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I pulled up to the construction site and parked my car in the dirt lot next to some of the work trucks. I decided since it was so fucking hot to just text Emmett and let him know I was here and would be waiting in my nice and cool air conditioned truck.

'Hey Em, I'm here chilling in the A.C.'

A few seconds later, I heard a door fly open and in my rear view mirror saw Em come flying out of the portable office set up on the job site. He jogged over and knocked on my window.

"Open up, Jasper." He yelled.

"What?" I mouthed at him through the window.

"Come on, get out. I still have a few more minutes before I can leave. I just told the guys now that we are wrapped for the day and to make sure they put everything away. And I need someone to talk to who isn't six months pregnant and bitchy." He pleaded with me.

"Oooh, I am gonna tell my sister you said that!" Laughing at the shock and fear on his face, I opened the door and patted his shoulder. "It's ok; just think you only have a few more months to go."

"I know, I shouldn't complain. I love Rose more than anything. And she is having my son, who I already love more than life itself. It's just hard with my dad riding me about this new project and going to Taco Bell at three in the morning every night. Then I had to have the car towed today to Black's, and of course Rosie was pissed because her doctor told her no more working until after the baby is born..." I cut him off seeing his tired eyes.

"Hey, Em." He looked up and gave a small smile. "I know my sister can be difficult sometimes, but you truly are the best husband to her. You make her happy, and that makes you the best brother in law a guy could have." I smiled and patted him on the back.

"Thanks Jasper. I appreciate you picking me up. Hey do you want to..."

I knew Emmett was talking to me, but my mind went completely blank as the hottest fucking man started walking towards where all the cars were parked. Holy hell he was gorgeous, and I had the world's biggest hard-on to prove it. He was tall probably 6'2'' or 6'3'', with, wait, what color is that? I guess the only way to describe his hair was that it was bronze and in disarray, giving it the "I just had the best fuck in my life" look. His well worn jeans were slung low on his hips and dirty from working all day. He had a basic white t-shirt on that clung to his body in all the right places, and fuck me, he's carrying a hard hat.

"Bye Edward! See you tomorrow, great work today." Em called out. Edward, that was this God's name, looked over and nodded at Emmett. Then he looked at me and our eyes met. Fuck me. He has the brightest green eyes I have ever seen, and yes, my throbbing cock just twitched the minute I caught Edward giving me the once over. No. He couldn't be. Could he? Fuck I hope he is.

"Something, or should I say someone got your eye, Jazz?" Emmett smirked and snapped me out of my daze.

"Shit, I'm sorry Emmett. What were you saying?" I briefly looked from Emmett to where Edward was standing at the trunk of his car and lost complete train of thought again. Edward had changed from his work boots to standard black docs, and he was in the process of taking off his t-shirt when I gasped. Fuck, he really was perfect. His body was flawless. His abs were defined, his arms and chest were perfect. He had this glorious trail of hair from under his belly button dipping into the waistband of his jeans. I wanted to lick him, every inch of him.

And then, to torture my weeping cock even more he took a bottle of water and rinsed off his hair causing droplets of water to trail down his torso as he shook the water and dirt from his hair. I am pretty sure my fourteen year old wet dream just came true. I was on the cusp of potentially jizzing all over myself just by looking at this man. No one and I mean no one has ever made me react this way. I have seen this man for all of five minutes and I have thought of seven different positions we could try in bed, I pictured the house we could have together, family, dogs... What the fuck? What the hell is wrong with me?

The reason my ex Peter and I are no longer together is because I couldn't see us even living together. And this man, Edward, I don't know what it feels like to have love at first sight. But I am pretty sure my reaction to him is close. I heard Emmett trying to cover his laugh by coughing, and tore my eyes away Edward to glare at him right as he called out "Hey Edward!"

Edward just finished pulling on a black polo shirt and turned to look at Emmett.

"Hey Edward, can you come here for a second?" Emmett asked.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I quietly spat to Emmett, who didn't have time to answer because Edward was walking over with one hand in his pocket while his other hand was nervously running through his hair. As soon as he made it over to us Emmett started talking.

"Oh hey, Edward." Emmett started. "Sorry to hold you up, but did the guys telling you about Friday lunches?" Edward shook his head no while looking at the ground. "Oh it's a good thing I caught you then, no need to bring a lunch tomorrow. Every Friday I go and buy lunch for the whole crew." Emmett said smiling.

Edward looked up at Emmett and smiled. "That is very kind of you Emmett. Thank you." Holy mother of hell, his voice was like honey or butter; it was like angels were singing as he spoke. My poor throbbing cock was not getting any kind of break.

"Oh, Edward, since you're right here, let me introduce you to my brother in law Jasper. Jasper this is our newest employee, Edward." Emmett said smugly, while I just stood there like a deer stuck in headlights. I snapped out of it when Edward stuck out his hand and spoke.

"Hi Jasper, it is a pleasure to meet you." My hand reached out to his and when our skin touched it felt like electricity was flying and shooting up my arm.

"H-Hi, E-Edward." I stuttered as I dropped his hand, looking down I couldn't help but notice a bulge growing in his pants. Fuck, I hope my mind is not playing fucking tricks on me. I saw Edward look at his hand briefly; he must have felt it too, and then briefly glanced at the throbbing bulge in my pants. His eyes widened and shot straight to mine. I gave a small nod and said. "Hopefully I will see you around."

A slight blush crept across his face as he nodded and said, "Hope you both have a great night, it was nice meeting you Jasper." After Em and I said bye he gave a small smile then hopped in his car and took off. Emmett just stood there grinning like a huge fool.

