I've not forgotten about my NCIS story, I'm just ironing out a few spots for the next few chapters. I thought I'd have some fun in New York.

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- Summary: Honey….I Shrunk Mac. All you need to know is Mac….get's turned into a little Munchkin. He's still Semi aware he knows who people are. But doesn't know their significance or remember his adult life. Slight Stargate SG-1 as well. Plus 1 Original Character and 1/2 Original Character.

Mac was alone and heart broken on the inside. He had Stella his best friend and she made his life bearable. He had his CSIs and Don, they two eased the pain some what. But on the inside he was falling apart. Claire's heart broke for the man she'd left behind when the towers had fallen.

She'd watched over him day after day, night after night. Watching him go through the motions of his life. He'd wake up 5:00 AM and go jogging. He'd be showered by 6:00 AM and out the door at 6:09 AM. His breakfast was often forgotten and be in the lab by 7:00 AM. The rest of his day was a vigorous routine. Chase the evidence, find the killer and see justice served. His nights consisted of paper work and going through cold cases until the next day begun or exhaustion won out. The only time he seem to live was on stage playing Jazz on a Thursday night.

Claire was thankful each day for the people in his life. Stella, Hawkes, Danny, Adam, Flack and even Sid. Each of them tried to look out for Mac in their own way. She was certain if not for these people Mac would have self-destructed and ate his own gun long ago.

It's been nine years, she wished he could go on living life to fulfilment. She'd moved on in the years but Mac still held a special place in her heart. She'd always care for him deeply and wanted to see him happy.

A pair of strong arms wormed their way between her arms to hug her close. She met Dav ( "DA-V") not to long after she'd found herself here. He'd been here for thousands of years. 11 years ago a man like him would only exist in the pages of a Sci-Fi novel. Dav had been a pilot in the Ancient Army, he'd never told her his whole story. But she'd grown to love the man the same as Mac but some how this love was for him.

Claire was broken from her thoughts by Dav's sleep thickened voice.

" My heart hurts for him Claire"

Clair turned around in his arms to face him and he continued.

" Ever since, I'd patched our plasma screen into the mainframe. I've watched you watch him and at times I've watched him."

" Dav?"

" I know he's special not just to you, but a very special man. It hurts to see him suffer in his own prison of silence."

" Thank you Dav, I just wish there were something I could do"

" I think I can help, The ancient's used technology that activated based on our genes."

Claire chuckled she knew all about Dav's Gene. It annoyed her to no end when he'd think the water cold. So she'd hurry up and get out of the shower.

" Sweetie Mac's not an ancient or very great grand baby ancient. I would remember our toaster turning blue"

" Not like that Claire" Dav deadpanned " Come here"

She followed Dav into his study and watched as he picked up small artifact. It was no bigger then an American Quarter.

" What is it?"

" This is what I mean"

" Sweetheart your going to have to explain"

Maybe you should get some cocoa it's a long story.

A few minuets later with her beverage in hand, she sat on the love seat in the study as Dav began to tell his story.

" My people faced a great enemy known as the Wraith. They were similar to the Vampires in your silly twilight books. Instead of sucking blood…they sucked your life in years from your chest. A young man would grow old and be left to die.

The Wraith had gotten my father when I was a lad. An explosion in the city scared the wraith who was feeding on my father and he left. The damage had been done and I knew his time was drawing to a close. He pointed to his desk at a blue glowing circle. He said it'd give back 41 years in which they've taken. He'd made me promise I'd only give it up or use it to preserve life. I think he'd want me to give this to Mac."

" My father was scientist, he'd done everything with this disk except encode it for activation."

" That's why you can touch it?"

" Exactly, at this point I could encode it to activate on a more simple parameter such as a finger print"

" This could work on Mac?"

" It will work on Mac, but in giving back those 41 years. It will be taking away 41 of the years Mac as lived. Mac only 42 and then some not an old Man."

" Are you telling me he'll….He'll de-age?"

" Yes, Claire I am…If this is used Mac will revert back to a boy a little more then one. He'll retain some of his adult memories like people. But he won't remember the specifics in his life."

" What about Me?"

" He'll remember you Claire, Your in his heart. He won't remember play by play details or maybe even being married but he'll know you in his heart and know you were special to him."

" It's up to you honey, I've had this for 9000 years another couple won't hurt it?"

Claire though about it and reached into the breast pocked of her bathrobe and handed Dav' one of Mac's guitar pics. She'd been able to return to earth's dimension and bring back one memento from her life their. She'd taken one of Mac's pics, she loved to hear him play during the night.

" Please Dav this should have his finger print"

Taking the guitar pic, Dav screened the pic and neutralized the print for duplication. A few minuets later the disks programming was altered to only activate by Mac's thumb. The disk was then inserted into a small plastic boarder to mimic a guitar pic.

" How do we get this to him?"

" Easy enough, You remember Zoren?"

" Yes the Tit Grabber?"

" He's a dimension jumper, that owes me a favour. He'll be here in a few seconds. I love effortless texts"

Claire punched him in the shoulder and laughed.

Claire was amazed by how effortless Zoren jumped and landed in Mac's apartment. He placed the pic in the strings of Mac's guitar and melted his last one with a lighter. Claire mused over his unconventional tactics but they were effective. She watched as Zoren went into Mac's study and took the picture of her and Mac from the desk and jumped back into their dimension.

Zoren quickly piped up " I took the liberty of programming the phone to dial a Don Flack at NYPD, so he won't be there to long on his own."

" Thank you Zoren"

The three members settled in to watch the scenes unfold. The middle of the night saw a restless Mac picking up his bass guitar. Grabbing his pic he began to pluck a few cords and found himself feeling dizzy. Putting the guitar down he laid across the couch and closed his eyes.

The group watched on as Mac seemed to shrink and eventually he was the size a small toddler swimming in a Man's t-shirt on the couch. Clair smiled when she saw little munchkin Mac's head pop out of the shirts neck. His hair was so tufty and stuck up in every direction. She no longer had to wonder why he insisted on short hair. Gone were the dead blue eyes of the man Mac had turned into. They were replaced by the innocence of youth. She had to chuckle when tiny fists rubbed his eyes and he snuggled further into his t-shirt and passed out in the way only the young could.

Dav tugged his wife to bed and thought off the plasma.

"We'll check back tomorrow. The balls in their court now."