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My heart was pounding uncontrollably in my chest. As a mother, there is nothing in the world I want more than my children to be healthy and happy. When Carlisle answered the phone earlier, I knew something was wrong before he even said hello. The tears fell as Carlisle told me it was Edward's boss and he had been in an accident.

As my husband drove us to the hospital all I could think about was the first time I ever laid eyes on my beautiful boy. He was ten years old when he first came into my life. Even though Edward and Alice were not biologically mine, in my hearts of hearts, they were my children in every sense and way imaginable. They were my life, they were my love and poor Edward was once again lying in a hospital bed due to an accident that wasn't his fault.

"He will be ok, Darling. It will take time for him to heal. But he will heal. Hopefully he will be out of surgery by the time we get there." My dear husband said as he reached out and grabbed my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze before returning his hand to the steering wheel. After the call from Edward's boss, Carlisle immediately called the hospital to find out the extent of our sons injuries. Apparently, a co-worker of his was careless and hit him with one of the work trucks. Edward had ear plugs in and his co-worker didn't realize the truck was in reverse. This co-worker of his thought it would be funny to gun the engine and show off in front of his coworkers. Instead, this Mike Newton boy ended up pinning Edward between the truck and a wall. According to one of Carlisle's peers, Edward was currently stable and in surgery. One of his legs was broken pretty badly and needed surgical repair. Along with his leg, he also broke one of his wrists and multiple ribs. One broken bone was enough for anyone to deal with, but will all of these injuries...there are no words to describe the pain ripping through me.

"I can't stand the thought of him being there all by himself." I choked out. Carlisle had asked Emmett, Edward's boss, if anyone was there with Edward. Emmett informed him that Jasper was in the waiting room, but due to hospital policies they would not let Jasper see Edward since he was not awake or give him any information since he was not family. My heart shattered with this information. I convinced Carlisle to ask his colleague to bend the rules just this one time, but unfortunately they would not due to the hospital policy.

I could not even begin to imagine what Jasper was going through. Even though I had never met Jasper, I knew he meant the world to Edward. According to Alice, Jasper treated Edward like he was the finest piece of China. A mother could not wish for a better partner for their son. Edward and I have always been close, probably closer than most mother and sons are. The only time we weren't close was when he was with James. I never liked James. I thought he never treated Edward properly. Edward deserved better, he is a good man with a heart of gold and should be cherished.

I thought back to the day we learned about what James did to Edward. As Carlisle drove, I flashed back to that day, replaying everything in my mind.

Alice told us a little about what caused Edward to leave James. She made us promise not to say anything to Edward, he already felt humiliated enough as it was. She would not go into specifics, but gave us a general idea about a video that James made and sent out in a mass email. According to Alice the email contained a crude video that parents should never, actually no one should ever see. Alice explained that Edward had no idea that he was being filmed, and was mortified and embarrassed beyond belief. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what was going on in the video.

After Alice was done telling us, and I was wiping my tears away, Carlisle stood up and walked out the front door. I had never seen my husband more furious than I did in that moment. I decided to let him go cool off while I tried to wrap my head around what Alice told us. Carlisle came back an hour later, still looking mad. Mad, yet slightly happy at the same time. It was then I noticed his hand was bloody and swollen.

Wide eyed I gently guided him to the sink and cleaned up his hand. "What did you do Sweetheart?" I asked with shaking hands.

"James will never go near or contact our son ever again." He said softly. I gasped. To my knowledge, he has never hit anyone before. Carlisle looked into my eyes, and then kissed my forehead. "I am sorry if this upsets you..."

"No!" I cut him off. "I never thought I would say this, but I am glad you hit him. I cannot imagine what Edward is going through." Carlisle placed his lips lightly on mine, giving me the softest kiss in the world.

"James has a broken nose and will probably have a fat lip and black eye. He won't ever contact Edward again, he will stay away." Relief flooded through me at his words.

During the time Edward was involved with James; he was always quieter and seemed sadder. I remember the day I found out about Edward dating Jasper. He called me early, really early, one morning when Carlisle and I were in Hawaii. He seemed so excited, so vibrant, so alive for the first time in so long. I could hear the smile in his voice as he told me about Jasper. I knew from that first call Edward was head or heels in love with Jasper and had found his soul mate.

