naruto replied in the only way he thought was reasonable at the moment, "Huh?"

"You know damn well you heard me the first time Naruto." She said, narrowing her eyes at him dangerously, "What exactly were you going to do after you had helped us? You told us that you fought a war, and then left the people around you because they didn't need you and they had lives to live. What are you going to do when Johnny and Yosaku get good enough to fight on par with Zoro? What are you going to do when it's safe enough for Vivi to go home? What exactly was your plan?"

He didn't know what to say at first before he stood up and shoved his hands in his pockets, "You know what? I don't have anything to say that won't piss you off right now so I'll just say it. I didn't have a plan. I didn't have any idea what I was going to do, but I wasn't going to stay." He said, pacing around seeming to be rather irritated with the way the conversation was going, "I was going to make sure that you were all as happy as I could make you and then I was going to vanish again. I was going to leave and go protect the Elemental Nations again. I can't stay with you and watch you all get older and die while I stay the same. I already did that once."

Nami abruptly stood up in shock, "Wait a minute, you're just going to leave? Just like that? One day and poof, none of us will ever see you again?"

"How long have you all known me?" Naruto asked them, "For those of you that can say you have for the longest it's been little over six months. That's not long at all. And eventually my crew won't need me anymore, they'll be strong enough to do what they want on their own. By then I should have made enough noise so that if the World Government ever puts its feelers out towards the Elemental Nations they'll know not to touch it." He said, trying to explain his long-term plan of action, "Most of you will barely notice I'm gone when I go."

Nojiko shook her head at him, "How could you say that? What if the entire reason some of us are even here-?" She stopped talking abruptly before she tried to finish her thought quietly, "What if the entire reason some of us are even here right now is because of you?"

"That's why I'm here." Soren said, "If it weren't for Uzumaki I don't know where I'd be right now. I probably would have been cornered and locked up by now, maybe killed. He's a little stupid from time to time, but he's a damn good person."

Johnny pointed to himself and Yosaku, "If it weren't for Naruto-aniki we'd be two pathetic bounty hunters barely scraping by in the East Blue, still getting beaten up by any loser pirate barely worth talking about. But now we're so much better than we used to be, I can't believe it."

Vivi shot a beautiful smile towards Naruto that seemed heartfelt, "If it weren't for Naruto I would be a political prisoner of the World Government's Gorousei right now for doing what I had to in order to save my country. He took me in and took blame for 'kidnapping' me. He never even asked me for anything, he's even training me to be stronger so that I don't have to rely on people stronger than me to keep helping me."

Miss Valentine held herself and looked down, "He saved me from being killed by my own partner just so he could have a chance to win an unwinnable fight. And he actually gave me a place to stay, and promised to protect me."

Nojiko looked right into Naruto's eyes and spoke next, "Naruto-kun you saved my entire island and freed my sister from Arlong and his pirate crew. You defended us from a corrupt Marine official that came in and tried to pick off the scraps. No one ever even asked you to do it. You did it because it was the right thing to do. Damn it, someone as wonderful as you shouldn't be alone! You're the only reason I even came all the way out here! I think I'm in love with you…"

Naruto looked at her and then at Nami who seemed to be looking at him the same way as her sister was. He turned towards Miss Valentine and saw her actually blushing and looking away from him, still trying to seem angry but failing miserably. Naruto looked down with a melancholy appearance on his face, "And that's what I didn't want. Damn it if I loved any of you back then I'd have to watch you die one day." He looked at Nami in particular, "That's what I meant when I said that a relationship between me and anyone could go perfectly but still end all wrong."

Nami walked over and grabbed a hold of his hands, "Naruto-kun you don't need to think that far ahead… That wouldn't happen for a long, long time. You shouldn't be afraid to be happy just because you're immortal or have too much strength to be safe around or whatever problem you think there is. Look at us…" She said gesturing to everyone in the room, "All of us have some kind of baggage. There's something about all of us that keeps us from being normal just like everyone else, same as you. And if we die then so what? At least you were happy while we were here, at least you let us try to make you happy." She finished, wrapping him up in a hug that she was happy to feel him return.

After a moment they backed away from each other and Naruto turned around to leave the room, "Sorry guys. I've got to grab some air for a moment." He quickly made his way outside, but when he was followed outdoors the only sign of his presence was a small whirlwind blowing leaves around.


