Title: Dying Message
Rating: T
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya Shizuo x Psyche Shinra x Celty
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Inspired by Vocoloid Rin's Kokoro (heart) song and Vocoloid Len's Kiseki (memory) song.


Shizaya version:

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Omake to Dying Message: (Side Story of Shinra x Celty)

Lovey-Dovey Prattles of an Underground Doctor XXX

It is a shame that I was not able to get up today. Or yesterday. I have always watered Celty's favorite flowers every day but I unfortunately skipped yesterday. I usually have a maid come in but no matter how often I tell her not to forget to water that plant, she usually does. She doesn't seem to understand how important it is that I keep the place exactly the same. Every day. Ever since that day more than 80 years ago.

Everyone who comes in for treatment used to laugh at me. They say the place is like an antique store, a blast from the past. None of those thingamobobbers or hojugadgets around. I kept my patient operation room with all the top notch latest scientific machinery, but our living room and our bedroom, especially Celty's, I kept it exactly the same.

Though now, no one visits me. Only the homecare doctor who checks up on me once a week. She says I don't have much time.

Nonsense, I call it. I have plenty of time. I can last until Celty comes back. But lately it's getting harder and harder when everyone I knew has died before me and I visit more gravestones these days then people's home.

Shizuo and Izaya must hate me, I haven't visited them within the last year that I've been bedridden. I pay someone to break a bottle of sake every weekend but I know it'll never be the same for them without me there. Heh, I bet those two rascals miss me. Even if they used to whine every time I talked about my beloved Celty, I know secretly they were just jealous that I love Celty and Celty loves me~

Speaking of my dear sunshine, I hope she's as bright as the sun today. Don't know where she is, but I would hope that Nebula had given up their project on her. But seeing as how she never returned to my side… I guess the damn company hasn't given up on her still.



My beloved Celty.

See? Look. My chest still throbs fast and hard when I think of her. That silly doctor is a quack who thinks my heart is ready to give in so easily. But no. Listen to my heart beat strongly. My love for her keeps me going. I'm not ready to die. Not until ….


Well, hello there. I don't believe you… four figures… are my maids, are you? You sure don't wear the right aprons; those black robes aren't very becoming on you. And such bony fingers! My, someone needs to eat more spoonfuls… I would hope you guys aren't burglars… If you want money, there's some in the safe box but please do not take any of these 'antique' items. They are junk and worthless to you….

… you brought a friend now? You know, five against one is totally unfair….


Celty, my beloved! Is that really y- *cough, cough, cough*

No, I'm fine. Really. Blast these damn cords. Don't mind the tangles, just come closer. Let me just…

You're warm.

My, your hands are so warm and soft… just… as how I … remember them.

You're so beautiful Celty. You've not aged one second since the day I last saw you. You're forever beautiful. Why, I can sing a million songs right now just to try and express how beautiful you are and it wouldn't be enough to convey the message! In all my years I can quite clearly say, no one else is more beautiful than …

*cough, cough, cough*

Sorry, Celty. My body isn't what it used to be.

Why Celty! You still kept the PDA? That's just adorable! Even with your head, just for old times sake, you're typing your response to me?

'Shinra. I missed you.' My dearest beloved, you have no idea how much I have missed you too! You know, I kept the place exactly the same, even when those renovators raised a hell and the estate management came and…

What's that?

'Shinra, we don't have much time.'

Do you have to leave? Are they still chasing you? Celty, take me with you! Please! I know I'm just old baggage, and I'm sure I might die very soon but I can't bear to….

'Are you sure?'

Are you doubting my love and loyalty to you? Celty, I've never laid a single eye, well both my eyes, on anyone else but…

Hmmm… 'No, no, no. That's not what I mean. The journey… will be hard.' you say?

Nothing was harder than being apart from you Celty. I can endure anything. As long as…

Owww! Hahaha… you still know where to jab at my side there…

'Sorry, did it hurt? But you talk too much.'? Oh Celty, I haven't seen you blush in so long, I think I'd gladly have my ribs broken just so I can see you blush shyly like the fair maiden you are once again…

Ah, I see. That's why you brought your four friends? I'm sorry I'm just a mere mortal.

And where are we going?


Hahaha… seriously? Am I allowed? Don't you need approval from your higher ups for that? Ah… I see… well, my certain friend might be jealous of me I'd think.

Yes Celty. Let's go.

Anywhere, so as long as we are together I'm willing to go anywhere, even hell will be my heaven if I am by your side.

The next day, the maids who came in to clean his place found that Kishitani Shinra had passed away peacefully. His time of death, unknown.

-the end

This is the final chapter of Dying Message. Thank you for reading.