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Chapter 1

The day started off so great...

Today looks perfect,thought Takato as he and Guilmon walked through the streets of Shinjuku. Shame there aren't more people out enjoying it. Oh well, makes getting to the park easier. The two walked in peaceful silence, and soon entered the park and began to make their way up the worn path to the hideout. Takato smiled once it came into view, seeing everyone, including Ryo, had already arrived. It seemed Rika and Kazu were engaged in a game of cards, with the others gathered around to watch. Some of them joked about Kazu's current predicament, while others cheered him on.

As Takato got closer, Rika won, causing Kazu to slouch back in defeat and notice him. His friend waved wildly and yelled "Geez, Chumley, can't you at least make it to your own birthday party on time!" Yes, the reason for the day's gathering was Takato's sixteenth birthday.

"I'm not late!" Takato replied with a smile on his face. "Your all just early."

"Gogglehead, people have tried that argument for years and never succeeded," said Rika, "what makes you think it'll work for you?"

"Because they obviously didn't have my charming personality," he replied, causing the others to laugh.

Rika groaned. "Great, you've been spending to much time with Ryo."

Terriermon leaped forward. "Well now that everyone's here, let's get the party started!"

Everything had been going great. After everyone ate cake and gave Takato his gifts, the digimon – with the exception of Cyberdramon, who was laying beneath the shade of a large tree – began a game of tag, while their tamers enjoyed themselves in conversation. But of course, all good things come to an end, as made apparent when everyone's D-Arcs started beeping. "Aw man," groaned Takato as everyone reached for their digivices and accessed the compass. "Let's go," he said reluctantly.

The bioemergence was on the edge of the park, so Takato was surprised to find the digital field already dissipating when they got there. I don't like this. Before he could enter it though, a fierce wind from within blew what was left of the field away. In it's place, Takato saw a reaper-like digimon floating in the center. It wore a gray robe and red cloak with a hood shrouding its face in darkness, glowing blue eyes piercing out from beneath. In one hand it carried a golden scythe, while the other held the chain attached to it, with a black ball dangling from it. Around the digimon's neck was a golden necklace with a red eyeball on it.

Henry checked his D-Arc, "Phantomon, virus type, ultimate level. Attacks are Dark Sentence, Shadow Scythe, and Diabolic Star."

"Ultimate, eh?" Takato summoned a blue card; Rika, Henry, and Kazu did likewise. "Ready boy? Digi-mod-"

"I don't think so!" yelled Phantomon as he charged straight at Takato, scythe raised.

What the- was the gogglehead's last thought before Phantomon swept the scythe downward.

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