Naruko looked at the gates in front of here. She never had imagined she would be here. Futanari high, for Futanari only. Naruko had been waiting with excitement to come to this school. Ever since she had found out how different she was from other girls she had been trying to gain acceptance. But alas nobody wanted to hang around the girl with a dick. She was picked on mercilessly for something she had no control over.

Boy refused to talk or even be seen with her. They even refused to sit anywhere close to her. They often taunted her by calling things like tranny or calling her a man as she passed by. Naruko never had a very good dating life but now it was certain she would always be along. Naruko hoped that the girls would be more understanding. Boy was she ever wrong.

The girls were just as bad as the guys if not worst. When the guys did it at least they whispered it. The girls were openly cruel and Naruko had no one to defend her. She took with the verbal abuse for two years. Finally she decided she had enough.


Naruko ate her lunch quietly once again. It soon became a routine to sit at the middle table in the cafeteria and eat lunch quietly. She only wanted to avoid the glares and harsh laughter that followed her. She hated it and would plead for it to stop. Sadly the plead fell on death ears. Even the teachers could only do so much to help her. She thanked them for trying to defend her but said they should stop. Every teacher she told would ask. Naruko would reply with her biggest, fake grin and say "I don't want you to get in trouble if the parents complain about you trying to defend me. Don't worry I can take care of myself."

That's when she felt a cold liquid flowing into her head and down her face. With a shocked face she looked up to see a girl towering over her grinning.

"Oops, looks like my hand slipped." The girl pretended mock shock. Naruko quickly recognized her. She was the one who had found Naruko masturbating inside one of the bathroom stalls. Naruko had begged her not to tell and the girl swore she wouldn't. Naruko sincerely believed her. Imagine her shock when she stepped out of the bathroom to find everyone in the hall pointing and whispering at her. From the moment she knew she hated this girl.

In an instant Naruko was up and in the girls face who still towered over her even as she stood. Naruko shook with rage. She had tried things her mother's way. Her mother always taught her to try and solve things the peaceful way and turn the other cheek. But Naruko finally had enough. She was going to learn that nobody fucks with Naruko Uzumaki and gets away with it!

"Okay look bitch I'm not in the mood today so get the fuck away from me." Naruko threatened. The whole cafeteria went quiet. No one had ever seen Naruko stand up for herself. But sadly Naruko had chosen the biggest girl to take a stand to.

"Oh, some the tranny finally grew some balls. Well I'm sure you had those any-!" The sentence was cut short as the girl was launched backwards onto the hard floor. The students could only look in shock. Naruko had just launched the giant girl with a simple push. Girl's look of shock only lasted for a second before she quickly came to her feet. Before the girl could get a insult off Naruko spoke first.

"Before you start talking shit just fight me. You'll have plenty of time to talk trash when you're picking up your teeth off the floor. Trust me I don't do the hair pulling shit, my mom was a boxer so I know a thing or two. Now you can come to me or I can come to you and you defiantly don't want that to happen." Naruko threatened as she walked towards the girl. The girl got to her feet and charged the girl with a battle cry the shook the school.

The girls gasped as Naruko's fist met her stomach. Naruko followed the two straight punches to the face. The girl collapsed on the ground.

"Get up bitch." Naruko said as she kicked her. The girl grabbed her gut in pain before slowly standing on her feet. This time the girl took the offense with wild punches. Naruko easily bobbed and weaved out of the way of the punches. Every so often the girl would attempt a grab at Naruko's hair only to be swatted away by Naruto.

"Nu uh, there will be no hair grabbing." Naruko said before going on the offensive. One jab to the face took the girl to the ground. Naruko knew what type of bully this was. There were three types of bullies in the world.

The first type was the greedy one. This bully was one only bullied to gain things such as money, popularity, weaker ones doing his/her homework. This bully would fight if needed but worked basically one intimidation.

