Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke


It was time to make things right. Rosalie and I needed to talk. And I mean talk. No games. I was done with games. They were silly, Id pour my heart out to her once again and if she refused me then it'd be the end and Id move on.

Speeding through the Forks roads I swerved my Volvo into our high school parking lot and watched as Rosalie stomped over towards a guy Ive never seen before leaning against a black BMW. She had never looked more beautiful then she did now. Not so dolled up with all that fucking make-up.

She looked mad, she was looking at him in a way that didn't even amount to the way she had looked at me after catching me with a girl. Rosalie's hate for this stranger radiated through the parking lot.

I parked and approached curious to know who this stranger was and getting her away from everyone enough to talk to her.

She yelled as she approached him.

"What are you doing here!?"

He smiled at her warmly as if he enjoyed her being this angry. I enjoyed it, but only when it was about me.

"I miss you Rose. I'm here to win you back."

The fuck he was. Rosalie was mine. No matter what she had done to me last night and no matter what anyone said. "Rosalie..." I called ignoring the guy named Royce.

She gulped looking towards him and then at me then her eyes seemed to brighten as she called to me. "Thank god you're here babe."

Babe? So now I was her babe. Great, not where I wanted to start things off so quickly, but it'd have to do.

The entire school seemed to be surrounding us at that moment. A few people gasped at what she had said as she approached me and laid her arms on my chest. The guy in front of us seething in anger and annoyance.

I shrugged, Fuck it and kissed her then in front of everyone. Mike Newton's voice was loud somewhere in the background. "Cullen and Rosalie. What the fuck..."

Angela Webber seemed to cry in agony in the distance. Looking up I watched as both she and Bella ran inside obviously pained.

"Who is the hell is this?" Royce's voice boomed as his fists clenched and his posture changed.

Looking up at me, Rosalie smiled and cooed, "This is my boyfriend. Edward Cullen."

Boyfriend. That sounded catchy... Hope this little scene would be over and done with soon so we could actually talk about things. Especially now that the whole school thought they were an item.

"You're really doing this to me Rose. You know I love you. I made a mistake. Guys make mistakes..."

The guy named Royce seemed to be copying a line from my script today as he spoke. Would Rosalie forgive him?

She shook her head. "Im sorry Royce but I dont care about you anymore..."

Feeling like I didnt belong in this conversation I wanted to take a step back, but Rosalie held me to her as if I were her lifeline.

"I realize people make mistakes. Ive made some of my own. But you should strive to not hurt the ones you love. And Im going to do that from now on and I expect the person Im with to do the same..."

Rosalie's bright blue eyes looked up at me now. No this wasnt about Royce, this was about us. There was an US.

My heart seemed to mend back together. She had forgiven me, and she knew Id forgive her.

Sighing in disgust the guy named Royce King opened the drivers side door to his car and hopped in yelling, "Good luck with her Cullen..."

"Wont be needing it!" I called as Rosalie and I turned around hand in hand and walked towards the school...



Everything seemed to be okay. We had not been able to talk yet, but for some reason I had a good feeling about all of this. We would be OK. Together, somehow and OK.

At gym I changed into my gym clothes and ran out to meet the rest of the girls. Lauren stared at me angrily. Bella looked down sadly. And Angela just avoided eye contact.

"So you and Edward, a couple huh?" Not bothering to disguise the venom in her voice Lauren prodded for information.


"We'll see how long that lasts," She seemed to threaten as Bella sighed angrily and walked away from the group.

"Longer then you two did. Oh wait, you never actually dated, did you?" I walked towards her angrily. No way was she going to threaten to ruin this for me.

"When he comes knocking on my door at night because you arent enough. We'll see who has who," She mumbled.

My hand flew across the air and her face before I could stop myself. Every single person in the gym was no staring their way... including Edward who just smiled crookedly at me and winked.

I wasn't Isabella Swan. Bitches had better stay away from my man.

"You're dismissed from the team Lauren. Don't bother showing up for practice..." And I ran out to catch up with Edward who waited by the exit to the gym. My brother had us running laps today outside for class.

He kissed my forehead and we walked outside as the rest of the class followed.

"We need to talk," He mouthed.

Smiling I nodded and mouthed back. "I know."

After gym, in the girls locker room. I took my sweet time getting dressed because I was not going back to class. Edward and I were out of here.

Bella hung back and leaned against my locker. "It was you. The whole time. He loved you..."

Feeling awkward I looked down unure of what to say to her, "Im sorry..."

She shook her head. "Its alright. I was stupid. I knew I wasnt the one... but you are. Dont let all those other girls get into your head."

Stupid Bella wasn't so stupid and pathetic after all. "Trust me. I wont."

"Be careful."

In Edwards car, he played his muse cd and leaned back against the drivers seat, face full of content.

"You didn't win..."

His brows cocked. "This was never a game to me Rosalie."

I smiled at him warmly and grabbed his neck cuff pulling him towards me and nibbling on his lips. "I won."

He shoved his tongue down my throat. "Whatever you say Rose."

"I love you Edward."

He pulled back and stared into my eyes and then smiled almost mischievously. "You better love me. Because I sure as fuck love you."

Rolling my eyes I punched him in the chest hard.

I wonder where we go from here..

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