"Esme?" I was startled at hearing Carlisle call my name, I was so caught up in my thoughts I hadn't realized we arrived at the hospital. I turned and gave my husband a small smile as he leaned over and kissed my forehead. "I will make sure that Jasper gets to see Edward." How does he do that? How does my husband know exactly what to say? I hadn't realized I was crying until my caring husband wiped away my tears.

"Thank you." I whispered against his lips. Both Carlisle and I suspected Edward was gay when he was in eighth grade. I will never forget the day; it was the first day of school. Alice was telling us about a boy she thought was cute. If I remember correctly, his name was Jackson. Alice kept going on and on about how cute he was and she wanted to talk to him. When Alice turned to Edward and asked him if he knew who she was talking about and if he had any classes with Jackson, both Carlisle and I noticed the deep blush on Edward's face when he looked down and answered yes. From that point on, Carlisle and I made sure that both the kids knew they were free to love whomever they wished, as long as they were safe and happy and that person respected them.

Edward came out to us a few years later. He came home after school one day and was visibly upset. He didn't say anything to Carlisle or I, he just ran straight to his bedroom. I had never been happier that Carlisle had the afternoon off. We decided to go in together and see what was wrong with Edward. I already had a sneaky suspicion about what this had to do with. When we got to his room, the door was ajar and Edward was on his bed facing the wall softly sobbing.

We both sat down quietly on his bed and after a few minutes, Edward rolled over and faced us. After a little coaxing, Edward told us while stuttering, that a girl named Tanya tried to kiss him and when he rejected her advances, she called him a fag in front of many of his classmates. He went on to tell us with tears streaming down his face that he couldn't even respond because it was true.

Alice had snuck in his during all this and had climbed on the bed, crawling behind Edward and telling him that it was ok. I am pretty sure it was partly the power of their relationship and twin bond that helped calm Edward's tears down.

Carlisle quickly took over the conversation and explained to Edward that anyone who uses the term fag was ignorant and disrespectful. He made sure to tell him it didn't change our love for him. We accepted him for who he was, it didn't matter to us which sex he was attracted to. Looking back, that was truly a family bonding moment, which I am almost positive is completely different from most people who come out to their parents.

Edward has always been a quiet boy, but he feels deeply and wears his heart on his sleeve. From what it sounds like, Jasper is protecting Edward's heart with everything he has.

As soon as we walked into the hospital, Carlisle promised me that as soon as he talked to one of the doctors he would come and get me in the waiting room. I was thankful for his kind gesture. My husband knows that hospitals make me nervous. And if I was to hear any bad or disconcerting news about Edward, I would want it to be from Carlisle in private.

As we made our way to the information desk I noticed a large man who looked completely pissed off. At the first mention of Edward's name, Carlisle stopped us so we could listen without being too noticeable.

"Are you kidding me?" The large man asked the nurse loudly. He didn't seem happy with whatever response was given to him quietly. "I don't mean to take this out on you, but I don't give two shits about your policy. My brother in law is a wreck right now in the waiting room. Nobody has told him anything about Edward since he has been here."

I looked at Carlisle, the broken and guilty look told me he understood. We should have phoned Jasper. Before I could say anything the man continued. "Look I am sorry about cursing, but have you ever seen Edward and Jasper together?" The nurse shook her head no. "Well if you did, then you would know that Edward is Jasper's whole freaking world. In Jasper's eyes, the sun rises and sets with Edward. And vice versa. If they could be married, they probably would have married the first day they met each other. I know I was there. But since they can't, the hospital won't let Jasper know what's going on with his boyfriend. Edward and Jasper are like two puzzle pieces. They fit together completely and not to sound cheesy but they complete one another. They love each other more than people who have been married fifty years! Anyone would see that if they just saw the two of them together." I saw the man exhale and pull his phone out of his pocket.

Carlisle wrapped his arm around my waist and whispered in my ear, "I know the circumstances are not the best, but it is really comforting to know Edward has a genuinely caring and from what it sounds wonderful partner." I nodded my head in agreement. From listening to the conversation, I figured out that this man was Emmett, Edward's boss and Jasper's brother in law.

It was then that Carlisle took my hand and went up to the desk; Emmett turned towards us and looked relieved. "Oh thank God you are here." His comment took us both off guard. Seeing our confused faces, he continued. "Your Edward's parents?" We both nodded. "I recognized you from the pictures up at Jasper and Edward's place."

After we introduced ourselves, Emmett was going to inform Jasper that we were here. As the nurse paged Edward's doctor and Carlisle went to find him, I made my way over to the waiting room.

