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Hanging out at leech central was not her idea of a good time. In fact, if anyone had bothered to ask her opinion in the first place, she would have said that it was her own personal hell.

"Oh come on Leah. That's being a little over dramatic don't you think? Surely if this was you personal hell then Sam and Emily would be here too?"

Touché, Ed-weird, touché.

"That's what I thought" he smirked at her before re-joining a 'friendly' game of tag with Emmet and Jasper. She don't know how they didn't get bored of playing with him, he knew all their moves.

She stretched and propped herself up, digging her palms into the grass. At least they were outside, where the vamp stench wasn't so over-powering. She scowled as she looked over at Jacob and Bella playing with Nessie. This was all Jacob's fault. He kept insisting that she needed to get out of the house. She was perfectly fine with my Jerry Springer re-runs thank you very much, but no, her mighty alpha had other ideas.

Leah had no friends. She used to before she was sucked into the supernatural world. She used to have Emily, but now their relationship was strained at best. They both knew they could never go back to how they were, even if Emily could be pried from Sam's side every once in a while. She had Rachel and Rebecca, before they had both fled La Push. Rachel had come back but Leah had to keep her distance, no one wanted the secret out. She was so pleased when someone imprinted on her. Not only would she know what Leah was but she'd also stay in La Push, she thought she had her friend back. But then she found out the imprinter in question was Paul. As much as she loves Rachel, she can't stand Paul, so she can't spend too long with her. As for her human friends, the few who had stood by her after she lost it when left her to shack up with her cousin, well she had to sever all ties with them when she first phased, to protect them and the secret. Now they all think she's the slut of La Push. Leah couldn't even bring herself to blame them; she knew damn well what conclusions she'd make of a girl emerging from the woods with half dressed guys if she didn't know any better.

Knowing all of this, her not-so-wise alpha had taken it upon himself to include her in everything he did. Unfortunately, thanks to his imprint, that meant a great deal of her time was now spent at Casa de Leech. She could have chosen not to join him, he hadn't given her a command, he had never given her, or anyone else for that matter, an alpha command before. But truth be told, and she knew this from personal experience, she couldn't deal with his constant whinging. So he had all but dragged her out of her house this morning as she noticed, with amusement, that they wore matching outfits. He wore denim cut offs, while she wore denim shorts, that could almost be considered hot pants and while he wore a t-shirt, she wore a tank top in almost the exact same shade of navy blue.

She leant her head back and closed her eyes. Trying not to focus on the sounds of laughter or the burning sweet smell of the vampires that occasionally wafted over when the breeze shifted. She allowed her mind to wander. To ponder up and coming events in her life, which were few and far between. However, Emily and Sam's wedding was fast approaching and it had been playing heavily on her mind for weeks now. Leah suspected that this was part of the reason why Jacob had amped up his efforts to get her out of the house recently. Surely he realised that distracting her wasn't going to work?

It's not that she's still desperately pining over Sam. She admits that maybe a small part of, only fractionally, is still just a tiny bit in love with him, but she's not sure that will ever go away. After all, how many people don't think about their first love every once in a while? Being in Jacob's pack has certainly helped her mind-set. No longer does she have to share her mind with Sam, having to see all the intimate details of her ex's relationship with the person she once considered her sister, or put up with Sam's guilt and pity when those thoughts slipped through. Nor did she have to live under his ever-watchful, protective glare. She didn't need protecting, something that Sam had failed to realise. Jacob didn't protect her, they were a team, he always had her back but he didn't hold her back when he knew she was capable of doing something. That was the real reason she had gone after that newborn alone, to prove to Sam that she was just as good as the rest of the pack and didn't need to be sheltered simply because she was a girl. Of course that spectacularly backfired.

Her Beta status had also helped, giving Leah something to be proud of. She was good at her job and she knew it. The pack dynamic wasn't always smooth, Beta and Alpha had frequent arguments, but then she suspected that was why he had chosen her in the first place. They were the only two able to call the other one out when they talked shit without it getting personal. Jacob also knew that she would defend him in front of both packs even if she thought he was wrong, she was nothing if not loyal.

No, still being in love with Sam was not the reason she was dreading the up coming nuptials. Nor was it the shocking red bridesmaid dress that she was being forced to wear, although she had had more than one nightmare about in the past two weeks, mainly involving all her pack brothers teasing her relentlessly until she phased in front of the whole congregation, which she was positive would not go down well. No, she simply couldn't bare the thought of everyone's pity glances on the day. Almost everyone in attendance knew that once upon a time Leah had been planning her wedding to the groom, and if there's one thing Leah hates more than anything, it's people pitying her.

Jacob knew this, in fact it way freaky how well she and her alpha knew each other inside out, even with their mind-reading. Nobody knew Leah like Jacob did, the only other person who had matched it had been her father. Even when she was with Sam he didn't know her that well, although they hadn't been capable of seeing into the other one's head at the time. But Jacob Black knew exactly why she was nervous and had promised to help and support her throughout the day. Usually she would never accept anyone's help, but the earnest look on his face as he promised her had destroyed her resolve and she had simply smiled and offered her thanks in return. She knew that he wasn't doing it out of sympathy, or pity, but sheer understanding. She didn't like Bella, she never had, she probably never would but in a purely selfish way she was also just the least bit grateful towards her. Her treatment of Jacob before she had married Ed-weird was, at best, appalling, but in doing so Jacob became the only person to truly understand Leah.

