How You Remind Me: The Story of Two Plumbers, British Agents, a Mewtwo, and Near Conquest

Chapter 1

How You Remind Me

by voltaliathemajesticone

Chapter 1:

Peach's POV

I sat on the bed, smiling, thinking to myself, This day is perfect. Nothing could ruin it. I daydreamed about Mario rescuing me for an umpteenth time, until Toadsworth knocked on my door.

"Princess?" Toadsworth called.

"Yes, Toadsworth?" I wanted to know.

"Professor E. Gadd wants you and Master Mario to see his new invention." Toadsworth answered with a matter-of-fact tone. I sighed. It wasn't that I didn't like Professor E. Gadd's inventions (I did like them.). It was just that I would rather daydream about Mario and his brother Luigi (who I sorta had a crush on) than be a lab rat for any experiment involving any scientific invention, let alone the one Toadsworth mentioned. I went downstairs to see the invention and, lo and behold, there it was. It was a beautiful chrome metal tube with a hatch door that would open from the top and revealed a lot of flashing tiles inside.

"Wow!" I exclaimed with astonishment. "What is it?"

"This would be a teleporter, Your Majesty." said Toadsworth. I couldn't believe it. I was looking at a teleporter made by one of the greatest intellects in the kingdom.

"When should it be tested?" Mario asked Toadsworth.

"He said he wants it tested tomorrow." Toadsworth replied.

"Can you believe it?" I asked Mario. "It won't be…."

"Tested until tomorrow, I know," Mario said, cutting me off. I frowned a little. I was too curious to know where I could have gone from this teleporter. Later that night, I dreamed in my bedroom about testing it. But little did I know that someone would test on it without anyone's knowledge.