My heart ripped in two when I walked into the room. There were a handful of people in there but my eyes were drawn immediately to the man sitting on the bench in the corner of the room. His cowboy boot covered feet were on the bench and his arms were resting on his knees. His sad, puffy eyes were staring at something on the wall; his expression was blank yet painful at the same time. I knew this man was Jasper, not just because of his curly blond hair, but because this man looked lost. Lost without the love of his life next to his side.

I saw Emmett walk over to and kneel down next to Jasper. Jasper immediately embraced Emmett in a hug and I could see Emmett whispering to him. I made my way over to him and waited until Emmett stood up and left, saying he had to check on his pregnant wife.

"Jasper?" I whispered once I had made my way over to him. He nodded as he looked at me, his lower lip quivering as silent tears rolled down his face. Immediately I hugged him. "I'm sorry we didn't call." I sobbed into his shoulder. "I'm so sorry."

"It's ok ma'am." Jasper said as he pulled away and wiped his puffy eyes.

"No, it's not ok Jasper. And please call me Esme." I took a minute and explained everything I knew about Edward's injuries. I told him Edward would be ok as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. Jasper immediately started leaning on me. I knew he would be ok, I knew this for sure. Especially after meeting the man who held my Edward's heart.

It was then that Carlisle walked in the waiting room and walked over to us. "Jasper?" Carlisle asked.

"Yes, sir." Jasper said as he stood up and held out his hand. Instead, my husband pulled him close to his body and hugged him just like he hugged Edward. After he introduced himself and told Jasper to call him Carlisle, he pulled away and gave a small smile to Jasper.

"Edward's asking for you, Jasper." Carlisle said softly. That means Edward's awake! It feels like my heart is going to pound out of my chest.

As soon as the words were out of my husband's mouth, Jasper lit up and looked like a different man. "Really? Can I go see him?" Jasper asked and Carlisle nodded.

"He's still a little groggy, but we can all go." I grabbed my purse and stood up taking Carlisle's hand in mine. We walked down the hall with Jasper following right behind us.

As soon as we got to the correct door, the same nurse as before stopped us telling us only immediate family could go in. Jasper immediately looked crestfallen until he heard Carlisle speak. "Jasper is my other son and he will be coming in the room to see Edward." The nurse went wide eyed at Carlisle's stern words. He left no room for argument.

Carlisle and I walked in Edward's room first. Edward immediately asked "Where's Jasper?" as his eyes scanned the room. As soon as Jasper said he was right there, Edward's eyes locked on Jasper and he tried to sit up. You could tell nothing else in the world besides Jasper mattered to Edward in that moment.

Jasper immediately went to his side and as softly as he could put his hands on either side of Edward's face. "Shhh..Baby, don't get up." Jasper leaned forward and kissed Edward's forehead. "I love you, Edward." The softness in Jasper's voice made my heart, a mother's heart, swell with happiness. Carlisle squeezed my hand and when I looked at him I saw that we both had tears in our eyes as we listened to Edward tell Jasper that he loved him too. It felt like we were intruding on a private moment, but neither of us could look away. There is not a better feeling in the world, than to witness your child being taken care of by their partner the same way you would take care of them.

"Are you ok? Are you comfortable? Do you need anything?" Jasper asked as he took in the surroundings around Edward.

"I only need one thing." Edward whispered to Jasper.

"Anything for you Baby." Jasper responded immediately.

"Kiss me." Before the two words were out of my son's mouth, Jasper leaned forward and with great tenderness, placed his lips on Edward's. This was the first time I had ever witnessed my son kiss anyone. You could hear the softest moans as the two men softly kissed each other. We watched as Jasper placed three gentle kisses on Edward's lips. When he pulled back and looked at Edward, I saw it. The love. The affection. The adoration. Everything Emmett said about Edward and Jasper was true. To hear it was one thing, to witness it, was on a whole other level.

Jasper was all I have ever wanted for my boy. Edward never had a boyfriend who publicly displayed any form of affection. Jasper was beyond affectionate and I could tell from their interaction, that this was the norm for the two of them. Happy, even in a hospital bed, with two casts and wrapped ribs, my son looked happy because of Jasper. A muffled sob escaped me as Carlisle wrapped his arms around me and Jasper immediately broke away from Edward. He was blushing as he stood up. "I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." Jasper said looking at the floor and clearing his throat. "I apologize; I forgot you were in the room."

Edward was trying to grab Jasper's hand but it was just out of his reach. "Jasper." Edward said softly and immediately Jasper's eyes flashed back to Edward. Jasper carefully held his hand that didn't have a cast on it.