Naruto was walking on the surface of the ocean towards one of the outlying islands not far from Water 7. He couldn't stay there right then. Was it that hard to just let go? He did it. He let go of his home, his country, his friends and every bond he had managed to scrape together and form for their own good. But in the end he always knew that he wouldn't be able to go forever without making any more friends, and he knew better than anyone else just how hard friends would fight for each other, hell, he just came back from the best example of that he could possibly think up.

He continued to walk, even as he made it ashore to a new island that he found to be called St. Poplar. As he walked through the town portion of the island he continued to think to himself, 'Kami, I'm really being stupid this time. There's no overlapping reason for me to want to be distant from them, I'm just being a coward. I'm running away from another problem. I don't run from problems… I kick the shit out of problems until I solve them.'

He clinched his fists tightly inside of the pockets of his sage coat, tight enough to draw blood from his palms, 'I'm willing to hurt them just because I'm too much of a punk-ass to get close to them and leave them later. The way I worded everything I would have had to leave soon. I don't have to do that for at least a decade or so, if even then.' He let out a sigh as he continued to walk along until something alerted him.

People were gathering from all around to a particular part of the street that Naruto soon made his way towards as well. He easily nudged his way to the front of the crowd where he saw Blueno playing hype-man for what looked to be a wolf jumping through a flaming hoop. Apparently what they were doing was quite popular because they seemed to be making a ton of money off of the crowd.

Naruto raised an eyebrow as the crowd applauded them. As the two took their bows, Blueno noticed Naruto staring at them in the crowd with an amused smirk on his face, "Oh no. Not that guy again…" He turned to the wolf, "Jyabura, we've got to get out of here now and find the others."

"What?" Jyabura whispered back in response, "We're actually starting to make enough money to get the doctors to save Lucci and you want us to leave?" Blueno wordlessly moved his head towards Naruto, getting Jyabura to get a good look at the blonde, who actually waved at them this time as the crowd started to disperse, "Oh hell…"

Blueno turned to open an air door, but Naruto somehow appeared right by him and grabbed his arm, "Nope, you ain't going anywhere. I'm not even here to fight you guys, just to talk. We already won. I just have to ask you… what the hell are you guys doing?"

While none of the other CP9 agents save for Rob Lucci were conscious to see just what had transpired after their defeats, Blueno actually had been, as he had woken up after his thrashing by Naruto and had been the one to use his Devil Fruit ability to keep the entire crew safe from the Buster Call on the Tower of Justice at Enies Lobby. He had seen firsthand the battle Naruto had fought against the ships, and he had even seen Naruto's battle with Aokiji after he had retrieved Lucci following his defeat by Luffy, and he had regaled the entire group of his firsthand witness's account of what he had seen.

He knew that if Naruto had really been there to do harm to them there wasn't a single thing they could honestly do about it, thus he didn't fight back or try to run when Naruto grabbed him, nor did Jyabura move to attack him. Naruto reciprocated this peaceful truce of sorts by letting go of Blueno's arm and keeping cool about the situation, allowing the large member of CP9 to explain what was going on, "We're raising money so that Rob Lucci can get medical treatment. The fight with 'Straw Hat' Luffy did a number on him."

"And when he gets better he isn't going to come and try to pick a fight with us is he?" Naruto said rather seriously, "Because only air, space, and a lack of opportunity kept me from cleaning his clock myself when I saw him with Robin-chan."

"Definitely not." Jyabura said to Naruto with something of a scoff, "We're also being blamed for that clusterfuck at Enies Lobby, so fighting with you and the others you were with aren't going to do us any good at all even if we could actually win this time around." He transformed back into his full human form once he realized no one else was watching, "We gave our entire lives to training and working for the World Government and this is what we get in the end after one failure."

'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' Naruto thought to himself as he started understanding their situation, '…Or does that make them my enemy too? Meh, I can't tell. Everyone I end up fighting somehow flip-flops sides, I can't keep it straight.' "Are you guys going to be here for long?" He asked, getting suspicious looks from them both, "I'm not going to hurt you or turn you in or anything. I'm the only one that knows you're here and that was a coincidence."

They both looked at each other before turning back to Naruto and nodding. Blueno addressed him, "We'll be here until Rob Lucci is healed and rested."

"Good." Naruto said, "I'll be back here in a few days and I'll have something for you guys that you might like, or you might not. Anyway, pretty soon I'll be back here and I'd like to talk to you guys if I could." He didn't give them a chance to answer as he walked away from them, continuing on his way, "I'll see you guys later!"

As they watched Naruto walk away, Jyabura turned to Blueno, "So what do we do? We can't leave with Lucci the way he is, do we fight?"

