Title: How to be a Perfect Boyfriend
Rating: M
Pairing: Kadota x Izaya Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Highschool years! Kadota x Izaya
Kadota as an protective boyfriend, tries his best to keep Izaya.

Izaya cheating.
Shizuo x Izaya

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


"Shizu-chan? Heeee~ how rare~" Izaya said as he got up and twirled around in his room. Kadota watched the boy with sharp eyes, trying to see pass Izaya's mask. Was he nervous? Was he hiding anything?

"But first, I think we have some uninvited guests." Izaya said as he opened the door to his room. The twins tumbled in as they were eavesdropping.

"I-Iza-nii! It's not what you think!"


The two girls quickly tried to think up of excuses but their older brother shooed them away.

"As you can see, there is no such thing as privacy in this household." He sighed.

"I see… I guess next time then."

Kadota took his leaves and said his good-byes. The girls didn't want him to go it seems, but he pat them on their heads and started his way home.

Kadota wondered though. If he couldn't talk to Izaya at his house, he wondered if he could even get a chance to talk to Izaya in private in school…

Sure enough, Kadota was right. They were so busy with plays and festivals and with Izaya being one of the main leads, it was near impossible to find the time to meet him in private. Even if Kadota asked for a date, Izaya would reply, "Sorry Kyo-chan~ Got to rehearse for the plaaaay~"

To Kadota's observation, Izaya looked like he was goofing off more than actually rehearsing. But when it was his time to be on stage, he was flawless. As expected of the genius. If he already knew his lines, Kadota wondered why Izaya never had time for him. Even during lunch.

Finally, it was the day of the festival. Kadota had wanted to spend some time walking around with Izaya to go to the Room 5's maid café or go through the haunted room for room 4…. But Izaya continued to refuse him, saying he had to practice his lines and make sure that everything was going smoothly.

"You go ahead without me, Kyo-chan~" he would say but Kadota thought deep inside, 'it's meaningless without you.'

But as usual, Kadota did not say anything. Later when he grew older, he would know to speak up but a seventeen year old Kadota kept his thoughts to himself more often than not.

Kadota went around each room on his break without Izaya. Sure enough, it was boring going alone, though he did have Shinra as his company. The boy talked about his love for this mysterious older woman the entire hour and Kadota could not wait until he went back.

When both came back, the stage was set and everyone was getting ready for the show to start in 30 minutes. The class president spotted Kadota and rushed over.

"Kadota-kun! There you are! Good, we were looking for you. Have you seen Izaya?"

Kadota looked at the class rep with a startled expression. "I thought he was here?"

Then the class rep's face grew darker with worry. "I… I thought he left with you. During the break…."

When they realized Izaya was not with each other, the class rep's face grew panicked.

Shinra, who was standing next to Kadota at the time chipped in with a gleam of his glasses, "you know… I don't see Shizuo either. Maybe they started fighting again?"

"Oh god… we need to find them! The show will start in less than 30 minutes!"

Shinra, Kadota and the class rep split into three directions to look for the trouble-making duo. Shinra took the first floor of the school while Kadota took the second. The class rep decided to go through the school grounds to see they went to the festival together somewhere or was hiding in the props room, avoiding their roles.

Kadota ran up the stairs to their empty hallway. The festival was held on the first floors and the yard for the guests to arrive. The second floor classes should be empty… The boy with his dark hair brushed back ran passed the empty class rooms after empty class rooms, briefly looking inside. He met a few boys still carrying some items to bring down for the festival and asked them if he had seen Heiwajima, since the whole school knew to avoid the blond delinquent. But the boys shook their heads. Kadota thanked them and continued on his search.

It was when Kadota approached his classroom, he heard an odd noise. Like a sound similar to squeaking of a desk, scratching across the floor in rhythm. Then he heard muffled moaning sound… a sound too familiar to Kadota. His heart raced, his mind dizzy… he couldn't tell if it was from the running or the anxiety of facing the truth. His mind went numb as he approached the door.

"Nnngh…. aaah… aaah! Aaah… harder… harder!"