"WHAT?" I snapped at Emmett. "Why the fuck did you just do that?" Emmett was laughing now, his whole body shaking as he laughed.

"I'm sorry Jasper. I saw the way you were looking at Edward. And then..." He was laughing so hard tears were streaming down his face.

"What the fuck, Em? Am I not allowed to look at someone?" Now I was getting pissed. Emmett never cared that I'm gay and he never made fun of me before today. I hopped in the truck and slammed the door shut. I heard the laughing stop and Em got in the passenger side.

"Jasper." He said quietly. I looked over and saw his pained expression.

"What?" I bit back at him.

"Man, I am sorry. Please don't be mad at me."

"Are you serious? You were just laughing at me!"

"Jasper, please. Do you realize how long you were staring at him for? Your eyes completely glazed over. I get it, for a dude he's fucking hot." I raised an eyebrow at him. "Come on man, I'm comfortable enough with myself to admit when there is a good looking guy, plus I am married to one fine ass woman." He smirked, thinking about my sister. Ew. "Jasper, I had to think of something, that's why I called him over."

"What are you talking about?" I'm totally confused now.

He looked me straight in the eyes and continued. "Somewhere between him taking his shirt off and washing out his hair you started rubbing your junk through your jeans."

"WHAT?" I screamed, completely and utterly mortified.

"I know, I have never seen you like this. Anyways, as soon as your hand headed south and you were rubbing on your johnson, you started moaning. I didn't know what to do. The other guys were going to be leaving soon and coming out here, and I didn't want you to be embarrassed. Fuck, I already was as uncomfortable as fuck, with all your moaning and rubbing but I had to do something. I didn't know what to do, so I thought if I said his name you would snap out of it. It worked; as soon as I said his name your hand stopped its attack on you junk." Oh my god, I could fucking die. I felt the tears in my eyes and wiped one away while looking out the window.

"Did he see Em?" I whispered to Emmett, and then felt his huge hand on my shoulder.

"No, Jazz. I don't think he did. Come on, don't cry, you know I can't take tears." Emmett may be a huge guy, but he has a heart of gold and is one of the nicest guys I have ever known. My sister Rosalie, or Rosie if you are talking to Emmett, calls him her big teddy bear. "I promise Jasper, I won't tell anyone."

"Fuck Emmett! I don't even know what happened. I saw him then went totally blank. I didn't hear or see anything but him." I looked at Emmett with my pleading eyes.

"Well Jasper, I think you just saw your soul mate for the first time." He responded.


Emmett just came out and told us to pack up for the day. All the guys were going out for a drink after work, but I told them I had plans. Yeah, some big plans I have. Fast food, and then back to the Motel 6 to watch whatever is on cable television. I didn't want to tell them the real reason that I wasn't going to go to the bar. First, I don't drink. Second, I need to save every dollar so I could start over, get my own place, and turn my life around. I was lucky to find this job so quickly.

When I left, I just drove. I pulled into the gas station at some small town and heard Emmett talking to gas station attendant about hiring some extra people for this huge project being built. I had worked construction before to make extra money when I didn't have as many piano students. And I loved the fact that it was a great workout. Now, with no gym membership, I would still stay fit. Ok, well, at least balance out the fast food.

I started towards the lot where my car was parked and my breath caught. Who was he? The world's most beautiful man was leaning against a truck talking to my boss Emmett. He had to be about six feet tall, a little shorter than me, with dark blond curly hair. God I wanted to run my hands through it. Holy fuck, what am I 12? What I should say is I want to run my hands through his hair while his mouth is wrapped around my cock, deep throating me as I fuck his mouth.

Shit! Emmett just said something, and I think it was directed at me. I looked up and nodded which seemed to be an ok response then looked at the beautiful man. Our eyes locked and I was looking into the brightest and clearest blue eyes that I have ever seen. I think my heart stopped. Well, that's probably because all my blood has been throbbing in my cock, causing me to have an extremely painful erection ever since my eyes landed on this beautiful man. With my luck he's probably on his way home to his wife and kids. Why did I care? Oh, right. Because, I am a loser. There is no way he is gay. Hmm. Maybe there would be a way to test him a little.

I walked over to the trunk of my car and looked around, stalling while trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Aha! Got it! I started pulling off my grimy t-shirt and holy shit, he was looking this way. In fact his eyes were locked on me. Shit, I couldn't let him know I was watching for his reaction. Oh well. I tossed the t-shirt in the trunk and grabbed a water bottle; I hated driving through town with dirty filthy hair, so before I put another shirt on I leaned over to poor water over my head. HOLY. MOTHER. OF. FUCK. Out of my peripheral vision I see him. He is staring, and his hand is on his cock. What the fuck? I quickly shook out my hair as I hear Emmett calling me.

As I walk over I take a good long look at this man. Perfect fitting black jeans, white button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and howdy cowboy, he was wearing boots. Well ride me cowboy. Emmett tells me that he buys lunch on Fridays, which is very nice of him and will save me five bucks, then introduces me to his brother in law Jasper. I extend my hand as I say hi and once our skin touches it is electric. It feels likes lightning bolts are flying up my arm. He stutters a little when he says hi, but I think it is because he felt it too. I dropped my hand looking at it, then glance over and see a huge bulge in his black jeans. Fuck me, if I get any harder, my cock is going to bust through my zipper, just trying to get to Jasper. My eyes shoot straight to his and he gives me a small nod, making me blush. I am pretty sure that just confirms he is in fact gay. Fuck I hope so; I could really use something positive in my life right now.