"No." Blueno said with a frown on his face, "We have to listen, even if we don't care about what he has to say. If he really wanted to hurt us or wanted to take something from us he would have right then and there. There wouldn't have been any need to come back later, he doesn't need his crew."


(Later – Nightfall)

Naruto had been ignoring the beacon for Hiraishin in his head for hours. At first it would hit him every two minutes, but eventually it died down to the point where he hadn't felt anyone try to reach him for several hours. However he had taken more than enough time by then to think to himself. He was still completely uneasy with the way things were, him outliving everyone and staying the same while they all grew older and eventually died, but he also realized that he couldn't just go through life without anyone. That would be a damn miserable experience and he knew it already from his childhood, why would he want to relive it forever and inflict it on himself?

So this time, when he felt the call for the Hiraishin a little past midnight he had decided he had been a baby about things for long enough and decided to head back and make his apologies to whoever was still awake.

In a flash of yellow, he vanished from the area of his sulking and reappeared outside of the Galley-La Company building near a vacant pool. From the smell in the air there had been a lot of food there not too long ago, but the area was now vacant and empty. Sighing to himself as he picked up the kunai from the ground and placed it in his pocket, Naruto began walking out onto the surface of the pool water where he finally came to a stop.

"No fair." Naruto turned to a shadowed corner of the area and saw Robin walking from the shadows with a smile on her face, "You know I can't swim and I can't walk on water either. How am I supposed to talk to you?"

Shrugging to her and chuckling as he walked back to dry land, Naruto stopped in front of her and took a deep breath, "Have you guys been throwing the kunai all afternoon? I could feel it, but I was just ignoring it." He said as he took the kunai back out of his pocket and handed it to Robin.

She took the weapon and gave it an inspecting look, "Hmm, that kind of takes the use out of it if you ignore when people are trying to reach you."

Naruto frowned as a proverbial raincloud appeared over his head, "Hey… I was kind of having a moment of manly reflection time." He quickly got over it and cleared his throat, "Anyway I came back to apologize to anyone that I hurt by walking out and leaving the way I did. In case it was you I'm sorry Robin-chan."

She shook her head and kept her good natured smile intact, "You didn't hurt me. I understand the reason why you wanted to leave. You just kept me from doing the same thing not even a week ago, remember?" Naruto's eyes widened in realization and he opened his mouth to dispute, however Robin shut him down, "Yes, it really is the same thing, I don't want to hear it. You were right when you said you were more like me than I possibly knew. I lost everyone around me and was powerless to do anything about it, that made me afraid that it could happen again. You're the same in that respect."

He shut his mouth and actually listened to what she had to say before rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, "I guess I am. Man I'm a hypocrite."

A nod came from Robin as she poked him in the chest with her finger, "And if you did possibly try to leave do you really think that no one here would go after you like all of you did for me and find some way to convince you that you're being stupid or drag you back?"

Naruto blinked owlishly at that before he started laughing, "If you could find me! I could disappear tomorrow and no one would catch hide nor hair of me until I got where I was going. All you guys have on me is my name and the name of my home country and village that I can't return to. Other than that, take that away and none of you would even know how to find me." He then sighed, "But I would never just walk away like that… even if I wanted to."

"Just go with it Naruto." Robin said at last. She started walking around him in a circle as she continued to talk, "Don't let it bother you. Do you want to know how many people actually cared that you were immortal after you left? None of us. We actually had a party with the Franky Family and the Galley-La workers when you left, but you didn't come back and you missed it. We really missed you here. Even Paulie wanted to talk to you about something."

"Paulie? We? You missed me?" Naruto said questioningly, "Ever since we've gotten back you won't even speak to me Robin-chan. This is actually the first actual conversation we've had since you said thank you to me after the fight with Aokiji."

She stopped behind him and laughed slightly, "Well after we all came back, no one on the crew would let me alone long enough to find you so that I could be with you by myself."

Naruto raised an eyebrow and looked over his shoulder at the woman, "Why did you need to be by yourself to find-?" Robin abruptly turned him around and planted a rather lengthy kiss on him, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Eventually, Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and allowed her to freely continue until she was content and chose to let go. Naruto stood frozen for a moment before speaking again, "Okay, part of me knew that was going to happen." He looked at her strangely, "Why did that just happen?"

"You saved my life twice and it's because of you that I even joined the Straw Hats in the first place. I heard everything you said when you fought Aokiji too." She said as she walked incredibly close towards Naruto and stopped a mere matter of inches away from him as she looked up at him, "I trust you now Uzumaki Naruto. Isn't that what you wanted in the first place?"

