Title: Filled to the Brim
Rating: M
Pairing: Shiki x Izaya (later sequel will be Shizuo x Izaya)

Summary: Shiki and Izaya makes a deal... which involves a lot of smut .
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: I need this badly, I don't care which situation, I don't care how, nor when, nor why, as long as it's not sweet love making I do want.

Editor: glampop

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Quick author's note:
there's a slight novel spoiler regarding Shiki. (its regarding his marriage status. Just letting you guys know beforehand) The Japanese fandom believes that Shiki is probably married due to the ring on his finger, though I don't think his wife is not mentioned in the novel (if i'm correct)

Also, I found out that Shiki calls Izaya "Orihara-san" much later, while in the middle of writing the fic.. Blame the pixiv for making me think Shiki would think of Izaya as a 'kid' since he recently got out of high school... but in this fic Shiki will call him "Orihara-kun" in a much casual manner.

Now without further a due...

"Nnng…" Izaya moaned as Shiki's cock was shoved into his mouth.

"Shut up, I don't need to hear your slutty voice," the older man said as he yanked on Izaya's dark hair with his thin bony hand, forcing Izaya to swallow him whole. Izaya groaned into the cock as he sucked on it like delicious candy he'd been desperately begging for and was finally being rewarded with.

"You're quite the whore today." Shiki said in an amused voice as he used his hand to bob Izaya's dark head up and down his hard cock. Izaya's answer was just a moan that vibrated through Shiki's hard length that throbbed inside the young man's mouth.

"Be a good boy and remember to use your tongue properly. If you can't suck better than my wife, it's no deal."

Izaya frowned and tried to pout as he looked up at Shiki, feeling insulted by being poorly compared. Nevertheless, Izaya picked up his pace, his finely tuned tongue lapping up and around the cock, licking and sucking on it over and over, mingling the mixture of his saliva with the precum that kept oozing out, lubricating thoroughly. Whatever his mouth could not cover, he used his hand to finger the shaft of the base and the wrinkly, hairy balls twirling them in his palm.

"Enough," Shiki said as he pulled on Izaya's hair, forcing him to remove himself. Izaya pouted for real now, his mouth protruding out like a child when his favorite toy was taken away.

"I did exactly as you told me to, Shiki-san. Last time you quite enjoyed…" Izaya started to say but Shiki cut him off.

"Shut up and take off your pants."

Izaya blinked. Then he smirked, "Oh? So you did like it," Izaya's grin widened, his eyes twinkling realizing that Shiki cut him off so he wouldn't prematurely come. The older man growled to mask his embarrassment by becoming angry.

"I said, shut up and bend over."

"No, you told me to take off my pants." Izaya coyly retorted with a knowing smirk which irritated Shiki more. But Izaya quickly threw off his pants and proceeded to take off his shirt however…

"No, keep the shirt on. I'm not interested in your bony body."
"So brutal, Shiki-san~. You don't even want me for my body anymore… but just my mouth and my …"
"Less talking, unless you don't care if you're fucked without payment."

Izaya pouted again and he climbed onto the bed as if it was routine. He twisted his arms behind him and handcuffed his wrists together expertly as if he'd done this often. He then sighed dramatically. Any theater director would have been so proud of that sigh. "And? Which position is it this time? Doggy or sixty-nine? You know, for once I do want to try missionary. You never…"

"No missionary. I don't want to see your fucking face," Shiki cut him off again and Izaya's mouth blew up like a blowfish as he waited silently on the bed while Shiki walked over to the cabinet to pull out the bottle of lubrication. It was no fun doing it with a married man sometimes – Izaya thought to himself.

"Spread your legs and lie down," Shiki ordered and Izaya did so. Shiki lathered his hand with lubricant and roughly shoved two fingers inside Izaya. Izaya gasped at the sudden intrusion and squeezed down on the fingers reflexively. "Sh… Shiki… san…" Izaya called his name with a hint of a plea for him to be gentler but the Awakusu-kai's Executive ignored his request as his fingers probed around the walls, lathering him up slickly with the wet goo and deeply penetrating him. Then, just to prepare him correctly, his long fingers pressed and rubbed against Izaya's prostrate. Izaya immediately cried out, arching his back and shivering as the chill ran down his spine and blood drained from his head.

"I'll belt you to the bed if you keep squirming," Shiki's voice was void of any sympathy or concern as his fingers continued to scissor and stretch Izaya's inside. Izaya forced himself to stay on the bed but he couldn't help twitching and curling his toes each time Shiki's fingers dug inside his favorite spot.

"Shiki… s…san …. is… pretty cruel," Izaya murmured, as he continued to squeeze down on those two long fingers, unable to relax. By the time Shiki's fingers pulled out, his body was thoroughly flushed with light pink arousal.

"It still doesn't take you long to get ready. You really are a slut, Orihara-kun," Shiki said casually as he took out the blindfold and gag from his drawers.

"Shiki-san is the … mmmmf." Shiki proceeded to gag Izaya by attaching the gagball securely around his mouth. "You talk way too much. I don't care what you think, your moaning isn't sexy at all, so shut up." Shiki told him bluntly and Izaya gave Shiki a fake hurt look. Shiki ignored him. In fact, he went on and proceeded to cover up his eyes too. "And that look does not make you look 'cute' at all, Orihara-kun." Shiki finished as he tightly wrapped the blindfold. Izaya sighed and mouthed the word 'stingy,' even though he knew Shiki couldn't hear him, nor did he care to. Now he truly had no weapon, his sight, his movement, and his greatest weapon of all, his power to speak was taken from him.

