"Naruko Uzumaki is back bitches and there are about to be some MAJOR changes!" Naruko literally screamed as she kicked in the front door of the dorm.

Everyone had ceased their speaking, eating, drinking, tv watching, and whatever activities they were doing and put their eyes on Naruko. Girls could be heard coming down the stairs to check on what the commotion was including Hinata and Ino.

"Good, now that I have all your attention, there are gonna be some changes in this house ! I tried the nice girl approach and obviously that didn't work because pretty much all of you rejected my hand of friendship. Well if you're not my friend then you must be my enemy. And I will treat you as such. So tell me, who is the manager or leader here?" Naruko demanded.

You might be asking "What's making Naruko act like this?" or "Where is this headed?" or even "Hey, fuck face! How come you haven't updated in almost a year after saying you were back?" Well I can answer two out of the three questions!

Naruko had been thinking a lot in her first week here. Well, when she wasn't busy endlessly chatting with Hinata and Ino. She wondered why the girls here where so determined not to like her. Well to be honest not a lot of the girls here were friends. In fact Naruko discovered that the girls in his class stayed in small groups and avoid other ones like they were some sort of plague. It was like they were trying their hardest not to make friends with the other girls. Naruko found that thought process to be "Fucking stupid" as she put it. It was just like being in regular high school again! Something Naruko didn't plan on going through twice. So she came up with a plan. A crude plan, but a plan none the less. Which she was putting into motion right now.

A girl with not shot purple hair stepped forward. She glared at Naruko who only smiled back at her.

"I am, my name is Ami is I've been running this show since-" Naruko cut her off.

"And I'm sure you've done a great job but your services will no longer be needed." Naruko continued to smile in a way that pissed Ami off.

The other girls just watched the exchange between the two in mock horror. Ami was known as one of the biggest hot heads in school and this new chick was just lighting the fuse on the Ami's anger.

"Ino, should we intervene?" Hinata whispered to Ino.

"And get involved in the war that's about to happen? No, I'm quite good staying out of this. Naruko is a tough girl; I wouldn't worry about her too much." Ino said giving Hinata a reassuring shoulder squeeze.

Naruko and Ami continued to stare down one another. Or should I say Ami stared down Naruko while Naruko played with pig tails.

"So is this going anywhere or are you gonna just keep staring at my tits?" Naruko asked nonchalantly.

The whole house either gawked or made choking noises. Ami began to sputter out a response.

"I-you-I-I-I wasn't staring!" Naruko grinned at her

"I mean I know they're pretty big but staring is rude ya know."

"I wasn't staring!"

"But if you want big you should see Hinata's!"

Hinata turned a deep shade of red as she could feel the dorm full of girls eyes here chest, even if it was for only a second.

"Would you stop getting off topic?! What makes you think you can just come take my job?" A blushing Ami asked.

"Because you're gonna give it to me. It's obvious that you can't seem to control the girls here. I've seen the other classes and this seems by far the absolute worst. I've been to regular high school and I hated it so I don't intend to do it all over again." Naruko said letting her smile falter.

"That's a nice thought but what makes you think you can get everyone here to like each other? It's not like we're robots that you can reprogram." Ami said crossing her arms.

"Let me ask you girl, do you believe in democracy?" Naruko asked suddenly.

Most girls nodded dumbly at this odd question. Naruto gave a mock sigh.

"That too bad because me, you see me, I'm more the dictator type." Naruko grinned and Hinata could have sworn she saw her eyes blink red just for a millisecond.

Naruko cracked her knuckles a few time before closing her eyes. A second later her fist was through the wall to her left. The girls present look from the hole in the wall back to her with shocked expressions. Ino grinned to herself; she knew there was something special about this chick. Naruko smiled as she shook the dust from her fist.

"My mother was quite the boxer in her youth and I picked up on a few things myself. I haven't trained in a while but I could always use sparing partners." Naruko looked wildly between the girls who took a cautious step back.

"Now, I'm not saying you're gonna get best gal pals with everyone in here but the least you could do is acknowledge each other and treat each other with respect. We are too few to treat each other as outcast and like we're so much better than each other. Society will never be there for us so the least we can do is try and be there for each other. So from this day on we're gonna act like a family, because to be honest we're all we have at this point. Do I make myself clear?" Naruko received nothing but silence.