Naruto nodded slowly, "Yeah, but still that didn't explain the kiss. You can't possibly want a relationship with me, no one could after hearing me say that I'm over 100 years old. That would be weird, especially with me always looking like this. Why aren't you crushing on Luffy?"

"Luffy's nice, so are all of the Straw Hats, but they're all too young for me. I'm 28 Naruto, they're all teenagers." She said, not backing away from him.

In return, Naruto gave her a dry look with a twitching eye, "And I'm not too old for you? I'm 100 years older than you."

Robin simply gave him a shorter kiss to accentuate a point, "I'm an archaeologist. I like old things. And with the Hiraishin kunai I can call you anytime I want." She then frowned at him and backed away, "But it's not about me right now Naruto. Nami was actually the one that took you leaving the hardest. You walked away from her when she tried to hug you and let you know she didn't care. That hurt her, even though she hid it well for the most part during the party I could see through it."

"Damn it… I knew something like that was going to happen." He said lowly, mostly to himself. Whenever Naruto thought he was being magnanimous in some way it never seemed to pan out the way he thought it did in his head. Usually it took someone kicking him in the ass to tell him that he was wrong, this time he'd come to the conclusion on his own, but he still wound up hurting at least one person that he knew of by being stupid.

Robin pointed in a direction, "She's over by the ledge of this level of the city. It's not far from here, she should be easy to find. Go fix it." Naruto nodded and began walking off to go find Nami. Once he got out of earshot, Robin headed back inside of the temporary HQ, "Naruto you say you don't want any of us to care about you or love you, but you couldn't bear it if any of us hated you or were hurt because of anything you did. That's pretty much leaving it up to us, and you should know what we'll choose."


It didn't take any longer than fifteen minutes to find Nami sitting atop the large wall at the end of the ledge that kept people from simply falling to a lower level of the city, looking out over the vast majority of Water 7. Naruto walked over and took off his sage coat before draping it over her shoulders and sitting down next to her. At first he chose not to say anything, taking the time to just spend some time with her. He hadn't seen her since Alabasta and with everything that had surrounded their arrival at Water 7 he hadn't gotten a chance to spend any decent quality time with her that didn't involve one of them fighting someone else.

He wanted to put an arm around her, as he could sense that she wasn't in a bright mood at the moment, but he couldn't just do that. He had to have something worthwhile to say to her. Anything at all that would have helped.

"Thank you." Nami finally said to him, breaking the silence that, while comfortable, was wearing on Naruto's nerves. He was glad that it wasn't just him.

"No problem Nami-chan." Naruto said, glad to be talking about anything at this point in time, "You can't just be sitting out here by yourself in a bikini and a towel. You'll get sick."

"Not for that." She said, confusing him, "I don't think I ever properly thanked you for everything you've done since the day we met. You kept Buggy from attacking me, you kept The Black Cat Pirates from tearing me and Usopp apart, you didn't judge me when I took the Going Merry from the Baratie or for being one of Arlong's pirates, and then you went ahead and freed my home for me. I never said thank you for all of that."

Naruto shook his head with a smile on his face, "You kissed me, that counts. And then you more or less said you wanted a relationship with me. Those seem like huge ways to say thank you to me." It didn't take long for him to stop smiling as he remembered the reason he had come out here in the first place, "I'm sorry Nami-chan. I walked away like a little kid that didn't want to face a problem. Keeping you all away from considering me important to you isn't going to solve anything, it would just make me miserable, just like you said all that time ago in Alabasta."

Nami scooted closer to him and put her head on his shoulder, "Nothing's changed to me since you told us all of that Naruto-kun. I don't think it has for anyone else either. You seemed to be someone that wasn't quite mortal in the first place. To hell with Enel, you're more like a god than he ever was-." She was silenced when Naruto put a finger to her lips to stop her from talking.

He gave her a look of slight distaste, "I don't know who Enel is, but please… don't call me a god. I'm not. You're not the first person to make that kind of comparison, and I'm really not. I don't ever want to think that way about myself."

Nami kissed his finger before he could put it down and rubbed his cheek, stroking his whisker-marks with her thumb, "Such a sad face. Don't look that way. I'm not mad. I can understand why you're hesitant, but I'll tell you what I already told you, I don't care. I'm greedy Naruto-kun. I know what I want, and if I want it I'll go and get it. And in case you haven't noticed it by now, I want you."

