Title: Filled to the Brim Again
Rating: M
Pairing: Shiki x Izaya later Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: I want a hot smut Shizaya continuation. Is that too much to ask, dear anon-san? ;_;
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Author's Note: ... trying to fill all those smut requests resulted in this monster OTL (I don't think I can fill all those in that list but I'm trying to get as close as I can)

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- Izaya knew that Shiki had practically set up the whole thing with Shizuo, so he sets up Shiki with Aoba, introducing him as the leader of Blue Square and the main perpetrator of the drugs that caused problems with Awaukusu-kai. Shiki gives Aoba a 'sharp lesson' which led to some interesting times...

To this day, Akabayashi teased that, although he himself was accused of having a lolita complex, that in truth it was Shiki who had the true Shota complex. Shiki usually bashes Akabayashi's head against the corner of his desk whenever this is brought up.

- No matter what Izaya did, how much he teased and flirted with Shizuo, the blond did not touch Izaya in any inappropriate manner. The rehabilitation took more than four months, and at that point, Izaya was so frustrated, he tried to take off his pants in public (in the middle of the hospital's hallway) in order to get Shizuo to the point where he wanted to be laid NOW. (that time, Shizuo bonked him on the head and carried him away)

Their first time as a couple came much later when Izaya was finally able to walk, like Shizuo had said. (It was hard for Izaya to stay celibate, much to his distress and frustration) But that story is for another time.

- Like Shizuo had promised, he finally introduced Izaya's sisters to Kasuka. But they kept wanting more and more... and even started to hint threats towards Ruri. Ruri on the other hand, being ¼ monster, didn't seem to care that her life could be in danger. When the threat became bad, such as a harmless 5ton hammer suddenly dropping from the sky in front of Ruri in true cartoon style, Kasuka took the twins to the side and explained seriously in his most monotone manner that he loved Ruri and if the twins loved him that much, they should understand.

The twins cried and said they understood. Ever since then, they became fierce stalkers bodyguards for both Kasuka and Ruri, creating a fanclub that supported the coupling. It grew second large next to Erika's fanclub for Shizuo and Izaya as the Ikebukuro's number one couple.

- Orihara Izaya did crack his own attempted homicide case. With his help, Shiki was able to track down the information that the perpetrator was indeed Yadogiri Jinnai, and Tsukumoya Shinichi only knew information on what he had planned to do but not his whereabouts... nor did he actually participate in the deed himself.

Either way, Izaya could not find out where Yadogiri Jinna hid nor who Tsukumoya Shinichi truly is. That would be later in the future.

- When Izaya first came to Shizuo's apartment, he was stunned to find that the entire place had his sticky-notes decorating all the corners of the blond's den. He was so embarrassed, he tried to rip them off, but Shizuo firmly said the sticky notes were gifts just like all the rest and that they must stay. In the end, Izaya relented..

At first they lived separately, but more often Izaya came over to Shizuo's place to sleep, since the apartment was now furnished with things Izaya liked too. After only two months after the rehab and Izaya could walk, he moved into Shizuo's place permanently and kept the flat in Shinjuku strictly for work.

- Approximately nine months into their relationship, Izaya gave back Celty's head to Celty, giving up permanently his wish to become an immortal. Shizuo said he didn't want to be an immortal, he already hated being a supernatural to begin with. Besides, he wanted to grow old with Izaya. By then Izaya had changed so much, he agreed.

- Izaya was still Izaya, the annoying, scheming, shrewd informant who still enjoyed watching people suffer and squirm. Though he softened just a bit. Only a bit. In fact, Celty and Shinra agreed that they could tolerate the man more than 10 minutes now, which was a vast improvement. They didn't mind even spending time with Izaya for more than an hour. (Then it started to grow dry as Izaya kept teasing them a bit too much)

- Shizuo was still Shizuo, a bit too strong for his own good with a quick and fiery temper, angry with men who swore that their love was true despite the hypocrisies... but he himself had found someone who loved him with all his faults, and Shizuo started to grow to hate himself less.

- Their relationship was always rocky, never quite peaceful. They fought often but they also made it up at the end of the day. Because they would never give up their relationship even if the world ended tomorrow. (Which made Erika and the rest of the fanclub ever so happy)

- And this concludes the ending of our story. No relationship is perfect. It's just how much the two people are willing to compromise for the sake of love.

PS – Shizuo made sure that mark on Izaya's chest never faded for the rest of his life. Never.

- the end

Author's Note:

To those who wanted to know the meaning behind the title "Filled to the Brim," the fic was originally a dedication to the author of "Unintentional Affection" who encouraged me to writer longer fics. The fics I wrote before were all one shots which were all usually 1 chapter long. (There's a phrase called 'filled to the brim' in UA which I got the title from. Basically this started as a PWP so I couldn't think of a title except Fill. So I decided to fill this fic to the brim with SMUT, so FTTB was born) I couldn't help but laugh at the irony when someone quoted me from Unintentional Affection in ch 67 (on the drrrinkmeme) in a reply.

Oh and guys, I do expect SOMEONE to please fill after me, like I have requested back in June 9, 2010 ;P pfffffffff…. (I still want Shikizaya guys… sob) Though I'd gladly take any Shikizaya fics on the meme…. (there needs to be more love for this pairing sigh)

I understand that many of ff/net people haaaaaaaaaaated shiki in my fic ahahaha that's alright though it wasn't my intention pfff... i wrote this fic BECAUSE I love shiki so much, i wanted people to know how amazing badass he can be, how adult he is and well, he is a yakuza~~ lol. but in case people ever get confused, I LOVE SHIKI and i really love Shikizaya. The fic was not meant for people to come to hate Shiki but to love him. And again, it is TOTALLY okay that you grew to hate shiki despite my efforts lol~ everyone's different after all :3 I laughed a lot at everyone's hate filled messages for Shiki and didn't mind it at all so no worries.

Thank you for being with me until the end It's been the longest fic journey of my life so far, I'm sure there's others with longer fics and longer journeys, but this one was my first, so I'll always remember it.

And finally last but not least, because my lovely beta Kat (who helped me from around chapter 150+ with my grammar) asked for a scene with them as a couple because she's curious, I'm going to write 3 or 4 extra side stories to wrap up the story as gratitude for her hard work with helping me out. (And thank you to all my friends who have beta-ed my fic when they had the chance)

To you readers, I hope you had fun riding this roller-coaster~ See you next time~