(Inspired by Evanescence "Hello")

Hello; it's not a greeting, it's a
desperate cry for help. It's more of
a Good-Bye actually if you ever heard it;
For I wish I did, but she's dead.

I left her on the other side of the ocean,
The last thing exchanged was a threat.
Gun to my heart, but I'd already killed her.
Was it anger? Or was it the truth she couldn't face?

'Trust' and 'never again', pierced me deeper
then I wanted to allow. It's like stabbing someone
to death, then dismembering them; something
not necessary, but felt so right.

Months later, desperation still gnawed at me.
And that was it, I didn't care who was wrong,
Each day drained me, it all became a blur.
I had to find her, I couldn't live without her.

'She's dead', the words did not register,
it couldn't be! For if it was true, it was my fault
that she's dead. And all of a sudden, my hopes
fell, crashed and burned; died… I died.

Only thing left to do, was to honor her,
to kill the man who did this to her.
So I ventured across the ocean, to a god forsaken
cell, dark and putrid. One word. Vengeance.

My plan was easy, all I had to do was get captured;
And get killed. Because I am the killer.
That all changed when the black, dusty bag was pulled.
Her. Miss Right. There she sat. Alive. Breathing.

And suddenly the suicide mission became a rescue mission.
I thanked god I did not hear those words, 'Hello'.
I was resurrected; adrenaline and a deadly mixture of
chemicals ran through my veins. I smiled.

If I did not believe it, I know I'll wake from this
dream. Her chocolate orbs rose and brightened my life,
then left me in the shadows. They shouted 'Hello';
she'd given up. She'd found her resolution.

Then everything clicked, I would change that.
Fill her emptiness; get her out of this shit.
I would rip the 'Hello' out, and seize it! So
she would never see it again. I will. I promise.