Title: Filled to the Brim Again
Rating: M
Pairing: Shiki x Izaya later Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: I want a hot smut Shizaya continuation. Is that too much to ask, dear anon-san? ;_;
Uhm... I have a few things in mind..
Cowboy!Izaya, 69, Izaya being forced to call Shizu-chan "master"? ;o;, dry orgasm, Izaya coming without being touched, HAIR PULLING OHGODYES;o; and uh... Iderno. You can add anything you want.

Would it be weird if I asked for some spankies...? /

Author's Note: ... trying to fill all those smut requests resulted in this monster OTL (I don't think I can fill all those in that list but I'm trying to get as close as I can)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


"Shiki-san…" Izaya glared at Shiki with a dangerous tone that dripped with malice. Shiki ignored him as he sat back on his couch to watch the show. Shiki's underling roughly pulled down Izaya's pants and Izaya gritted his teeth as he held onto Shizuo's waist. Shizuo looked down to notice that Izaya was slightly quivering. Was it anger or fear? Shizuo did not know.

"Shiki-san… I'll get you for this! I swear it!" By now, the man ripped down Izaya's boxers and was forcefully pulling apart Izaya's legs after he had covered his cock with the new condom. Izaya's crimson eyes went wild in desperation. "Shiki-san! You wouldn't! Dammit, who the fuck said I agreed to this! I only want your…. Hnnngh!" All of Izaya's frantic plea vanished as the man started entering Izaya's behind.

"Haaaa…. Aaaah…. Nn…. Nooo… do-don't! Don't!" Izaya gripped tightly onto Shizuo, burying his face as the man started to enter inside him roughly, only caring for his own pleasure. Luckily Shiki had prepared Izaya thoroughly before with a lot of lubrication when he had inserted the vibrator. Shizuo could feel Izaya's fingers tighten pulled on the shirt around his waist, both hands still bound but in need of something to grasp as Izaya moaned in pain.

"D…dammit S… Shiki-san…" Izaya murmured and Shizuo thought he heard Izaya hiccup. Soon enough Izaya started to moan as the man started thrusting inside of him, again not really caring that Izaya haven't adjusted to the size of his cock.

"Nnngh… aaaah!" Izaya practically screamed when his assailant made one sharp thrust, his long dick pushing the vibrator further inside him. Izaya quivered as he kept his face down, trying to adjust to the forced entry.

"Orihara-kun. Mind your manners now. You've forgotten to receive your milk from your guest," Shiki said casually noting Izaya's lack of 'manners'. On cue, Shiki's underling grabbed the leash on the floor and yanked on it, abruptly bringing Izaya's face back up.

Shizuo was shocked to see tear stricken face. It was then Shizuo realized that this was not a game. He gulped hard as Izaya started hiccupping, crying and yet moan wantonly. It was as if Izaya didn't want it but his body couldn't help but crave for more as if he was addicted to drugs that he knew was destroying his body.

"It… it hurts…" tears flowed fresh down Izaya's cheeks and that look alone made Shizuo's heart throb painfully.

"Orihara-kun. You shouldn't make our guests waiting," Shiki sighed as he raised the level of the vibrator, making his underling purr when his dick hit on it. Meanwhile it only made Izaya gasp out loud even more, his brain turning into mush, unable to hear or think what Shiki would want out of him.

But it seemed he didn't need to as Shiki's subordinate grabbed Izaya by his hair and pushed his head toward Shizuo's cock once more, forcing Izaya to swallow. Shizuo's cock twitched again as Izaya groaned into his mouth trying his best to suck on it out of reflex. Izaya was long gone as he couldn't do much but allow his rapist to bob his head up and down Shizuo's cock for him, matching up with the pace of the thrust from behind. Izaya's eyes glazed as both his front and back entries were filled roughly against his will.