"I said…DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!" Another punch through the wall made all the girls, including Ami, yelled "YES MA'AM!"

"Good, now as for sleeping arrangements, there is something I would appreciate if you girls could do it for me…"

This brings us to our current scene of Ino, Hinata, and Naruko getting ready for bed and their new room together.

"Naruko…why is there only one bed in our room?" Ino asked from the closet.

"Truth be told I've always wanted to go to a sleep over as a little girl. But obviously I wasn't allowed to do that because of my body. I wasn't allowed to do much because of my body…so this seemed like a great opportunity!" Naruko said excitedly from the bathroom as she prepared for bed.

Hinata giggled while sitting in the middle of the bed waiting for the other two.

'Naruko talked so mature when we were down stairs with everyone but she's really still a child at heart. It's kinda sad really, she's been denied a childhood that so many people take for granted. I promise from this day forward I'll make her as happy as possible!' Hinata nodded to herself several times.

Hinata felt movement in the bed and turned to see Ino getting into bed with her. Hinata would be lying to herself if she said she didn't find Ino gorgeous. Ino was wearing a small bra, or maybe the bra wasn't small and it was just Ino's massive chest trying to spring free. Probably the latter. Ino also had small short shorts on which showed off her Shapley rear. Hinata felt a dick twitch a little and suddenly felt very plain in her pajamas. Hinata had always been very insecure about her body so she tried to hide it as much as possible.

"Your stare is starting to turn me on Hinata" Ino whispered in Hinata's ear. Hinata "eeped!" and flew off the bed.

Ino roared with laughter and held her sides and Hinata got to her feet.

"That was really mean Ino!" Hinata tried to say in a serious voice but couldn't wipe the smile from her face.

"What's with all the commotion?" Naruko asked as she finally exited the bathroom.

Hinata suddenly ran into Naruko's arms and buried her face into the crook of Naruko's neck.

"Ino was being so mean! While you were in the bathroom she snuck up on me and pushed me out of the bed!" Hinata gave a fake sob for extra measure.

Ino stared wide eyed at the two. Was Hinata, sweet, pure, and innocent Hinata lying?!

"Ino! You're rough housing poor Hinata?!" Naruko glared at Ino.

"N-No! She's lying! I didn't do anything! Surely you don't think I'm lying do you?" Ino got her response when Naruko dove on her in the bed.

Hinata grinned evilly to herself before shaking her head and going back to normal.

'What was that? That was weird, It's like another me suddenly appeared. Weird.' She turned to the sound of laughter to see Naruko wrestling on top of Ino.

Blood suddenly shot from Hinata's nose throwing her into the wall behind her. Hinata hadn't been paying attention to what Naruko was wearing when she came out of the bathroom. If she had she would have known Naruko was wearing a bra that looked like it might burst at any second. And more importantly she would've noticed Naruko was wearing panties. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately in Hinata's case, Naruko's massive ass seemed to be eating those panties. Hinata watched her ass jiggle with every movement Naruko made. She imagined grabbing Naruko's bubble butt with her little hands as Naruko rode her hard and reckless.

"Hey Naruko, I think Hinata was a thing for asses don't you think?" Ino's voice brought Hinata out of her vivid fantasy.

"Is that true Hi-Na-Ta, did my ass make you hard?" Naruko said seductively. Hinata noticed Naruko was lying face down in the bed with her ass high into the air. Hinata's eyes stayed glued to it as Naruko wagged it back and forth.

"Whoa Hinata…you're pretty well equipped." Naruko said.

"I have to agree with that statement." Ino said.

Hinata noticed her eight and a half inch dick was standing at full attention. She turned a very bright shade of red as she ran into the bathroom.

"Don't worry I'll bring her back." Naruko said going in after Hinata.

Rustling could be heard from inside the bathroom before the door suddenly opened. As Naruko dragged a struggling Hinata behind her. Why was Hinata struggling? Because Naruko had stripped her of pretty much all her clothes except her bra and panties. Naruko dragged her into bed where Ino was waiting.

"C'mon Hinata it's just us! We're all girls here! Just girls with horse sized dicks!" Naruko joked and got into bed with Hinata behind her.

Naruko felt something latch onto her arm is looked over at Ino with her eyebrow raised.