"What about-?" Naruto was about to argue about the other women that he knew for a fact were into him as well, but Naruto cut him off by kissing him deeply, taking advantage of his attempt to speak by slipping her tongue into his mouth. Any argument he had was phased out of his head as he savored Nami's taste, 'Oh Kami, she's still so sweet. She tastes just like tangerines I swear…'

As Nami broke off the kiss she giggled at the staggered look on Naruto's face, he must have really like that, "What about Nojiko? Or Miss Valentine? Or even Robin?" She kept a certain part of her thoughts to herself, 'I think even Vivi is starting to think about him like that.' Naruto nodded dumbly, getting Nami to lightly slap him, "They don't care either. I know they don't. Nojiko cares about you too much to care, and Miss Valentine… well she won't budge on the matter, plus if Robin wants you she'll just take you, and a softie like you won't have it in you to turn any of us down."

Ecstatic that it didn't take too much for him to cheer Nami up and get her to forgive him for how he acted earlier that day, Naruto wrapped her up in a huge hug that got her to start laughing, "I'm not a softie Nami-chan. I'm a hardened warrior capable of throwing the world in chaos. Take me seriously." He said as they fell to the side on the ground, still holding onto one another.

"It's not fair." Nami said after a moment with a huge smile on her face, "Nojiko told me about all of the times you and her were together. I met you first and I haven't seen you without so much as even your shirt yet."

Naruto frowned, "Nami-chan… really? Here? Come on now, anyone with a good eye could see us up here, or any of either of our crews could find us here if they knew where to look."

The navigator frowned, "Well it's not like we can go to your hotel or my hotel. Where else could we possibly go?"

Naruto looked out over Water 7 and a smirk came to his face, "Do you trust me Nami-chan?"

"Yeah…" She said hesitantly at the look on his face, "Why would you need me to-?" She stopped talking in exchange for a yelp of surprise when Naruto scooped her close and rolled them off the side of the wall to fall the way down to the ground before he took off with her in his arms, "Where are you going Naruto-kun?"

"Not far." He promised before he was able to find what he wanted. An open area, intended to be the site where the real Galley-La Headquarters was to be rebuilt, "And yes… there's dirt here." He began making hand-seals, "Mokuton: Shichuuka no Jutsu (Wood Release: Four Pillars House Jutsu)."

Nami's jaw almost dropped as she saw a small house emerge from the ground and tower over them. She dumbly walked inside with Naruto when he grabbed a hold of her hand and led her inside. "I swear, the things you can do are getting to be ridiculous…" She said to him before shrugging off the sage coat onto the floor and shoving him into a chair that had been built when he made the house.

Lemon Start

Naruto let Nami straddle his lap while he gently rubbed her sides and let her press his head into her bosom, "mrphf-mvn, mnty-hn, mrphf-fri."

Nami blinked and removed Naruto's head from her chest to look at his face, "What? I didn't get that."

Naruto smiled up at her and pulled her body close to him, "I said, 37-21-33." He saw the rather surprised, blushing look on her face after he said those numbers, "Yeah, that's one of the many 'useless' things I know how to do. I could tell just from looking at you and estimating from there, and I like it a lot."

Changing her look of shock to a rather seductive glance that made his heart skip a bit, Nami grabbed a hold of Naruto's hands and moved them towards the back of her bikini, encouraging him to let loose the tie keeping it on her, a task he quickly completed before slowly pulling the fabric from her chest to reveal her rather bountiful breasts and pink nipples. Before he could even make a comment, Nami had yanked his white shirt over his head and had cast it aside to get a good look at Naruto who she kissed again before removing his headband and letting it fall to the floor, the metal making a clink noise that disrupted the general silence of the room as the two continued to make out.

The two slowly backed their lips away from one another as blue eyes met brown. Naruto was running a hand through Nami's orange hair while she ran her hands over his muscles and slowly tried grinding herself on Naruto's erection. The heat between them got to them both as Naruto undid the orange sash over his pants and quickly rid himself of them and his boxers while Nami wriggled her way out of the rest of her bikini without getting off of him, "That's better." She said rather heatedly, pressing all of her naked body against Naruto's and sitting down fully in his lap.

"Much better." Naruto said in agreement as he started kissing all over Nami's neck and collarbone, intentionally trying to leave hickeys on her for the world to see the next day. Nami moaned and let out a sharp cry when she felt him bite down hard enough to get her attention, "Sorry Nami-chan. My teeth are kind of sharp."

