hi all sorry i have not been on latey i was not aloud on the computer but now im back and ready to carry on with jay & theresa true love

last time on jay & theresa true love

theresa:haha why jay i,m cronus queen and now i will kill you

jay:theresa please dont do this please

theresa:haha no i will kill you if you like it or not jay

''then cronus came''

jay:cronus give theresa back now

cronus:oh jay why would i do that

jay:well i love her thats why

cronus:thersa come here my queen

''so theresa went over to cronus''

theresa:yes master

cronus:haha my queen kill jay will you

theresa:i will love to master

so theresa went over to jay to kill him''

jay:theresa please come back to me THERESA


cronus: ha ha the necklace she has on control her mind

jay: theresa lisen to me the necklace is controling you please remember your friends and me remember i love you shap out of it

* all theresa did was just stayed in the same spot*

jay: theresa please come back please

cronus: kill him my queen

theresa: i obey

* so she walked over to jay*

jay whispered: i konw your in their somewere please come back to me

theresa:i..i must break free

* then the necklace vanshed from her neck*


jay: theresa is that really you

theresa: yes it is really me

* she gave him a kiss on the lips*

herry:theresa your back

theresa:yes i am herry * she gave herry a hug*

cronus: ha ha you win this time but i will return * cronus left in his portal *

theresa:jay thanks for saving me

jay:your welcome my love

* so they kiss again*

neil:that is so gross


jay: lets go home

theresa: good idea jay

*so they went home to brownstone*

the end

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