"What? I cuddle when I sleep. You're the one who wanted to sleep in one bed so deal with it." Ino was out cold in the next two minutes along with Naruko and Hinata.

Hinata awoke in pain in the morning. The source of her pain? Her throbbing dick sadly. Hinata had awoken with a very bad case of morning wood. Hinata looked to see if the others had woken up too. They hadn't. Actually some time while they were sleep Ino and Naruko had embraced each other. That's when Hinata noticed something that made her throbbing dick very happy. Naruko's plump ass was pushed towards her.

Hinata was suddenly transported to her mindscape. There Hinata was confronted by two images of herself. A Hinata to her left with angel wings and a glowing white aura around her. To her right was a Hinata with devil horns growing out of her head. She too had wings but they were more demonic and around here were bright flames.

"What's going on here? Where am I?" Hinata asked.

"Isn't it obvious? We're in your head!" Said Devil Hinata gesturing around to the blank area.

"You haven't forgotten about us have you Hinata? We're your conscious." Said Angel Hinata.

Hinata pinched herself to make sure what she was seeing was real. After about the third time she decided to just be done with this as soon as possible.

"I thought I got rid of you two when I went to therapy." Hinata said with annoyed expression.

"Get rid of us? We're your conscious! You can't just get "rid" of us silly girl. You NEED us." Devil Hinata said wrapping her arm around Hinata's shoulder.

"Wrong, I need a conscious. I however don't need an angel and devil me on my shoulders every time I make a decision I deem difficult." Hinata said matter o' factly.

"Well this decision is a very difficult one indeed. So you need our help." Said Angel Hinata at regular Hinata's side "and before you ask you already know what the problem is. You were thinking about molesting your new friend Naruko!"

Hinata wanted to deny it. But she knew she couldn't. So good thing Devil Hinata was there to do it for her. Kinda.

"Molest is the wrong word here. Molest would imply our sexy friend Naruko here wouldn't like what we were thinking of doing to her." Devil Hinata said with a grin.

"It is wrong to take advantage of a friend like that! We can't cheat our friends like sluts every time our libido rises." Angel Hinata argued.

"We aren't treating them like sluts! We care deeply for them, it's just we're satisfying a need we both have. After all, Naruko said we should look after each other right?" Devil Hinata argued back.

"I don't think she meant we should go around fucking each other." The Angel Hinata said.

"Come on Hinata! Did you see the way she was shaking her ass at us? She's just asking for a pounding! She wants it just as much as we do. Plus, this is our chance to make our move before someone else moves in on OUR territory." Devil Hinata said while shaking regular Hinata.

"There is a right way to express your feelings and there is a wrong way to do it Hinata. And the wrong way is definitely sticking your dick between those giant…creamy…soft….." Hinata and Devil Hinata waited for her to finish but apparently Angel Hinata was daydreaming.

After five minutes of waiting it was obvious that Angel Hinata wasn't coming back.

"…So I think you know what you need to do right?" Devil Hinata said.

With new vigor Hinata nodded and gave a thumb up. Hinata was brought back to reality in the same position she had been when she left. She checked once again to make sure Ino and Naruko were still asleep. Once she was sure she shimmied out of her panties and scooted closer to Naruko. As quietly and without disturbance as she could she lowered her panties down to her ankles.

Hinata decided it was now or never. She grabbed a handful of Naruko's magnificent ass. Just like Hinata had imagined it was so soft yet it was also firm at the same time. Hinata spread Naruko's cheeks and lined up her harder than rock dick. She stop spreading Naruko and had to moan at the pleasure her dick was feeling. It was so warm; Hinata had never felt anything like this before! The feeling of her dick being sandwiched between Naruko's ass was an awesome feel and Hinata wanted for. Slowly Hinata started thrusting between her cheeks. Well it started off really soft at first. With each passing thrust Hinata softly grunted and wanted more! The soft thrusting turned into rapid pounding. The smacking sound of their bodies coming together was music to Hinata's ears.

"Mmmm!" Hinata heard a moan that wasn't hers! Naruko was waking up! Hinata quickly withdrew herself. She wanted to quickly dress herself but if she started moving around Naruko would easily know what had happened. Hinata thought it better to just pretend to be sleep.

