Title: Dying Message
Rating: T
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya Shizuo x Psyche Shinra x Celty
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Inspired by Vocoloid Rin's Kokoro (heart) song and Vocoloid Len's Kiseki (memory) song.


Shizaya version:

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


[Present time line]

"God damn they're persistent!" Shizuo growled in a low voice as he crouched in the dark. The young boy with him looked up as Shizuo tried to cover their bodies in the shadows.

"Where did they go?"

"Find them!"

Men in black suits with guns were running around in pursuit. They were trying to be discreet with their weapons, but they were too much in a hurry to find the escapees to be diligent with this aspect. Their metallic guns reflected in the moonlight as they searched each alleyway.

Shizuo grabbed the other guy's hand and hissed, "This way, Izaya."

The robot named Psyche just nodded and followed. He did not understand why he was called Izaya but he was programmed to follow his master's orders. So he ran with the blonde man in a bartender suit into the night.

[A year ago]

"I'm telling you Shizuo, it's impossible," Shinra sighed in frustration as he tried to advise his friend. "Look, I've been tired lately of what's been going on with Celty so you'll have to excuse me for being short tempered as well but-"

"I don't care. A lot of things are impossible in this world. Hell, my strength should be impossible but here I am. Celty should be impossible but here she is. Don't tell me what's impossible in this world!" Shizuo yelled back stubbornly. Shinra sighed.

"Fine, I wouldn't tell you it's impossible. But I'm a doctor of human beings. I don't know a single thing about making a robot with a capability of-"

"Then tell me where to go. Who to turn to. I don't care WHO it is. I need to know!" Shizuo clung desperately even though he knew deep inside that Shinra was right. But his heart rejected the truth.

"I need to know what Izaya wanted to tell me before he died!"

"Well, that could be arranged," said a muffled voice behind them.

Shinra and Shizuo both turned to face a man in a gas mask and lab coat. Shingen was leaning on the couch from the back as if he snuck in and eavesdropped.

"Nebula has the power, the science, the budget and the means to do so. But Shizuo-kun, they wouldn't be taking up this elaborate, money-consuming project without a reason. Though the idea of a humanoid robot with a deceased human's memory and heart is a very interesting project. Even if I did bring it up to the board, they're too busy trying to catch and dissect Celty-kun. Considering her latest rebirth incident I would have to be very persuasive to have some forces split for this project. There is of course, no sure way that they'll even allow you to speak with such an interesting creatu-"

"You need his memory right. He's already dead but the living should have parts of his memory," Shizuo interrupted. Shinra blinked, "You really have been thinking hard about this."

Shizuo continued ignoring his friend, "And I'm pretty sure I should have extensive memory of that flea. And I can gather as many people as you want to chip in."

Shingen rubbed his gas mask as if he was musing over the idea.

"Hooo…. well, that truly is indeed a good plan. But what else do you have to offer? Surely you don't expect Nebula to take up this crazy idea just because it sounds like a fun experiment."

Shinra had a very bad feeling about this. The fact that his father was here to egg him on was bad enough. But before Shinra could stop him, Shizuo was already ready to step up to the game.

"I'm sure you lunatics have been interested in experimenting on my body haven't you? Why else would you be here to take up my proposal." Normally Shizuo would be extremely angry that someone would treat him like a monster to strap down to a lab table and cut open, but he took it very coolly and expectedly. He knew it was the best bargaining chip he had.

Through the gas mask, Shingen chuckled and Shizuo grimly accepted his fate.

[Present time line]

"Psyche… was it? Sorry, uh… here. Do you eat?" Shizuo asked. Psyche shook his head, still staring blankly at his new master.

"My battery power is at 90%, master. I should be alright for a week."

"Ah… I see." Shizuo nodded as he scratched his head. "How… do you get charged?"

Psyche took off his headset to reveal a long cord inside his ear with a plug.

"How much… battery powers do you err… consume?" Shizuo said, right before using the word, 'eat' as he ate his burger he bought for dinner. They were still on the run, so he didn't really stop long enough to sit and eat. They were on the rooftop of a four-story building in one of the ghettoes.

