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NOTES: So some of you may have already read these. It's a collection of completely random ficlets based on prompts we've been sharing over at the B&B Livejournal community, and I just felt like bundling them together in one place. I'll add more as they come. I don't think any of these will be post-series; I'm saving most of those ideas for Meet U in LDN.

Hope you enjoy!

PROMPT: You remind me of someone.

Rifling through the photos spread out on the desk, Betty feels Daniel looking at her; his blue gaze sends a tingle up her back, starting from the bottom of her spine right up into her scalp. That's new, she thinks.

"What?" she says lightly. She finds it hard to stop herself from rubbing the back of her neck or, weirdly, pulling up the front of her dress. A matching pair of blue eyes stare up at her from the table. She reaches for her bubble tea, and ignores both.

"Anyone ever tell you that you look kind of like J. Lo?"

The bubble tea goes down the wrong pipe. Spluttering and coughing, she accepts the napkin he passes her, and dabs at her laughing mouth. "Oh my God, seriously?"

"Yeah, sure," he says, eyes dancing. "It's in your cheeks. And mouth."

She's laughing so hard said cheeks and mouth hurt. "No, definitely haven't heard that one before," she manages.

Daniel's grinning back. He moves closer to her chair and seats himself up on the desk beside her. "It's been bugging me for weeks, ever since you got your braces off. You can really see it now."

"Sure. If J. Lo ever saw the business end of a brownie."

He rolls his eyes. "Accept a compliment, Betty. Everybody loves her. I bet I won't be the only person to notice the resemblance now."

"Fine. Thank you, Daniel. Just call me Betty from the Block." A few stray sesame seeds from her sushi dust her lap. She stands up to brush them off her tight black skirt.

"Well, there's another feature you share with her."

"And what's that?" She twists to examine her thigh, where some more seeds are clinging. "Besides the obvious Latina thing, because that's all I can think of."

He leans a little to the right, and Betty can't be sure because the lights in his office are dim, and he's sitting up there, and she's standing over here, but for a second she thinks he seriously just glanced at her ass.

Something crackles in the air, like that moment they met outside at the limo before Hilda's wedding.

Daniel's arches an eyebrow and smiles at her. "Perfect teeth, of course."

Betty plops back down in the wheelie office chair. Grabbing a photo off the desk, she holds it up, putting an incredulous look on her face.

"Anyone ever tell you you look like Derek Zoolander?"

"Actually, yeah. But I don't wanna talk about it," he says, cringing. Then he gives a rumbling laugh, and despite the crackle, and despite the impending horrible conversation that is going to ruin this evening sooner or later, Betty feels at ease again. "What's wrong with that one?"

"Are you crazy? Look, you're doing your fishy face thing in this one..."