"Nnnngh… nnnngh…. Mmmmnnn…" was all Izaya managed to say as the Awakusu member forced him to suck on his mortal enemy's hard cock. The flushed look on Izaya's face as he was raped from behind only made Shizuo's cock twitch and grow harder with each sucking. Shizuo's legs, arms, hell - his entire fucking body quivered each time Izaya bobbed his head from the force of the thrust from behind. .

"Not bad for just a taste, isn't it…. Heiwajima-san…" Shiki's smirk reeked like a viper's temptation as Shizuo could do nothing but let his most hated enemy give him the best blow job he's ever had.

"So how about it, Heiwajima-san. You can have the full course meal as long as you stay out of our turf and leave our boys to do their work," Shiki continued to speak but Shizuo was having a hard time focusing. It took all of his concentration not to come right now and whatever Shiki was saying did not register in his head. He was only thinking with his lower body as his cock demanded more of Izaya's beautiful flushed face and his slutty mouth to do more of that hot cocksucking action. Shizuo gulped and shook his head.

"N… no. Whatever you just said, fu-fucking forget it! I… I'm not fucking… nngh… f-falling for this…. shit…" Shizuo could not get his eyes off of Izaya now, completely forgetting that he came in here telling himself that he must not take his eyes off of Shiki. Shiki's slick and slippery voice continued to entice him, dripping with poisoned honey but Shizuo mind was too far gone to hear anything other than Izaya's slobbery slurping and the sound of thrusting behind Izaya's ass.

Just then, Shiki's underling, who had poor stamina than all of them, came hard into Izaya's ass… though his cum was collected inside his secured condom. Izaya too shivered as he came, but his cockring stopped him, making him quiver more in agony. Panting, the Awakusu member let go of his victim to clean himself. Izaya topple to the floor from the sudden loss of support, along with denied orgasm. He panted harshly as his lungs sought for breath.

As for Shizuo, all he could do was lean back painfully as his cock twitched in his sad victory. Shizuo was partially glad he didn't come which would mean he didn't let Shiki have his way with him, but now his body was in so much pain and need, he wished he had came when he had the chance.

Shiki tsk'ed in disapproval. "Orihara-kun. I'm disappointed in you. You didn't even milk our guest properly, now how am I going to make my point about our pet program."

Izaya just laid there and moaned in response while Shizuo groaned, both totally spent.

"Orihara-kun. Come here," Shiki called for him finally, once the two of them caught their breath somewhat. Izaya shook his head as he laid there on the ground with the hood covering his head like a sulking cat. Shiki frowned at his disobedient pet.

"I said, 'come here,'" and as if that was his final command, he pressed the remote control to the highest intensity. Izaya immediately jolted and whined in protest. He quickly crawled back toward Shiki so that he would lower the volume of the vibrator, which he did.

"Shiki-san's cruel. That really hurt," Izaya said as he tried to climb up on Shiki's lap. Shizuo watched, still a bit breathless and aroused as Shiki picked him up under his armpit like a cat and set him on his lap. Izaya wrapped his arm around Shiki's neck by lowering his bound hands. He leaned closer and whispered with venom into Shiki's ears, "I'll kill you for this."

"No, you'll thank me later, Orihara-kun," Shiki smirked as he wrapped his hands around Izaya's sore ass and pulled him closer. Shiki spoke up louder for Shizuo to hear, "There, there. Did he hurt you?"

"That was entirely your fault, Shiki-san," Izaya growled back, not really hiding his extreme dissatisfaction. Shiki sighed as he turned to Shizuo, whose pants were still inappropriately pulled down as his hard cock was fully displayed to the world. "My sincerest apology. My pet didn't seem to have satisfied you after all."

"Well he tasted nasty," Izaya added as he stuck his tongue out at the bartender. Shizuo growled at the louse, remembering how much he hated him; whether the flea cried previously while being raped was erased from the debt collector's memory.

"Mind your manners to your guest, Orihara-kun."

"But his cock's way too big and it hurt like hell when your fucking lackey~," Izaya emphasized that word as he glared behind Shiki and hissed, to which the Awakusu member twitched his eyebrow, "fucked me like a whore!"

