Blurb: The story of what would happen if Tom while recovering fell for Fanny. Will he win her heart? What would Edmund think?

Pairing: Fanny/Tom

Words: 551


Okay hello everybody my name is Dante and well this is my first fanfic ever so if you review be kind I bruise easily. This is my second try at this story I have really wanted this pairing but I haven't really found it anywhere so I thought I would do my own in hopes that someone will be inspired to do one too. I have one great weakness and that is writing I am dead serious as you will see once you read my chapter I am an artist not a writer that being said if anyone wants to adopt this story please {begging on my knees} feel free that is after all my intention. So basically the entire story happens until Fanny heads back to Mansfield Park that is where things start to change. My inspiration is based on both the movies and the book let me just say I love Jane Austen. We start where Edmund escorts Fanny back to Mansfield Park after her visit to her parents. I almost forgot in this my own version Julia has eloped but Mrs. Rushworth and Mr. Crawford have not run off together yet. I am still working on if they will or not I would like to hear your opinions on the matter. This story is currently unbeta and if anyone would like to let me know.

Disclaimer do not own anything now on with the story

"Fanny are you all set and is Susan to come?" Edmund asked "Yes Edmund I am ready but Susan is needed at home so she will follow at a later time." She would miss her family and felt guilty that she so relieved she was leaving. She sighed and turned to hug her family goodbye remembering the day that seems so long ago when this had happened before. How long will it be this time? Will I ever return? Will I see them again? Fanny asked herself. She looked back one more time to her home, no not home Mansfield is home, and with that she turned to back to her cousin and took his hand as he aid her into the carriage.

"How is Tom cousin? Has Julia been found and how is Lady Bertram taking everything?" Asked fanny as soon as he sits besides her "Tom" he sighs "Tom is not well, we fear for his lungs and well mother is anxious to have back. She is especially stressed with the blow of Julia elopement and has taken to bed she asks for you contently. I fear she is missing you most dearly cousin as have we all even father it is why he asked me to come for you." He looks her in the eyes and tries to smile it though it seemed to come out looking more like a grimace. The carriage ride seems longer now to her than it had months ago on her trip to her family home. "Fanny did you enjoy your visit with your family and I sorry I did not ask you before are they all well?" He asked trying to cover the silence that had over taken them. "I did Cousin and my family is well thank you for asking. William send me letters as did Miss Crawford, he is also well."

Fanny was trying hard to figure out why she had mentioned Mary she should not have. Edmund looked dazed for a moment the mention of Miss Crawford and asked once he recovered of course "She loves you dearly Fanny. I called on Maria several times while on Miss Crawford stay in London and she mentioned her brother Mr. Crawford called on you." She gazes out the window of the carriage at the scenery try to gather her thoughts before she answered. "Yes he called on my family and I several times actually." "And have your feelings towards him changed?" he asked gazing in to her eyes as if to see the answers there.

"My feelings towards Mr. Crawford have not have changed however, my opinion of him has. I feel that… That is to say… I do not..." "Surely you know than words are not need when they are clearly none to be said. I have always approved of Mr. Crawford and you have yet some time to change your mind Fanny he would be good for you." He said. In support he takes her hand in his and squeezes lightly giving her hope that everything may yet turn out for the better. "I have missed your dearly my sister" he said. Tears unshed appeared in her eyes and Edmund thinks they are for everything but the true reason. "And I you" fanny replied…