As he listened behind the door, definitely it was the sound of sex. He can hear the desk scrapping and the sound of slapping of skin to skin… and low grunts as someone started picking up speed…

And worst of all, he knew that voice. That moan… too… similar to…

What made Kadota peek in, he himself did not know. It was automatic, like watching a movie as his thoughts fled far from his mind and he just saw a scene played out before him.

It was the two he was looking for. His best friend with his pants pulled down, fucking his boyfriend over the desk.

His… desk.

"Fuck… flea…. Nnngh…! I fucking hateyou so much!"

"Really, Shizu-chan? I bet you've wanted to fuck me in this dress ever since I was chosen for the role."

The said dress was ripped in the bodice, his pink nipples bitten and swollen. The dress was ruined, already stained with cum as they were hiked up to his hips in an obscene, vulgar manner. The stockings were also torn though the garterbelt still held them up. The lace panties dangled on one of his ankles as Izaya licked his lips, sticky with residual from an obvious earlier blow job.

"I know you've wanted this as much as I have."

Kadota felt his blood drain from his body and feel faint, a chill travelling down his spine. And automatically, he quietly walked away, not wanting to disturb them. Especially when the moaning grew louder and the pounding became harder. There was a shrill of a happy cry when Kadota knew Shizuo must have hit Izaya's favorite spot…

Kadota ran.

He ran down the stairs, running away from the sound, away from the scene, away from the image burned into his brain, away from the cold hard truth he had known for a long time but did not want to face….

He ran away.

As Kadota ran down the stairs he almost crashed into Shinra.

"Ooof! Kadota-kun! You almost knocked me over! Geez, I know we're in a hurry… but I'm really weak you know!" His other friend whined as he adjusted his glasses.

"S-sorry…" Kadota said, catching his breath.

"What's wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost." Shinra blinked, his acute observation noticing the cold sweats on the taller boy's face.

"Ah… no- nothing like that."

"Did you find them?" The class rep ran to them, panting heavily, also having a weak physique like Shinra.

"No, you?" Shinra asked the two of them.

"No." Kadota lied.

Something black settled in Kadota's heart. Like swallowing a large glob of filth.

Kadota knew he was running away. From something he didn't want to face. From something that would hurt him… but that made no sense. Why would this hurt him?

But Kadota buried it.

"Great, now what?" the class rep wiped his sweat and sighed. "The play! It's ruined!"

"I got an idea… we do have… another dress right? How about… I play the role of Juliet."

The two stared at Kadota as if he's crazy. "WHAT?"

"W-well… I went over the Juliet role with Izaya a lot… so I know his lines."

"But who'll be ROMEO?" The class rep sighed in exasperation.

"You know Romeo's lines right?" Kadota pointed at the class rep. Kadota was bigger and bulkier than Izaya but they were slightly of more similar height. Though the class rep was lighter build, he was very tall. "I think I might be able to fit into Juliet's spare dresses and you should be able to fit a bit into mine… though I don't think you'll be able to wear Izaya's size… we'll see your knee almost."

The class rep sighed. "Great. But I guess we don't have a choice."

Shinra giggled at the inopportune moment. "That means you two will kiss? This will be great!"

The two groaned as their bespeckled friend laughed some more at their misery.

When the two 'star crossed lovers' appeared on stage, all the girls who had come to see Izaya crossdress moaned in disappointment at the replacement. But all the boys laughed so hard at the terrible look as Kadota in female garment looked more than just awkward. With his cheeks dusted pink, (whether it was from embarrassment or heavy make-up) Kadota bravely said his lines and acted his part flawlessly… regardless of all the heckling.

Then came the climatic scene as Juliet woke up to her dead lover. Kadota had said his roles dutifully and took the dagger. It was a toy tagger, the end dull. But it pierced through his heart as he stabbed himself, the knife twisting inside him and shattering the frailly held together remains of his heart. His emotionless face finally broke, the mask of responsibility of playing his perfect role cracking as the tears welled up in the corners of his eyes and he cried.

It hurt.

It hurt….

It hurt so fucking much Izaya…

It… hurt…