Whoa trippy sorry guys, been busy with school and lately I've been doing quite a few Hawaii Five-0s feel free to check them out. I'm working out a cross over between NY & Hawaii Five-0. This story would have an Adult Mac….No kiddies sorry. The way it's set up would be that Mac spent two years in Hawaii and lived with the McGarrett family. Steve gets kidnapped by a deranged physco and it'll take the combined effort of the five oh task force and NY crime lab to get to him in time.

This update is super short….sorry

Don had an amazing sleep, except for the part where a little foot wound up in his nose and a giant finger in his ear. It seemed his baby marine and his big one shared their love of nocturnal aerobics. He debated sleeping on the coach several times but then Colin would nuzzle closer to him and kiss the back of his neck or Mackie would grab a fist full of his shirt. Actions that anchored him to his bed and the other two occupants. He woke up to an empty bed and lazily stretched out atop the bed.

The apartment was to quiet, Don knuckled his eyes like a sleepy toddler, rolled out of bed and began the journey to the kitchen. He peeped his head in Mackie's room and came up empty. Checked the bathroom thinking maybe Colin had decided on taking a shower and the little boy conned him into letting him play in all the bubbles alas he came up empty once more. Flack wasn't hyper worried; there was a small indoor play area in the apartment on the bottom floor which the little boy had taken a liking to. Flack made his way into the kitchen and promptly tripped, falling face first into a huge bowl of apple sauce.

" What the?"

" Doh-hee gah boo boo?" Mackie asked with his imploring blue eyes on lanky detective.

" I'm ok, Munchkin. Did I just land in apple sauce?"

" Lemme See" Colin chirped as he swiped a finger across Flack's cheek and tasted it.

" mmmh yeah that's apple sauce alright" he said with a crooked little smile. Flack laughed when Mackie smeared his hand across his cheek and shoved it in his mouth. It wasn't quite as elegant or graceful as Colin's but was certainly adorable.

" Colin why is there a bowl of apple sauce on the floor"

" Well Mackie and I were sharing it note the baby spoon in your hair and mine beside the bowl, I kind of borrowed your laptop and we'er writing and email to one of my friends still in The Stan."

" Oh, well thats very nice the little Mac Man must love that" Flack knew the Mac the adult would of been touched to receive and email while on deployment from a fellow Marine and sweet little guy with a big heart and lots of love for the core. Even adult Mac would love the thought of that being done.

" Appo Ouse Doh-Hee?"

" No thanks, you and Colin go right ahead. I've got to call Auntie Stella, Uncle Adam, Uncle Danny, Uncle Sheldon, Aunt Lindsay and Sid so they can come over for lunch."

" Ohlin tay to?" Mackie asked Flack before turning shining eyes onto the Marine.

" If it's ok with Colin?"

" Love to"

Don got up from the floor and shoved his head under the tap to rid his hair and face of the adult baby mush now inside it. Finished he bent over the two boys who seemed to have him by the heart and shook his hair off like a wet dog. It really was starting to get slightly to long and he was in need of a trim. hmmm perhaps Sid would play barber for him to, when he fixed Mac's ADHD crop of hair.

Colin and Mackie shrieked and laughed over the cold water. Satisfied Don walked off to call his friends and left the boys to there Marine talk and their bowl of goop. Honestly Flack hated the stuff, even as a child. His mom had to puree peaches for him instead. The conversation was not only baby babble from Mac but genuine adult babble he couldn't understand from Colin.

Don grabbed his phone and dialled the all to familiar number of one Stella.

" Detective Flack" Stella said

" Hey that's my line, Miss Stella!"

" Well Mr. Donald to what do I owe the pleasure for this phone call."

" Could you round up the guys for lunch, I'm cooking my treat"

" Oh my dear Irish Gordon Ramsey!" Stella cooed into the phone. She was the only person fully aware of the full scope Flack's kitchen abilities entailed. Despite only being a college grad he actually had two and half years of culinary school under his belt. He realized after four months of co-op in a restaurant he loved to cook but what he wanted and at his own pace.

" Shut up Stell"

" Fine that my Irish Julia Cheilds"

" Stella….."

" Alright alright your just so fun to bug"

" Yeah Yeah, Love you to so you coming"

" Yeah I'll go rope the cattle, whats on the menu?"

" Chicken Alfredo, Casear Salad and Garlic Bread"

" Sounds amazing make extras"

" Fine but bring your own damn tupperware this time"

" What's that supposed mean Flackie"

" Oh I don't know before I came out to you and you became a Gay Man's girlfriend, I had 35 sets of tupperware, A set of novelty sandwiches cutters and two plastic juice boxes. Now I only have the Dinosaur shaped sandwich cutters and 5 sets of tupperware."

" The dishwasher ate them"

" Stella your a dork, oh and Colin will be there for lunch"

" Awww, I'm so exited"

" Aww your such a women"

" Aww but I get to meet my little Donnie's man love"

" I'll never understand women" Don said in an exasperated tone.

" That's why your gay Don"

" Ditto"

" See you at Lunch"

Don hung up the phone rolling his eyes before shucking his PJs and changing into some day clothes and heading back to the kitchen. He found the two boys making faces into the computer probably playing with that photo booth thing.

" Do you think I could leave you to for a couple hours and not regret it? I've got to grocery shop"

" No problem babe, Mackie and I will be perfect angels" " Nod your head Mackie"

Both Mac and Colin were nodding their heads.

" Alright, Be good for Colin" Don said as he got his customary kiss on the nose Mackie and one on the lips from Colin. Don knew Mackie maybe a munchkin but he was still very much a Marine and Don's seen the videos on youtube. Marines in the company of each other were almost a cooking recipe for some kind of disaster. His thoughts were verified when he heard Colin go " Have you ever seen Risky Business Sport" as he headed the door. Flack now had the picture of the trouble makers running around sliding on his floors in dress shirts and underwear a diaper in the case of little Mac to the sounds of Old Time rock n Roll. The picture was rather endearing. Hopefully that'd be the worst he had to worry about but he'd deal with those hurdles when he got back.