Title: How to be a Perfect Boyfriend
Rating: M
Pairing: Kadota x Izaya Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Highschool years! Kadota x Izaya
Kadota as an protective boyfriend, tries his best to keep Izaya.

Izaya cheating.
Shizuo x Izaya

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


"Damn that smarts…" Izaya licked at his bruised hand. Kadota sipped his grape juice box through a straw quietly at the rooftop as he watched his friend.

"That dumb brute, and this time he even left me love bites." Izaya sighed as he bit into his melonpan. Now that made Kadota almost splurt his drink.

"He… bit you?" Kadota asked tentatively.

Izaya nodded as he proudly pulled down his red v-neck shirt. Sure enough, there was a huge bite mark between his neck and shoulder… and it was turning purple. Izaya sighed dramatically as he tucked away his prized mark of possession.

"I swear he must be in love with me Dotachin~ He keeps chasing me around, leaving me all these marks all over my body, sometimes ripping my clothes~ how would one feel if it happens daily? I do say 'no' but of course, that never works. He's so persistent." Izaya continued to prattle and Kadota kept his silence. Izaya smirked.

"I know what you're thinking. I bet you're thinking, 'ah that's because you keep poking him. If you leave him alone, he wouldn't bite back. I bet it's you who love him.'… isn't that right?" Izaya's crimson eyes bored into Kadota. He shuffled his feet silently.

"I didn't say that. You're putting words in my mouth again." Kadota said as he looked away, trying not to be affected by Izaya's mind-manipulating words. Responding back only helped feed into what Izaya wanted, though keeping silent didn't help much either when it was Orihara Izaya one was dealing with.

"Dotachin, Dotachin~ What am I gonna do with you~~" Izaya sighed as he sat back. "Actually, what will I do with Shizu-chan. Seriously, at this rate, I wouldn't be able to survive." Kadota thought to himself, 'You've survived so far perfectly fine.'

"What I need is a strong boyfriend I think." Izaya mused. "Someone Shizu-chan wouldn't mess with. Someone strong but more than anything, someone Shizu-chan respects, so he'll leave me alone."

Kadota looked at his insane friend. "Why a boyfriend? Why not a girlfriend?"

Izaya sighed, "That defeats the purpose here Dotachin~ Having a girlfriend isn't going to stop Shizu-chan's advances at all~ I mean, first I need protection and what can a girl do, claw at him? Second Shizu-chan's a guy~ So I'll need a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend as a barrier. And third, like I said I need someone Shizu-chan respects and can take his punches, so to speak, even if no one in this world can probably take his punches…" Izaya paused. Then he looked at Kadota as if an idea just hit him. Kadota knew better though, even if Izaya thought he was a good actor.

"Dotachin~~~" Izaya purred. "Will you go out wit-"

"No." Kadota said immediately.

Izaya pouted. "But why?"

"Because. It's against my principals. I don't want to be in a fake relationship."

"Oh? So, if it's real relationship, it's alright?" Izaya intensely stared at Kadota like a predatory bird on its prey.

"If… I'm going to do it, than yes. If I'm going to do it, I'd rather have it done right." Kadota admitted, not yet realizing the trap he was walking into. Kadota was good at sensing things around him, but not exactly good at sensing things regarding himself.

"Dotachin~" Izaya purred again as he crawled on top of Kadota's lap seductively, his eyes never leaving Kadota's. That's when Kadota finally realized the trap was on him. A bit too late.

Izaya's lips were on Kadota's. It was a small smooch or a peck or a bump. It was full on deep French kiss from the start as his tongue pried open Kadota's stunned lips and invaded him.

Kadota pushed Izaya away immediately; his face flushed bright red, swearing profanities. "Where the hell did you learn to kiss like that?" he demanded as he tried to wipe his mouth.

"Awww~ was that your first kiss?" Izaya pushed Kadota against the concrete walls. They were behind the water tower and the door to the staircase, away from anyone who were eating lunch at the same time.

"Izaya…" Kadota warned. But Izaya's lips were on his again, except this time, his hands were on Kadota's pants and rubbing him in-between. Whatever will or power Kadota had to push Izaya away was instantly melted.

After 10 minutes of Izaya kissing, licking and sucking on him, Kadota was spent. He had girlfriends before but he had never gone this far with any of them. And Izaya's well trained ministrations stripped Kadota of any willpower to resist.

"Shit…" Kadota cursed as his pants were way too tight for his comfort. Still, Izaya had only touched him through his clothing, and not directly, but it was enough for Kadota to be rendered useless except wanting to be released from this torture.

"Dotachin~ all you have to do is admit that you have feelings for me~ Don't you want me?" Izaya purred as he licked the rims of Kadota's ear.

"You're just fucking around." Kadota tried to push him away. "Besides, I'm not gay."

"You don't have to be gay to go out with me, Dotachin. You need me, as much as I need you." Izaya stroke Kadota's pants again and again and it was just way too much for a hormone-filled high school student to handle.

"F… fine. Fine! I… I'll go out with you." Kadota finally shouted, wanting to be released from this intense torture.

Izaya smirked as he got up from Kadota's lap in victory. "Okay Mr. Boyfriend~ See you in class~" and he started walking away.

Kadota blinked. "W-wait. Aren't you…" Kadota hesitated before he finished his sentence. His body was hot and his pants were tight… and Izaya was leaving him. Something didn't sit right.

"My~ Did you want to hit the second base so early in our relationship? Naughty, naughty. You need to earn it, Dotachin~" and with that Izaya skipped off.

Kadota groaned. What did he get himself into….