Now that he was tied up, gagged and blind folded, Izaya was totally at the mercy of the Awakusu-kai's Exective.

And that's exactly what happened. The phone rang and Shiki picked up his cell phone. "Ah. The client is here? Tell him to wait, I'll be there soon."

Then Shiki smirked as he looked over at Izaya, "Looks like my client is here a bit early. I'll finish up with him first. I'll make it fast…. and I'll take that silence as your … 'silent' approval." Shiki chuckled at his own joke as Izaya growled under the gag. Shiki grinned though he knew Izaya couldn't see him, he enjoyed having the upper hand on the man for once.

"Not to worry, I wouldn't leave you alone here without a friend though." With that, Shiki pulled out a vibrator from the cabinet as well. He rarely used this item as it was mostly for teasing and torture, but it'd have to do for now.

Shiki climbed up the bed and pushed Izaya down, using ropes to tightly bind Izaya to the bed so he couldn't struggle. After pouring a liberal amount of lubrication onto the vibrator, he pushed it inside Izaya's small hole. Izaya gasped into his gag as he felt himself stretched forcefully all in one rough shove. Izaya almost cursed into his gag, wishing Shiki would have some tact.

Izaya squirmed a bit, trying to adjust the vibrator inside him when Shiki turned it on without warning. Izaya immediately jolted his back arching though the ropes tied on his wrists, neck, waist, and ankles kept him from doing so. The coarse ropes bit into his skin each time he tried to move, and his ass vibrating along with the humming plastic inside him.

"Now then, enjoy your toy while I finish up some business negotiations." And with that, Shiki left.

Izaya cursed Shiki while he painfully moaned into the gag. He could hear the greetings and conversations in the adjoining room and cursed some more. Izaya tried to concentrate, he really wanted to hear what was going on in the other room but his ass told his mind that he wanted something else instead of information. Izaya felt like a failure of an informant for the first time.

Izaya took deep breaths, trying to force his body to calm down and relax, taking in the vibrator inside him so he could concentrate enough to listen in. He squeezed down on the intruder with his small ass, tightly securing it in an encompassing wall.

It took few minutes but Izaya started to get adjusted to the constant vibration inside of him, they weren't like real thrusts that pounded into prostrate after all… but just as he felt that he had gotten used to it, all of a sudden, there was another wave of vibration, a much stronger one that shook his entire body. Izaya cursed at Shiki for having the remote to the vibrator. And cursed him again for teasing him by having an important meeting in an adjoining room, giving him a possible chance for him to eavesdrop on him freely… yet making him unable to do so.

Izaya tried to perhaps move his arms and hands forward to touch his hardened manhood, hoping to finish himself fast, but the ropes and handcuffs were too tight. He couldn't even move to the side to use the bed sheets as friction to jerk himself off. Izaya cursed silently and moaned loudly into the gag as he twisted and turned in bed, the ropes biting into him harsher with each movement, and the vibrator continuously growing stronger in his ass with every second. Izaya didn't care if the client in the adjacent room could hear him or not and if the client heard him, well it served some justice.

Izaya wasn't sure how long he was in that perpetual state of arousal, not enough for him to come, but strong enough to want more….as he bitterly squirmed in bed, trying to either climax or calm down… but he couldn't do neither and was kept in suspended arousal in the darkness until he felt like he was going to go mad.

The door finally opened and Izaya blinked open his eyes, his mind already in a daze, hungry for some real human touch. His vision was hazy against the blindfold, but he could hear Shiki's amused voice as he spoke, "Oh? You didn't cum at all? I thought you would have came a few times… you sounded like you were thrashing about pretty loudly in here after all. I had to tell the client that I have a pet dog in my room that's muzzled and leashed."

If Izaya could retort back, he would have. Damn the gagball.

Shiki turned off the vibrator and Izaya sunk deeply into bed panting heavily as he was finally able to relax. Then the older man cut the ropes off… there were reddish rope marks that crisscrossed Izaya's pale body now, though most of them were hidden behind the black shirt that Shiki told him to continue to wear. Then Shiki started to dig his fingers inside Izaya to pull out the vibrator. Izaya moaned openly as the vibrator came out of his ass with a shameful sounding 'pop.'

While Izaya rested, Shiki took off his shirts and pants, letting them slide onto the floor. Then he climbed the bed next to Izaya and pulled up the tired raven haired man so that Izaya sat on top as he himself laid down.

"Now then. Move." Shiki ordered.

Izaya wished he could at least complain about this tall order, but since he's gagged, he kept his mouth shut. Still blinded, he fumbled a bit, sliding up and down Shiki's flat stomach in order to find his protrusion. Once Izaya's butt felt the now-softened-length behind him, he used his butt to experimentally rub against the length, wetting it with the lubrication that was dripping down his ass. Izaya felt him up with his ass so the length would grow hard again. After a few rubs with his dripping wet ass, Shiki's length started to throb once more and Izaya enjoyed feeling how long and hot it was against his skin.

"Hurry up slut. You take god damn too long." Shiki growled to which Izaya sighed. He mentally noted to remind Shiki that foreplay was very important to having a fun sexual intercourse… but quickly he was devoid of all thought when Shiki positioned himself to thrust inside Izaya. A groan escapes his gagged mouth as his tied up hands clenched. His stomach felt full as he was ripped apart from the inside.

Ah… this was why foreplay was important… his body still wasn't ready yet…