Her head still tilted towards the sky, a smile graced her lips as she thought about Jacob's promise to her. Her relaxed state of mind was suddenly interrupted by the man in question.

"Come on Leah. Don't just sit there all afternoon, join in." He called.

She didn't even bother to open her eyes to see what new game the three of them were playing as she responded "No."

He muttered something that sounded like 'I don't know why I bother'. She didn't fully understand why herself. It wasn't a sunny day, it very rarely was, but it wasn't dark enough for her not to notice behind her eyelids when shadow loomed above her. Opening her eyes, she saw none other than Jacob Black towering above her, arms firmly crossed over chest, a frown gracing his beautiful eyes.

In her peripheral vision she noticed Edward stop wrestling with Emmett just long enough to cast her a surprised look followed by a smirk as he obviously caught her observation before re-focusing his attention and pinning Emmett to the ground. So what? His eyes were nice, attractive even; something she had only noticed a few months ago during a pack meeting. Thankfully they weren't phased at the time, and Leah wondered how she had never noticed that about him before. In fact, during the weeks that followed there were many new things she discovered about her alpha. How he a ran his hand through his hair when he was nervous, how the dimple in his left cheek was slightly deeper than his right, how the muscles in his moved in a very pleasing way when he stretched, tempting her to just reach out and lightly graze her fingers along them. But she had stopped her observations with that last one, it would not be wise for her to fall for Jacob, he was, after all, an imprinted wolf.

Yeah sure, she could appreciate from afar. The wolf gene has its benefits and she'd have to be positively insane if she didn't notice the wolves' bodies, her brother aside. But Jacob's body held more allure for her than anyone else ever possibly could and there was most definitely a 'look but don't touch' policy in effect. Not that anyone had ever said that out loud, no one apart from Leah, and possibly Edward, knew that it needed to be. Jacob was strictly off limits. He had never, and would never, see her in that light, regardless of imprinting. Besides, despite her questionable parentage, she like Nessie and could never do that her.

"Go away Jake." She said lazily.

"Well I didn't bring you here just so you could ignore everyone."

"Why not? That's what I usually do." She said, crossing her arms over her chest to imitate him.

He groaned. "Urg… why do you always have to be so damn difficult."

"Oh so I'm being difficult just because I'm not doing what you want?"

"You know that's not what I meant. I just think you should join in from time to time."

"And I think you should butt out from time to time." She shot back.

"See this is what I mean about you being difficult!" He yelled, throwing his arms up in the air, clearly exasperated that his Beta had a reply to everything.

"Urg… bite me Jake."

Jacob's frown quickly turned into a wide grin and before she could even begin to wonder what that was all about he launched himself at her, easily tackling her to the ground. She knew he wasn't using his full strength; otherwise she'd never have been able to push him off of her before leaping up on the balls of her feet with the swift and gracefulness that being a wolf had bestowed upon her.

"What the fuck Jacob?" she yelled as she brushed the dirt from her denim shorts.

"Well you did tell me to bite you." He laughed as he lunged towards her once more. Expecting the attack this time, she quickly side-stepped away from him. He had the strength, but she most definitely had the speed, an advantage that had secured many wins for her during frequent pack play fights. She had beat Quil so many times it wasn't funny. Embry's record wasn't much better and Seth simply refused to rough house with his sister, knowing that she had no qualms about using full force whereas he did. Her record with Jacob, however, was pretty evenly matched, even though they were the pair that fought each other the most.

She expected him to pounce again but was surprised when his massive hand ensnared her thin wrist. Puzzled, she tried to pull it out of his grasp but he was definitely using most of his strength now. He pulled her arm slowly towards him, effectively dragging her body closer to his as he bared his teeth.

"Oh no you don't. Don't you dare bite me Jacob Black!" She laughed despite not knowing whether to be amused or pissed off.

"Too late for that now isn't it Clearwater?" He mused as he drew her wrist ever closer.

By this point Leah had noticed that the four vampires and one half-vampire in the garden had all stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to the pair of wolves with varying degrees of amusement on their faces.

"Do you think they've watched the Discovery Channel lately?" Jasper asked, nudging Edwards ribs with his elbow. His question earned a chuckle from Emmett and Edward just as Leah managed, with some fancy footwork, to twist her arm out of Jacob's strong grasp.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bella asked as she approached her husband's side.

Neither of the two wolves were listening, Jacob too pre-occupied with trying to regain his hold on his Beta, while Leah took a defensive stance as they circled each other.

"Wolf behaviour. Natural, wild wolves at least." Edward started to answer, returning his wife's loving embrace. "You see, the Alpha male will bite the female he has chosen to be his mate."

"Oh." She gasped, "So they're wolf flirting?"

"Pretty much, although I don't think either of them realise it." He replied.