"Please don't apologize, Jasper." Carlisle said, putting his hand on Jasper's shoulder. Jasper briefly glanced my way then looked Carlisle in the eyes. "Please be assured you kissing our son does not bother us in the least." Carlisle placed his other hand on top of Edward's arm. "You have a good man here Edward." Jasper blushed at Carlisle's words.

"I know." Edward said while staring at Jasper.

"How are you feeling? Any pain?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm ok, Dad." Edward responded while still staring at Jasper.

"That's good." Carlisle chuckled as he watched our son stare. "The doctor says you will probably only have to stay here a couple of days, as long as you have someone…"

"I'll take good care of him." Jasper said as he interrupted.

Carlisle smirked as he looked over at me before responding to Jasper. "I'm sure you will."

Edward broke his stare from Jasper as I brushed his hair off of his face and he looked at me. "Thank you both for being here. I love you Mom and Dad."

"We love you too." I whispered as I kissed his forehead. Edward went back to staring at Jasper again. "So what's the first thing you are going to do when you get out of here?" I asked my son.

Edward's reply was simple. "I'm going to marry Jasper."


My eyes were locked on Edward. My mouth dropped open and I was shaking. He wants to marry me. I want nothing else in the whole world than to marry him. I had wanted to be the one to propose, but holy shit he's beating me to it. And there's nothing in the world that can compare to what I am feeling right now.

"Jasper." Edward whispered. I leaned down to him and cupped the side of his face with my hand, gently rubbing his cheek with my thumb. Edward immediately leaned in to my touch as both Carlisle and Esme took a step back from the hospital bed, still watching but trying to give us the illusion of privacy. "I love you Beautiful." I whispered to him that I loved him too. "From the moment I first saw you, I knew you were what was missing in my life. I am pretty sure I started to fall in love with you the first time we shook hands and were introduced to one another."

"Me too, Baby." I whispered against his lips, kissing him lightly before he continued.

"I was so scared when they brought me here to the hospital. I wasn't sure what was going on and I didn't know where you were." A single tear escapes his eye and I tenderly kissed it away. "All I want in this life is for you to be by my side. For you to be my best friend…my lover…my husband…" My heart's pounding so hard, I am amazed that I can even hear what Edward is saying. "I don't care where we have to go or what we have to do. Make me the happiest man alive, Beautiful." He took a deep breath before smiling his brilliant crooked grin. "Jasper Whitlock, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" I responded right away kissing him. "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, Edward." I took Edwards face in between my hands and placed my lips on his again. Edward's tongue was immediately in my mouth; Edward was humming and moaning as we kissed. I remembered I still had to be gentle with him, since he was in a hospital bed for fuck's sake.

As our tongues leisurely stroked each other, I felt Edward move his arm and the next thing I knew I was moaning deeply as Edward palmed my hard as steel cock through my jeans. Remembering his parents were still here, I quickly broke away from Edward's mouth while panting for air. "Your parents." I whispered to a pouting Edward who removed his hand from my crotch.

Embarrassed as all fuck I straightened up and turned to apologize, but quickly realized we were the only ones in the room. Exhaling with relief, I turned back to a smiling Edward. "You beat me to it, Baby." I said while he chuckled. "Thank you Edward." I whispered to my fiancé. "I will love you forever. Thank you for making me the happiest person alive." With one last kiss I told Edward I would go find his parents. Before I left, I fixed his tented blanket, trying to cover his very prominent erection. As my hand brushed the length of the cock, Edward moaned loudly. "Don't worry Baby; I will take care of this after they're gone." With a wink I went out to the hallway to find his parents.

After his parents came back and congratulated us hundreds of times, they decided to go get a hotel room for the night. They only lived about three hours from us, but they wanted to come back and see Edward first thing in the morning.

As his parents said good night to him, I went and stood in the hall, even against Carlisle and Esme saying it was fine for me to stay and Edward's pouting. "They haven't had had any alone time with you Baby." I kissed his forehead. "I'll be right outside the door. I love you, my fiancé." His huge grin was blinding.

"I love you too." He replied.

As soon as I was out the door, I could hear Esme talking and crying happy tunes. I checked the time and realized it was later than I thought. But, I knew my sister would be up and I promised Emmett I would call him with an update.

Rosalie answered the phone on the first ring as soon as I started talking I could hear Emmett pick up the other line. I explained Edward's surgery and injuries along with his recovery plan. I also told them about meeting his parents.