The second type was the unstable one. This one didn't bully for money or popularity. This one bullied simply to do it. He/her took no personal gain in what they did they just did. This bully would fight for the simple fact that they wanted to. They didn't care who it was or when they just wanted to. This was the bully you would back down from unless pushed too far.

The last was the type of bully this girl was. She was similar to the first type of bully except for one difference. This bully never wanted to fight. This bully preyed on the weak and pitiful that would do nothing to defend themselves. These were the ones you exposed and that is just what Naruko planned to do.

Naruko mounted the girl and started to pummel her. The girl could do nothing but take blow after blow to the face before thankfully she passed out. Naruko got off the girl and stared at the blood on her fist. The girl's pretty face now sported a black eye and busted lip or two.

"Anybody else want to mess with me?" Naruko screamed at the cafeteria. Suddenly a hand with a firm grip grabbed Naruko's shoulder. Naruko turned around to see the principle of the school.

"I think you should come with me." He said. Tina only grinned and nodded.

Naruko laughed as she remembered how her mom reacted when she told her what happened. She also blushed when she remembered what happened that night.

*Another flashback!*

"I'm sorry mom I didn't mean to get expelled it's just that girl kept picking on me and-!" Naruko was silenced with a hug.

"Mom I just want friends! Please I can't do this anymore." Naruko cried on her mom's shoulder. Kushina looked at her daughter sadly as she watched her cry.

"It's okay. It's my fault anyway." Kushina said as she stroked her daughter's back soothingly.

"What are you talking about mom? You di-" Kushina cut her off.

"No it is my fault. You see, I was hoping this wouldn't pass down to you but this is something that runs in my family. This is a rare case and science this doesn't know how it happens. But once you have it you only have daughters and soon they are born with it. When you get older you are able to hide your penis but not until you become an adult. That is the reason your father left us. He found out and couldn't deal with it. I'm sorry Naruko." Kushina began to cry.

"Mom please stop crying. I'm not mad and it isn't your fault. Dad was the idiot and it was his loss." Naruko began rubbing her Kushina's back.

"Why don't I go get us something to eat? How about your favorite ramen?" Kushina knew Naruko couldn't resist.

"Thanks mom!" Naruko said happily before pecking her mom on the lips. Her mom was not surprised. That's just the relationship Naruko and Kushina had. Kushina still babied Naruko who enjoyed being babied. They still slept together and even bathed together. It just seemed natural to them.

Kushina smiled and went off towards the kitchen. Kushina could feel Naruko starring hungrily at her ass. Naruko watched in a daze as it jiggle slightly with every step she took.

'So Naruko has the hots for mommy.' Kushina thought for a second.

Later into the night both women watched movie after movie. Ranging from comedy that had them nearly crying with laughter, a horror film that had them holding onto each other, and now a romance film.

"Are you thirsty Naruko?" Kushina suddenly asked. Naruko looked up curiously at Kushina.

"But mom we already have drinks." Naruko said confused.

"Not that kinda drink honey." Kushina said before letting her right breast slip out of her shirt.

Naruko's face took a heavy blush.

"M-Mom…what're you doing?" Naruko asked slowly.

"I've seen the way you stare at me honey. The way your eyes drop to my big breast when we talk and the way you stare at my round ass when I walk." Kushina said as she pulled her daughter closer to her chest. Naruko blushed at being caught.

"Mom I'm sorry it's just that you're so beautiful. I can't help it my body just re-!" Naruko was cut short as her mouth was filled with Kushina's breast. Naruko didn't even speak. She sucked hard as tried to milk her mother's milk.

"MMM I haven't breast feed in years. It feels so good. That's right suck harder I can feel the milk coming." Kushina moaned. Milk soon entered Naruko's mouth. The taste was slightly bitter but Naruko drank it greedily.

"Mom I'm so hard that it hurts." Naruto said. Kushina quickly got to her nukes before Naruko. Kushina pulled Naruko's shorts and panties off as quick as possible. Naruko's cock smacked Kushina's forehead on release. Kushina slowly pumped Naruko's nine inch cock.