"Get away from me!" Leah half shrieked, half laughed as she turned and sprinted towards the forest, easily leaping over the river that meandered through the Cullen property. She wouldn't usually run away from a good fight but she knew that she had to use her speed in order to win.

She heard Jacob darting through the trees behind her and she pondered phasing but quickly realised that stripping would slow her down and she really should preserve what little clothing she had left.

"I'm going to catch you Leah." He taunted, increasing his pace.

"Yeah good luck with that, we both know damn well that I'm the fastest." She called back. Unfortunately in her haste to get away from him she had run directly north to a part of the forest that, despite her weeks running around Leech Manor while Bella was pregnant, she didn't know that well. Knowing that Jacob had the upper hand here, spending most of his time in this part of the forest, Leah started to make a wide turn towards the west just on the outskirts of a small clearing.

She had either timed her change of direction rather poorly or Jacob could now read her mind even when human because no sooner had she turned, her Alpha barrelled into her with full force, grabbing her waist and sending them both tumbling into the clearing. They rolled, still grappling each other, neither wanting to allow the other the upper hand as their combined laughter filled the air. Jacob had moved his hands from her tiny waist in an effort to try and pin Leah's arms while she used her legs and hips to try and create some space between their bodies so that she could escape once again.

When they came to a stop Leah cursed as she realised Jacob had her pinned underneath him. His right arm was fully extended, palm flat on the ground to avoid crushing her with his weight. His left hand easily grasped both her wrists above her head and his left leg was holding down her right one with his knee pressing firmly into her thigh while his right leg nestled comfortably between hers. Well, comfortable for her anyway.

She wriggled desperately under him. "Let me go."

"No." He replied petulantly, smiling down at her.

"Let me go, now!" she cried.

"Hmmm…no. I still have to bite you."

Now feeling uncomfortable with both their compromising position- not that Jacob had seemed to notice that- and the direction of their conversation, Leah struggled harder and replied, "No you really don't Jacob. Don't you dare bite me."

She could tell from Jacob's expression that he realised he was making her uncomfortable but it only seemed to entertain him even more.

"Now, the only question left is where do I bite?" he mused, laughing.

"Don't." She pulled her arms, knowing that it would be useless, not least because he was so much stronger than her but also because she was laughing with him, and it weakened her ability to escape. She shook her head at him, unable to form words and that's when she noticed his weakness. Looking to her left she noticed Jacob's arm, to arm propping him up. She could knock him off balance if she…could just…reach… a bit…further…

"Owww!" She cried, partly in pain, partly in surprise, and just a small, tiny bit of lust as he bit down on her now exposed neck, although she would never admit, even to herself, to the lust part.

She could tell that he wasn't using his full force, however it wasn't exactly a light bite either and she was pretty sure he had at least broken the skin. He groaned, sending vibrations across her whole body, and she idly wondered if he'd spent too long with bloodsuckers and was turning into one.

Her breathing hitched as he stopped biting but didn't pull away, his hot breath now on her pulse point and those lips, lips she had dreamed about kissing even when she tried to suppress her desires, were poised just millimetres from her exposed flesh. If it hadn't been for her werewolf senses she would not have been able to hear the way his heartbeat quickened as he moved his head towards her ear, his nose grazing along her neck.

He stopped moving when his lips reached her ear and his heartbeat quickened once again, taking hers with it so they almost matched beat for beat.

"I want to kiss you Leah," he whispered roughly, almost nervously, causing her to shudder. "I've wanted to kiss you for so long."

Her breathing stopped altogether and Jacob pulled back swiftly to make sure she was ok.

She looked into his chocolate brown eyes and saw something she couldn't quite place. How could she when no one had ever looked at her that way before? He leant down; closing his eyes as his lips lightly brushed hers.

Leah brought her head up in order to press her lips closer to his as all thoughts left her mind and all she sense around her was Jacob. He needed no further encouragement as he deepened the kiss with a groan that her body tingling. He let go of her wrists and cupped the back of her head, tangling his finger roughly in her hair. She immediately used her new found freedom knock his arm out and he collapsed on top of her, never breaking their passionate kiss. She opened her mouth, giving silent permission for his tongue to explore.

His groans and her whimpers could probably be heard for miles, but they were past caring, too wrapped up in each other and what they had both tried to deny for so long to even consider who could out there.

She didn't know what this would turn into, but she didn't want to stop. She couldn't even find it in herself to even contemplate ending this right now, preferably before she got hurt. For once she put aside all her problems and her heartbreak and let herself simply feel. Feel as Jacob's lips moved against hers and she lost all coherent thought.

A couple of miles away, Edward continues his afternoon with his family, trying desperately to ignore the overly loud thoughts coming from Jacob and Leah. He wished they'd gone further out. For the most part he is amused by the pair's antics, he couldn't begrudge Jacob for having some fun while his daughter was growing up, after all, anything that meant that Jacob wouldn't be about to burst when she came of age had to be a good thing, and if he was being completely honest, he had seen this coming months ago. Although one particular thought had been nagging at him, once a mate is chosen wolves mate for life.

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