"Didn't hurt." She consoled quickly in reply as she felt herself getting wet. Sitting up on her knees more, she let out a whimper as she felt Naruto switch from her neck to her breasts. The girl on top began to position herself over his cock. All of the foreplay thus far had been like dangling the proverbial carrot in front of her, especially when this one in particular had been pressing against her so much that she was almost driving herself mad at wanting to get herself off, "Naruto-kun I'm ready…"

Naruto's mouth freed itself from Nami's left nipple with a pop, "Whatever you say Nami-chan." He said as he placed his hands on her waist to help hold her in place, "This is probably going to hurt, so just bear with me okay? I'm right here." Nami nodded and slowly exhaled as she lowered herself down, finding the point of resistance she knew she'd have to get through to go any further. She stopped there, trying to compose herself for what she knew was about to happen, "Take your time. We're in no rush, I've got all the time in the world." He said, trying to make a joke to relieve her nerves.

'He's so sweet.' She thought to herself, as Naruto lovingly returned his attention to Nami's bosom as he waited for her to finally decide to begin. She ran her hands through his blonde hair before deciding to go all the way and force Naruto through her hymen.

A yelp of pain from Nami came before he felt her shiver in his lap. All he could really do was kiss her and hold her close until she calmed down. He didn't bother trying to move any portion of his lower body no matter how much his more primal instincts told him to. Eventually Nami began to stir and move herself around. Licking her lips, she started moving up and down slowly to work through the low dull throbbing feeling that had come with popping her cherry.

"Come on Naruto-kun." Nami said as she started to steadily pick up the pace, starting to feel much better, "Are you going to help me or am I too much for you?"

"Yeah right…" Naruto growled lowly at the girl that was now bouncing up and down on top of his dick. When he started personally assisting and adding to her momentum he heard her cy out loudly, throwing her head back and putting an arrogant smirk on his face, "Sorry Nami-chan, too much for yo-?" He was cut off when Nami muffled her own lustful sounds by covering her mouth with Naruto's and kissing him deeply while continuing to ride him.

The young woman held to his shoulders tightly enough to nearly draw blood with her nails, 'Oh God, you're such a bastard Naruto-kun. Making me wait all this time for this… I should have just seduced you on Commi Island and been done with it. We could have been doing this so much sooner.' She thought to herself as their tongues were engaged in a duel to supplement the lovemaking.

Not satisfied with how things were currently going, Naruto stood up and placed Nami on the table nearby that had been built when he created the house, pulling out of her and away from her as they stared at each other wantonly. Nami's breasts moved up and down as she panted heavily from their activities thus far. She scooted back on the table and lay back, giving Naruto a sexy smirk as she spread her legs for him, not saying a word.

There wasn't any need for her to say anything, Naruto climbed atop the table as well and easily buried himself inside of Nami completely, letting out a grunt as he enjoyed Nami's warmth for a moment, allowing the moonlight coming through the windows to give him a fine view of her form. He was distracted from staring by Nami planting a kiss on his chin and pouting at him.

The pout quickly vanished from her face when he pulled back and thrust into her one good time, "I was just enjoying the view Nami-chan. You're beautiful." He said quietly as he kept pumping in and out of her, letting himself savor the feeling of her body and the sound of her love cries. Every move he made she seemed to love. He wanted to tell her to scream as loudly as she could, and a part of him wanted her to say that she loved him, to hell with how he had felt earlier that day. Things were how they were, and who was he to tell these girls how to feel and how not to feel?

"Naruto-kun please don't stop!" Nami said as she wrapped her legs around his waist in an effort to drive him deeper inside of her somehow, "I need you!" Naruto pushed up off of her and placed her legs over his shoulders to hit her from a different angle that nearly made her lose it, "Oh God! I can't-!" She bit her lip and let out a groan that she tried and failed to bite back.

Naruto whispered in her ear as he never stopped driving himself in and out of the lovely Straw Hat navigator, "You can't what? Go ahead and tell me. I want to hear that beautiful voice Nami-chan. Don't hold back on me." He held her arms down by her wrists, delighting in the torture he was giving her by not allowing her to writhe around.

Nami could honestly say that it was the most pleasant feeling of discomfort she had ever felt in her life. If this was what sex with Naruto was like the first time she had a feeling she was going to be abusing the Hiraishin kunai that he gave to her crew repeatedly, because from what Nojiko had told her of their past interactions he was actually holding back on her because she was a virgin. She couldn't tell him not to, because right now from the feeling of having his cock skillfully stretch her inner walls she wasn't sure she could take him trying to go all out on her.

"I can't take anymore!" She said before letting out one harsh shout as she felt her entire body tighten and finally go slack on the table.