Shizuo snorted, "You are one." Izaya gave him a deathly glare. He turned back to Shiki and added, "And I'm sore and hurt! How could you Shiki-san! All I ever wanted was you!"

That proclamation sort of stung Shizuo. He didn't really know why either.

Shiki sighed and excused himself as he faced his pouting pet. "Where does it hurt? Here?" Shiki started to finger Izaya's entrance. Immediately Izaya started to melt as Shiki knew exactly where and how he liked it.

"Aaah… nnng…. n-no… Ddee…deeper…" Izaya moaned. Shiki's finger dipped deeper as Izaya moaned louder. Shizuo watched and so did his tired cock that started to grow harder again with each of Izaya's moan. Shiki smirked and asked in a husky voice, "Does it hurt… here?" and brushed against Izaya's prostate. Izaya moaned even louder as he clutched onto his master.

And all Shizuo could do was stare.

"Nnng…." Izaya panted and moaned as Shiki massaged his swollen prostate, rubbing it gently. Izaya twisted in Shiki's lap in pleasure, feeling much better compared to when he was being brutally assaulted. The Awakusu executive than reached in deeper to pull at the vibrator still lodged inside the young man and lowered it to his prostate, using it to massage him

"Aaaahnnggh….." Izaya yelped at first and then settled to a groan as his body shook in ecstasy.

"I… I want to come… please Shiki-san, let me come…" Izaya grinded himself onto Shiki with need as his cock twitched and tightened around the ring that held him from his orgasm.

"You're going to have to earn that, considering you failed your mission just now," Shiki said unsympathetically. Izaya hissed but bit back his complaint since whining would be useless at this point. He unhooked his arms around Shiki and twisted around to bring it down towards the man's white pants. There was a small sound of the zipper being unzipped along with the metal clinks of the buckles as Shiki's cock fell. After several rubs, which earned him a good shudder from Izaya, Shiki removed the vibrator from the informant's ass. The younger man brought his hands back up around Shiki's head, held onto the back of the couch as he lifted himself up and slowly lowered himself down. The fur trim coat that barely covered his ass wasn't long enough to cover the show. In fact it only amplified it as it framed just where the action was.

"Shit," Shizuo said as he looked away from such a vulgar scene. His mouth felt dry, reminding him of his cigarette. He really needed one right now, where was it? He had completely forgotten about it while Izaya was sucking on him and noticed that it had dropped on the floor and someone had stomped on already. When did he drop it? He didn't even remember dropping it.

By looking down, Shizuo noticed his pants for the first time. He cursed out loud and started zipping himself up. At least the guards behind him had let go of his shoulders so he can reach down to zip up. For now. Though his pants were pretty tight and it hurt to keep his hard cock inside.

"I'm out of here," Shizuo said as he tried to get up. But immediately, the two behind him grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back down.

"Ah, sorry to keep you waiting, Heiwajima-san," Shiki continued, his words unaffected by Izaya's moans or him riding him. "Where were we? Ah yes. The deal. The offer is still on the table."

"Screw you. I ain't taking it." At this point, Shizuo didn't even remember the offer. He had a vague idea that it was something about staying away from Awakusu's turf and offering Izaya as some sort of a sex slave.

Izaya was licking the long thin scar on Shiki's brow seductively as he brought himself up and down his cock. Shiki however just frowned as if it was a bother and pushed Izaya's face away so he can continue his negotiations.

"I do insist, Heiwajima-san. I assure you there will be certain… benefits to this deal."

"I said I ain't interested!" Shizuo growled this time as he got up, the two guys behind him were unable to hold him down this time. The two guards literally fell flat onto the couch as they lost balance. Izaya continued to purr and mew as Shiki looked up at Shizuo, undisturbed.

"Heiwajima-san. I seek have a peaceful negotiation. I'm quite sure you agree…" at this, all the men in the room, about ten of them, took out their guns and pointed at Shizuo's head. "… that violence is not necessary."