"Jasper, please don't misunderstand me. I am glad that Edward's surgery went well, but you sound so happy. I mean your boyfriend is in the hospital, most people wouldn't sound so cheerful." Rosalie said. She has always been straightforward and to the point. That's my sis and I love her for it.

"Fiancé." I whispered as I leaned against the wall. My head rolled back against the wall, my eyes closed, and my smile was permanently on my face.

Both Rosalie and Emmett started yelling their congratulations and started firing off excited questions. I took a deep breath and explained how he proposed. I could hear Rosalie sniffle right before she started talking again. "I love you Jasper. I am so happy for you."

As we were wrapping up our call, one of the nurse's went into Edward's room. Edward's parents came out of the room and looked like they were waiting to talk to me before they left. I promised Rosalie and Emmett that I would call them with an update tomorrow. As soon as I hung up the phone, Esme's arms were wrapped around me and she kept thanking me repeatedly while sobbing into my chest.

"You love him with all your heart." Esme sobbed. "You make him the happiest he has ever been in his whole life." She pulled away and Carlisle wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"I promise to both of you, I will protect his heart with everything that I am. I will love him forever." I said with my tears in my eyes. The nurse came out and it was then that we could hear Edward call my name.

Carlisle smiled and nodded towards the door. "Go to him, Son." That's all I needed to hear. I said goodbye and all but ran into Edward's room. Shutting the door behind me, I made my away to Edward's side pulling a chair along the side of his bed.

"Hi Baby." I said as I kissed his lips.

"Hi Fiancé." He responded while looking deeply into my eyes.

"How are you feeling?" I asked while brushing a few wayward strands of hair out of his face.

"A little painful but the nurse gave me some pain meds. She said she would be back to check on me in a couple hours right before the shift change." He smiled at me as I rubbed his neck. "Please, kiss me Jasper. I need you to kiss me"

These kisses were not gentle. Edward needed me to kiss him. He needed to feel connected to me, and fuck I needed it too. I moaned loudly as Edward started to suck on my tongue. Fuck he's killing me.

"Can you be quiet Baby?" I asked as I sucked on his neck, Edward's head rolled back giving me access to suck on his Adam's apple.

"Yes..." He whispered. I gave him one last kiss before pulling down the thin blanket and pushing aside his hospital gown, revealing his hard, leaking cock. Never in my life did I ever think I would be giving head in a hospital. But it was obvious he needed this.

Grabbing the base of his cock, I stroked him a few time while watching Edward close his eyes as he started panting. Flattening my tongue, I licked the length of his dick from base to tip. "" Edward groaned.

Unable to deny him anything my mouth wrapped around his leaking head. I hummed at his taste as I swirled my tongue around the edge of his cock. "Fuck." I panted. "I fucking love sucking your cock." Edward moaned as I started sucking and bobbing my head up and down. I took him all the way to the back of my throat, swallowing around his hard as steel cock. I continued sucking his cock while cupping his nuts and rolling them gently in my hand.

Edward let out a muffled cry and I felt his cock swell in my mouth right before I felt his hot cum shoot down my throat. I swallowed every drop of cum he gave me. I licked him clean, watching his face as he stared at me. He was panting and had a light sheen of sweat on him. Even in a hospital fiancé is lying in a hospital bed...I felt tears roll down my cheeks.

"Jasper." Edward whispered. "What's...?" I covered Edward back up and went to his side, holding his hand and cupped his face with my other hand.

"I fucking love you so much." I took a deep breath. "I was thinking how fucking gorgeous you looked after you came, but then realized you're in a hospital bed... All the emotions from today... I don't want to ever lose you. I can't live without you..." I trailed off

"You won't have to Jasper. It's you and me, Beautiful. You and me forever." Edward whispered. I tried to wipe away my tears, but was unsuccessful as more streamed down my cheeks. "It's ok to cry Beautiful." I nodded while giving him a small smile.

"I'll love you forever Edward. I will take care of you and help get you back to your healthy self. When you are feeling better, I will marry you. There is nothing, nothing in the world I wouldn't do for you." I could tell the medication Edward was given had kicked in. "Sleep now, Love. Dream happy dreams, because of you, all my dreams have come true." Edward left out a soft snore and finally I was able to relax after such an emotional day.

I sat back and rested my eyes, thinking of my fiancé. I loved saying fiancé. I will love to say husband even more.

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