Feeling Nami's climax prompted Naruto to release his own. Nami's pussy tightly clamping down around him was the last straw for him as he shot his own seed inside of his gorgeous lover. Nami let out another small moan when she felt Naruto finish and let her legs set back to lying down on the table as intended. Nami grabbed his face and kissed him hotly, whining stubbornly when he pulled out of her, "Naruto-kun I wanted to stay like that all night."

Naruto chuckled as he hovered over her and stroked her face softly, "It's not good for you to stay like that for a long time. And we can't stay here all night either. Laying on this table or floor would be murder on your back. The only one allowed to mess that up is me." He shook his head when she tilted hers in confusion, "I'll show you what that means later." He tried to get off of the table when he felt Nami pull him back down, "What?"

She had a rather vixen-like smirk on her lips as she whispered in his ear, "Why don't you show me right now? I need the practice after all."

Naruto kissed her on the neck and pulled away, "Not really. You're a gifted amateur I have to say. But I am supposed to be apologizing to you after all." He said with a grin.

"Well then." She said, grabbing a hold of his dick again, working it slowly on purpose, "You can apologize to me all night long Naruto-kun."

End Lemon


(A Few Days Later – Foxhound Pirates Hotel Room)

"Fuck!" Soren yelled, expressing the feelings of every person at the table playing poker. The Straw Hat crew had come over to hang out over at the massive suite purchased out by the Foxhound Pirates and it had slowly degenerated into everyone with a decent pocketful of cash putting it up for kicks. At this point, still in the game were Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Soren, Yosaku, Johnny, and of course the man with the devil's luck himself, Uzumaki Naruto. Soren threw his hand on the table as Naruto's arms snaked across the table and reeled in his winnings from the hand, "Fucking Uzumaki never loses! I swear to God, he should have shit for cards all the time, but could bluff his way off of death row if he had to. No one gets a hand good enough to call each time!"

"I do." Naruto said as he laughingly pulled his money towards him, laughing all the way, "You should stop being stupid and fold early like everyone else is learning to."

The way things had been going thus far had been:

Zoro crapped out first and early and somehow Nami got him to allow her to bankroll him for as long as he decided to play, which was until he won a hand… something he hadn't been able to do after an hour of playing, thus putting him far in the hole as far as Nami and her high interest rates were concerned.

Sanji kept folding for Nami when it looked like she might win a hand, even when he had kick-ass cards.

Soren kept trying to go head-to-head with Naruto and was quickly running out of spending cash, he was convinced that no one could win every single time like Naruto was… poor fool.

Johnny and Yosaku at this point were just wasting space as they both knew they couldn't win but were too stubborn to back out.

Johnny smirked at his swordsman partner, "Put Kubikiribouchou up next hand Yosaku. It's Naruto-aniki's anyway. I want a chance to win it."

"No way in hell!" Yosaku said defensively, "This is my baby until it's pried from my cold, dead hands."

"Oh come on!" Johnny yelled in reply, "You have cool swords, Zoro-aniki has-… well he had cool swords." Zoro growled at him for that, "Where's my cool sword?" A sheathed blade was tossed at him that he caught on reflex, "What's this?" He asked as he unsheathed it slightly to reveal that it was an uchigatana much like the one he already had, but something about it felt different and powerful.

Naruto was perusing through his winnings, "It's called Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Grass Cutting Sword). I've been keeping it for a while and I decided you're strong enough that you can use it now." He said nonchalantly.

"Awesome!" He said to himself as he unsheathed it and held it in his hands, getting the feel for it. It was definitely the finest sword he had ever held. Even Zoro was staring across the table with a look of jealousy on his face.

Zoro turned to Naruto and gestured at Johnny, "What the hell was that? One of my swords got destroyed during the battle at Enies Lobby and you give him one when he already has one?"

Naruto gave him a dry look, "Why would I give you that one? So you can break it too? You go through more swords than anyone I know, and besides… you already had a cursed swords so sit on it." He then clapped his hands over his mouth, hoping that Johnny didn't hear him.

He wasn't that lucky.

Johnny looked at his new sword and then at Naruto, narrowing his eyes at him behind his sunglasses, "What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing?" Naruto said before he realized that no one in the entire room, including the people that weren't playing, was buying it, "Fine, it may have belonged to one of the most twisted and evil men I've ever met in my entire life before I found it and took it… and it may have powers… and it maybe, just maybe, small chance I'm telling you, it may kill you if it doesn't like you."

"How?" Johnny asked, looking at it warily. He knew of cursed swords and how they got their users killed if they didn't like who was wielding it.