"Mom please stop teasing me." Naruko whimpered.

"My mother did this to me when I had a bad day and I loved it. I know you will too." Kushina said as she swallowed the head of Naruko's cock. Her tongue teased the head as it slowly swirled around.

"Ohhhhhhh! Mom please go deeper." Naruko all but begged.

Kushina complied with the request and took Naruko deeper. Naruko put her hand on Kushina's head as she began to bob up and down. Kushina loved to see the pleasure in her daughter's eyes.

"Mom you're so sexy. I want to pound into you so much." Naruko moaned out as she could feel her climax coming.

"Mom I'm going to cum soon." Naruko warned. Kushina took Naruko's cock out of her mouth and pumped slowly.

"Say it Naruko. What do you want to do?" Kushina whispered.

"I want to cum mom." Naruko moaned.

"Where do you want to cum?" Kushina asked.

"I want to cum all over your face." Naruko said through gritted teeth.

"Do it then, cum on me." Kushina said as she let go of Naruko's cock. Naruko began pumping as quickly as possible as she aimed at Kushina's face. Finally with a roar Naruko came. Several strings of cum covered Kushina's face. After cumming for a whole minute Naruko slumped back on the couch.

Kushina looked dazed.

"Honey you came so much. My entire face is covered." Naruko crawled on top of her mother and slowly began to lick the cum off her face. She didn't mind that it was her own. She caught her mother in a fierce kiss. Kushina tasted Naruko's cum as it mixed with her saliva. She turned the tables and rolled on top of Naruko.

"Look at your huge tits Naruko." Kushina purred as she ripped off Naruko's top and bra. Kushina took off her pants and panties. Her ten inch cock sprang free as she mounted Naruko.

"What are you about to do?" Naruko asked.

"You'll see." Kushina slipped her cock between Naruko's breasts. She slowly starts trusting which soon turned into savage thrust. Naruko moan as Kushina's cocked rubbed between her breasts.

"Lick the tip Naruko." Kushina pleaded. Naruko stuck out her tongue and licked the tip every time it reached her face.

"I'm going to cum all over your face honey. Oh this feels so good!" Kushina moaned as she came. Her seed indeed covered her daughter's face. Just like her daughter Kushina licked the cum off Naruko's face.

"I see you're ready for round two." Kushina said feeling's Naruko's erect cock.

"Mom I want to fuck you so much. I wanna fuck your round ass so hard." Naruko said.

"Then do it." Kushina said while bending over on the couch. She wiggled her ass which only made Naruko hornier.

Naruko did not need to be told twice. She entered Kushina who moaned with approval.

"You're so tight!" Naruko said as she began thrusting into Kushina. Naruko grabbed Kushina's arms and thrusted harder into her. Naruko drooled and pleasure over took her mind.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! It feels so good! Naruko go deeper!" Kushina yelled. The pleasure soon became too much and she fell forward on her face with her ass high in the air. She moaned in disappointment she felt Naruko exit her.

"Naruko why did you-OH!" Kushina yelled as Naruko entered her ass.

"I told you I wanted to fuck your ass." Naruko said as she pounded into her.

"I've-ah! Never-Ah! Had-Ah! Anal-AH! Before-OHH! I'M CUMMING!" Kushina said was she came. Kushina never had time to recover as Naruko continued to pound into her. Naruko loved the way her as would bounced every time she thrusted into her. Naruko began to feel her climax coming.

"I'm cumming!" Naruko screamed as she exploded into Kushina.

"Oh baby we have to keep doing this." Kushina said.

"I would love to keep fucking you mom." Naruko said as she collapsed onto Kushina.

"I love you mom."

"I love you too Naruko."

Naruto noticed her erect cock at that vivid memory.

"Well someone looks excited." Said a voice behind Naruko. Naruko quickly turned around to see a blond smiling back at her.

"Um sorry about that. My name is Naruko Uzumaki. Who are you?" Naruko asked.

"My name is Ino. I'm here to show you around. Welcome to your new school."