A/N: All right, I changed the title, hope no one minds. Yay! Time for Chibitalia. XD… I think HRE is Germany, what about you guys?

Number two: Chibitalia/I need you

"Hello…," HRE blushed when he saw Italy sweeping.

"Hello…. Holy Roman Empire," Italy giggled. "How are you today?"

"G-good…" Italy noticed that he was embarrassed, but didn't say anything. He was too embarrassed to talk. He'd rather watch him sweep than talk. "… I need you… I want you," he sighed quietly. "You're the cutest girl I've ever seen." Italy was confused. For one, he wasn't sure what he was talking about and two, he was a boy, not a girl.


"But what?" HRE smiled and blushed again. "I really like you."

"I like you too… but I'm not a girl."

"You're what?" HRE's jaw dropped.


"Today… I had to save Italy again," Germany wrote down in his journal. The phone rang. "Oh shit! Again?" he picked up.

"HEEEEEEEELP!" Italy screamed. "HELP HELP HELP!" he growled.

"What happened now?"

"I need you… I miss you!"

Germany blushed. "That's it? You're c-calling because you want me?"

"Yes! So, get your ass over here!"

"Fine, I'm coming," he slammed the phone down. The words 'I need you' flashed in his head.

Wherever the hell Italy was, (no one knows) he arrived. Italy had the biggest grin on his face. "Germany!" he hugged him while he was detesting him. Despite him struggling to get out of his grip, Italy grabbed his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Germany stood there, with nothing to say except to babble.

A/N: Oh my God. I love yaoi! –Dies from the hotness-… As for the Chibitalia, I had to! It's about time HRE found out, lol (think of it as AU).