Psyche said a string of number and letters Shizuo did not understand. But it sounded like a lot. Shizuo grimaced a bit as he felt the pink hard case in his pocket that he had filched before he ran away from the lab. He had barely slept all night and he felt a bit tired. But when he turned to look at Psyche, he couldn't help but smile.

Just then, Shizuo heard a shout, and scuffles of men as they burst open the door to the roof.

"Shit, can't even eat in peace," Shizuo said as he shoved the rest of the burger into his mouth and grabbed Psyche's wrist.

They started shooting their guns right away. The convenient silencers were on them so they shot without hesitation of being caught. Shizuo quickly pulled Psyche in behind him, away from the assailants covering him before the bullets got to him. He embraced the young robot as the bullets pierced through his titanium skin and fell from the building, his parkour skills still allowing him to fall and roll in a way that would lessen the damage.

Shizuo rolled a bit, still holding onto the robot that was twice as heavy as him, making sure his own body would be the cushion.

"Are you okay? Think you can still run?" Shizuo asked after a short groan.

Psyche nodded. His robotic program was confused. His body should be able to withstand the bullets far better than a human body, as well as he should have been the one to take the hit when they fell. So why did this human do something so irrational?

His computer brain just could not compute the insanities of a working human mind.

[6 months ago]

"Good morning Psyche," the scientist in charge said as he scribbled on his note book, barely looking up.

"Good morning doctor," Psyche said with his dull voice.

"Today, two young ladies are here to see you. Please be kind to them as they are cooperating a great deal with this project."

"Yes doctor," Psyche nodded.

Two identical twins, one with long braid and the other with shorter hair ran to him. They clung to him and started to cry.

Psyche just held them. The doctor told him he should smile, so he did as he was told. He did not understand the workings of a human mind but that was alright. The doctors have been telling him that he'll be complete soon. Psyche looked forward to it.

[Present time line]

Psyche now looked up at the man who had taken him out of the lab. His breathing was labored as he grabbed onto the side of his ribs. Blood had soaked through his white shirt and black vest. Psyche looked at the wound and his judgment told him that his master was losing his fluids too fast.

"Sorry, I must be heavy huh?" Shizuo asked as he shifted, trying his best not to lean too much on the robot. Psyche was hoisting him by the shoulder and shook his head.

"Master is not heavy to Psyche," he replied.

"Yeah?" Shizuo smiled arduously. Then his face became serious once more as he looked forward.

"I know a good spot for us to hide throughout the night. Guess superglue isn't going to help me patch things up tonight," Shizuo said as he led both of them toward Raira High School. He just hoped that he wasn't dripping too much blood on the ground. Psyche silently gave him support as they made their way in the shadows.

[One year + 3 months ago]

"You have six months to live at most, Orihara-san," the doctor gave Izaya his death sentence.

Izaya calmly took it. "… you said at most. What's the exact figure."

"Well, it's most likely two months, but if you took care of your body, the bones won't degenerate as fast and you could live up to six months at maximum," the doctor told him grimly as he held up the x-rays and CT Scans.

Izaya looked at those black films that didn't tell him much. It didn't make sense to him how these films could give his final judgment so swiftly. Izaya pouted and tossed them back at the doctor, irritated.

Irritated. That was what Orihara Izaya felt at first.

Orihara Izaya shrugged and continued his day as usual. He tried to seduce more girls into committing suicide, he coerced more boys to fight each other in the gangs and he even had enough time to drink his mocha coffee latte at the small café. Izaya lived that day to the fullest, laughing at the death's whispers. The highlight of his day was when he ran into Shizu-chan at Russia Sushi while he was indulging in ootoro.

That day, ootoro tasted quite vile, so having Shizu-chan lighten his mood with a wild chase was amazing.

That was, it was amazing until he started to cough blood in mid-twirl of his parkour jump.

Izaya grabbed onto the railing before he crashed to the hard concrete floor below him, using gravity to swing around and land safely. He looked at his bloody hand and for the first time, death felt real to him.

Fear consumed his heart and crushed it painfully.