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Now for Chapter 18:


Woohoo by: Christina Aguilera

Edward had returned home late last night, but I had sat quietly in my room pretending not to notice his footsteps as he walked down the hallway towards his bedroom.

Esme had prepared a nice breakfast for all of us the next morning. Sitting beside Emmett, he winked and I couldn't help but smile back mischievously.

"Do you like pancakes Rosalie?" Her kind eyes bore into mine smiling as she held a plate out for me to reach for a stack.

"Love them."

Emmett wrapped his arms around my chair as Alice and Jasper gave lovey dovey eyes towards each other, god they made me so sick.

"This girl's got an appetite like me…"

For some reason what he said sounded completely sexual to me and my mind struggled not to got there.

A cough gave me goose bumps as Edward had finally joined us for breakfast. His expression was sour and he had purple rings under those beautiful eyes of his. It was apparent he had not slept a bit.

"Morning," he almost growled as he sat in front of Emmett and I watching his brother with a grim look as he unwrapped his arm from my chair.

Boy, was he in a horrible mood this morning. Picking at his food with his fork, he sighed angrily as we all ate quietly. Even his mother didn't bother asking him what was wrong.

"Did you all know Rosalie is almost an expert at pool?" The eldest Cullen sibling attempted to make light conversation.

Jasper nodded. "Girl learned it from me."

Making the wrong move, Emmett reached to grab for my hand but hesitated and held it back. It was all too late though because Edward had stood violently from his chair. Grabbing his coat we all watched as he stormed out of the dining room and heard the front door slam.

"Well, that was rude," Alice half-whispered to herself then looked up at me with wide-eyes. Catching the flicker of knowledge that spread through her eyes, I looked away embarrassed that she may finally know what had Edward so angry lately.

"Rosalie," Em whispered while the other's chatted away about Carlisle's emergency call that morning.

Turning my head slightly so it didn't look like we we're talking I gestured for him to continue. Now that Alice may or may not know what was going on between Edward and I, being careful not to make her think I was doing the same with Emmett was necessary.

"Don't go to school. Hang out with me…"

Raising my brow I contemplated his suggestion and decided that maybe that was a good idea. Seeing Edward all day, especially in that sour mood of his would most likely be unbearable.

After a couple of moments I let a groan escape my throat as Esme, Jasper, and Alice looked at me with concerned.

Catching on Emmett looked down, trying very hard not to smile.

"What's wrong?" Jasper looked me over worriedly.

Why was being a good liar ever a bad thing, I thought as I replied, "Not sure, my stomach hurts and I feel as if him developing a sudden headache." For added effect I put my hand to my stomach and groaned again.

"Maybe you should stay home then?" Esme suggested sweetly.

I attempted what I hope looked like a painful smile and then made a gag effect as I stood and went to run up the stairs to my bedroom. Not before hearing Alice grumble, "Maybe she's pregnant."

Laughing to myself as I reached the top of the stairs, I plopped myself unto my bed and shook my head. The pill was my ritual, I couldn't be pregnant. But, what she had suggested meant she knew what Edward and I had done. And therefore I needed to have a talk with her soon.

Missing my mother, I closed my eyes wondering how I became such a bad girl. Daddy issues?

Such a cliché, Oh well.

Two hours later Em and I sat beside each other in the living room playing Call of Duty and trying to beat Edward's kill streak; it was impossible.

Giving up he set the remote on the coffee table in front of us and laid back on the couch turning towards me.

"You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, you know that?"

Refusing to blush I looked away, Emmett wasn't as handsome as Edward, but they we're brother's and they we're both good looking. Em was sweeter and funnier, and easier to talk to. That's something I liked a lot.

"Thanks Em…"

Holding my hand, with the other he tugged at my hair and his lips closed in on mine.


Time is running out by Muse

Last night had possibly been one of the most terrible things I had ever done. Before first period, Bella had tried to catch up with me but I had dodged her. Ashamed with both myself and for her. How could she be so stupid?

After first on my way to my locker, Angie had run up to me asking to speak to me. I had shaken my head and walked away making myself feel like more of an asshole. Seeing them reminded me of what I was. And what I had made them into. They we're impossibly respectable in my book.

Annoyed with everyone, I walked through the hallways after second period wondering where the hell Rosalie was, I had not seen her all day. Why I still cared I wasn't very sure, she was a bitch and made me completely miserable but seeing her was always the highlight of my day. Except, when my brother sat beside her looking at her with those needy eyes of his.


"What," I spun on Alice not bothering to hide my agitation.

She rolled her eyes and looked away from me sadly. In a robotic tone, "You need to get all of Rose's work from the classes you both have together."

Worried my brows raised. "Is she alright?"

Not meeting my eye she shook her head," No she's home sick…" Looking down she whispered, "..With Emmett."

Nostrils flaring, I turned away from her and ran down the hall and out of the school towards the parking lot.

She wouldn't. Not my brother. How could she?

Throwing my backpack in the backseat of my Volvo, I hopped into the driver's seat and sped to my house. Images that made my fists shake with fury fueled me into going faster than I think I've ever driven before.

Creeping up my driveway slowly, I made it to the front entrance and unlocked the door, praying to heaven or hell that nothing was behind it.

Rosalie's laughter echoed throughout the foyer.

"Stop it," She cooed, almost lovingly.

Going pale and my heart dropping I walked slowly to the entrance of my living room and stopped mid-step.

Taking in the scene before me, I wasn't entirely sure which emotion I felt at that moment, but they we're all very bad, and I couldn't stand it.

Gripping her hair, Rose sat atop Emmett straddling him topless as they kissed violently.

Suddenly, the room went black and my blood ran dangerously hot.

Charging towards them, Rose stood away from me as I pounded my fists onto my brother's head.

Not her, I had warned him. NOT HER!

I'd like to finish this story in 5-7 more chapters, not sure depending on how much time I have on my hands! Thanks for reading!