Naruko awoken but was pretty confused. Something had felt really good but the feeling was suddenly gone. And where did her panties go? Oh, they were just around her ankles. Weird, wonder how they got there. Naruko sat up, pulling the covers off Ino and Hinata as well. Naruko was greeted with the sight of Hinata's dick standing straight into the air. Naruko looked at Ino and it was obvious she had a case of morning wood that was just dying to be set free. Naruko suddenly got a great idea!

"I'll show them just how much it means to me that they accepted me when everybody else rejected me! I'll help them with their not so little problems." Naruko gave a feral grin.

Naruko quickly stripped Ino of her shorts; she didn't have to take off her panties since Ino wasn't wearing any. Ino's eight inch dick flipped and hit Naruko in the face.

"Why do I keep getting hit in the face by these things?" Naruko complained to herself.

Naruko grabbed Ino's dick with her right hand and Hinata's with her left hand and began to pump them. Hinata couldn't believe her luck; things were turning out better than she had hoped. The way Naruko twisted her delicate as she jacked off Hinata's cock made Hinata moan loud enough for Naruko to hear.

"Oh so you're awake, I was wondering when you would." Naruko said giving Hinata a very seductive smile.

"She isn't the only one." Said Ino who was staring down at Naruko with a very horny expression.

"Well I just wanted to wake my two best friends in the best way possible." Naruko said never once stopping pleasuring her two friends.

Naruko edged herself off the bed, dragging her two victims by their dicks. Naruko was now staring at two massive meat poles. She licked Hinata's tip while increasing her hand movements on Ino. Every so often she would alternate between the two. Deciding to do something to kill two birds with one stone, Naruko opened her mouth wide and took both Ino's and Hinata's head into her mouth. Both Ino and Hinata let out a throaty moan at the action. Naruko ran her tongue around both heads as the girls on the receiving end came closer to their climaxes.

"I'm gonna cum soon Naruko." Ino warned.

"Me too!" Hinata said.

Naruko removed their heads from her mouth and pointed both their dicks at her face. She began to stroke them at incredible speeds. Naruko faces was soon covered by the combined coverage of Hinata's and Ino's cum. Most girls would have ducked away but Naruko only smiled and asked for more. Finally Ino and Hinata finished and stared at their work on Naruko's face. Naruko began to wipe their semen on her fingers and slowly sucking the semen off. The erotic site made Ino and Hinata hard again instantly.

"Good, you're ready for another go, because I have all morning."

The morning consisted of Naruko, Hinata, and Ino going through position after position after position.

One was Naruko thrusted into Hinata whose mouth was stretched around Ino's cock. Hinata shot semen as she felt Naruko cum inside her tight pussy while Ino came in her eagerly awaiting mouth. Another position saw Ino being held up as Naruko hammered her ass and Hinata pounded her pussy. Ino shot semen onto Hinata's stomach as she felt both her friends cum inside her.

Another position consisted of Naruko and Hinata in sixty nine position furiously sucking each other's dicks while Ino fucked Naruko from behind. Ino held Naruko by her pig tails as she increased her thrusting speed. It wasn't long before Hinata and Naruko were greedily drinking each other's cum. Ino gave a few more powerful thrust before cumming hard in Naruko's pussy. As soon as Ino withdrew from within Naruko cum began to leak from her pussy onto Hinata's face. Hinata wasted no time in licked in the semen from inside Naruko's sweet tasting pussy.

After that Hinata could be seen riding Naruko's cock while also being mouth fucked by Ino. To make it even more pleasurable Naruko was stroking Hinata's painfully hard dick. Hinata didn't last long as she came. Semen landed on Naruko's beautiful breast as she held Hinata down while she came in her awaiting pussy. Ino gave a few more thrust in Hinata's mouth before pulling out and cumming all over Hinata's pretty face.

The last position they were in saw them all on the floor as they laid in a triangle. Naruko bobbed up and down on Ino, Ino bobbed up and down in Hinata, who in turn bobbed up and down on Hinata's cock. All let out a loud moan as they flooded one another's mouth with cum.

In the end they all ended back in bed with Hinata and Ino snuggling up to Naruko who held his arms around the two.

Naruko gave a satisfied sigh "Ya know, a girl could really end up falling in love with you two."

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