"Two-snakes-might-materialize-out-of-the-guard-and-bite-your-wrists." Naruto said at rapid speed before adding something as an afterthought, "But it might not do that, and even if it does there's a chance that you might survive. I did."

Muret chimed in from where she was sitting in the room with the others, "That's because you have the immune system and inner defenses of a cyborg."

"Not really helping me sell the sword here Muret!" Naruto snapped irritably from the playing table before turning his attention to Johnny, "I wouldn't have given you the sword if I didn't think you could handle it. Go for it."

Johnny looked between Naruto and the Kusanagi for the longest time before switching out the swords at his belt, patting the new weapon at his side contently, "If it kills me it kills me I guess."

At that moment, Vivi rushed through the door holding a newspaper and panting, heavily out of breath, "You guys! *pant pant* You really need to see this… now!" She said, slamming the paper in the middle of the table and opening it wide.

Naruto looked at the paper and raised an eyebrow with a chuckle, "It said that we're allied crews, we declared war on the World Government and blew the island to kingdom come…doesn't say anything about the Buster Call or Aokiji getting his ass whipped though… damn cover-ups." He turned a page and grinned, "Sweet! New bounties are up, everyone, get your asses over here!"

Everyone not sitting at the table immediately scrambled over and gawked at the paper.

Straw Hat Pirates

Dead or Alive

"Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper (pet) – 50 beli

"Cat Burglar" Nami – 18,000,000 beli

"King of Snipers" Sogeking – 30,000,000 beli

"Cyborg" Franky – 44,000,000

"Blackleg" Sanji – 77,000,000 beli

"Devil's Child" Nico Robin – 80,000,000 beli

"Pirate Hunter" Zoro – 120,000,000 beli

"Straw Hat" Luffy – 300,000,000 beli

Foxhound Pirates

Dead or Alive

"Armory Mistress" Nojiko – 15,000,000

"Lord of Iaijutsu" Johnny – 40,000,000 beli

"Cleaver" Yosaku – 65,000,000 beli

"Human Albatross" Miss Valentine – 83,000,000 beli

"The Plague" Soren – 251,000,000 beli

"God Sage of Anarchy" Uzumaki Naruto – 395,000,000 beli


Nefertari Vivi (Must be alive. Alive and in good health and condition) – 150,000,000 beli

The first to react to the new bounties was Naruto who abruptly stood up and threw his fists into the air in victory, "Woo! Suck it Luffy, I'm still better than you! Almost 100 million beli better than you! And I got a new picture that doesn't make me look like a mass murderer, dattebayo! Step your debauchery up!" Naruto's bounty picture was of him in Water 7, taken a few days ago from when he ran into Garp and the other Marines.

"Aw man!" Luffy shouted in defeat, "Mine increased, but Naruto's did too. So unfair…"

Muret pumped her fist in victory, "Hell yes, I didn't get a bounty!"

"You didn't really fight…" Nojiko pointed out, "I don't know whether to be scared that I have a bounty, or upset and competitive that mine is the lowest."

"Yep, yep! Third place!" Soren said victoriously, "Not quite first, but sure as hell ain't the worst!"

While Chopper was crying over only being worth 50 beli,and Yosaku and Johnny were crying over how their combined bounties still didn't equal Zoro's, Sanji was looking at his bounty and was fuming at his picture. It wasn't a portrait like everyone else had for theirs, it was a terrible artist's rendering of his appearance, "What the fuck is this shitty poster? There's nothing about this that brings out my natural, raw sex appeal!"

Nami had exaggerated cascading tears streaming down her face, "I have a bounty? Damn it, I don't want a bounty! I mean, I look cute in the picture and everything, but I still don't want a bounty!"

Vivi sighed once she saw her bounty, "I guess Naruto was right about me not fighting. They don't want to kill me, but wow, that's a lot of money for me."

Miss Valentine frowned at her bounty before laughing, "It's not really the most flattering epithet I've ever seen, but I've seen worse. I'll take it I guess."

"Yes! I knew I was awesome and now the world knows even more than they already did!" Naruto said, standing on the table with manly tears of victory pouring from his eyes as he started getting rather overbearing to a lot of the people around him, "Now someone go get the God Sage of Anarchy a goddamn drink, it's a celebration! A toast to my shinobi swagger!"


"Bullets are not a beverage Noji-chan." Naruto said from across the room as a log dropped to the floor with a bullet lodged in it.

She let out a sigh and holstered her pistol, "And we're right back to normal again…" She said, shaking her head with a smile on her face.

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