Once upon a time, long ago, in Hyrule, a time of great danger fell upon the people. A dark, monstrous being terrorized them, but not even their bravest warriors could compete with him. After all, he, Ganon, had a third of the sacred power of the goddesses: the Triforce.

The people prayed for a hero—no, a miracle. But for a long time, none came, and Ganon ruled the land. Then, both their prayers were answered when a child appeared.

Oh, there had been heroes before, but not of the magnitude of this one.

He was cloaked in nothing but green, and his name was Link. He was a Hylian. That's all anyone ever knew about this hero. He was a quiet hero, only talking when absolutely necessary. Even then, he said little.

However, the people didn't mind their hero's mysterious ways. They liked them, actually. And when he defeated Ganon with just a sword against all of Ganon's magic, the people revered him. Not a child born didn't know the name Link. However, this mysterious hero didn't bask in this glory. He disappeared. He moved on to those who needed him more.

However, he came again, was reincarnated as another little boy in green. Many times over, he came to save the people. By now, every ten years, every boy who was born was named Link, and all young men were adorned with green. But few were the hero himself. The hero was reincarnated only when the need was most dire. More often, they turned to another hero: their princess. Every first daughter born into the royal family carried the name of the first one: Zelda.

One time, however, not even the hero Link could cope with the evil he faced. So thus, by some happy accident, when he drew out his sacred blade, he was split into four. Though they were all the hero Link, they were very different. Oh, they all fought with a sword, but that sword was minute in comparison to them and their special items.

The first, Link cloaked in green and known as Link the Leader, was the one with the original personality. He would defend Zelda and Hyrule even beyond death. He was said to use the power of the wind itself when he threw his boomerang. It is also said that he was the only one with the Triforce on his hand.

The second, Link cloaked in red and known as Red the Swift, was to green Link as night is to day. He was talkative, outgoing, cheerful, and tended to take things less seriously than green Link. However, in the nitty-gritty of battle, he was fiercely devoted to his fellow heroes, and used his wand of icy fire in a swift yet careful hand.

The third, Link cloaked in blue and known as Blue the Fierce, was by far the strongest. He was also the one with the shortest temper, and tended to become upset over little things. Admittedly, though, his short fuse and pure, raw power, combined with the hammer he wielded, made him more than a match for his foes.

The fourth, Link cloaked in violet and known as Vio the Stealthy, was the only one who kept the mystery component that the original hero had. He was the quietest, but when he did talk, he usually solved the puzzled they encountered easily. When he faced off with enemies, he was usually the one they never knew about until they had an arrow from his extremely carefully-aimed bow in their hearts.

There was said to be a fifth as well, but nothing is known of this Dark Link except his eventual turning to the light side, though it cost him his life.

These four (or possibly five) have only been seen once in Hylian history. But it is said that in the time that Hyrule will need them the most, they'll be back. And then, all of Hyrule's foes will tremble at their combined might.

"Yeah, right!" came a voice, interrupting her reading.