Title: 500 Million in Debt
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya x Tsugaru x Psyche
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Izaya acquires Psyche and later Tsugaru as his sex toy. It can become Shizaya later.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Izaya sighed as he waited at the entrance to the Tokyo Disneyland. He was early because he wanted to get this over with, even though normally he preferred to be late and watch his 'date' wait for him. But today, he decided just to forego the foreplay and be done with it. Now he was the one waiting. It didn't sit right with him at all.

Tsugaru was there, forever hovering over his master like a lost worried puppy. When Izaya's frown deepened, Tsugaru slowly tried to hug him, worried that maybe his master was getting cold. Whenever Tsugaru did that, Izaya would snap and push him away, not wanting to show any public displays of affection. He had a reputation to maintain as an informant.

Technically, he should have just left his 'servant' at home, but Tsugaru insisted on tagging along and Izaya didn't really have any reason to say no. If anything, Tsugaru might keep his sanity in check while Psyche dragged him to annoyingly childish places.

A long time ago, Izaya had enjoyed amusement parks. He liked watching people here. Since when did he start to feel so agitated with…?

… Just then Izaya heard a familiar voice call him, "Iza-chaaaaan~~~"

"Psyche, you're…" Izaya turned to greet Psyche and scold him a bit but he froze. The other also froze when he saw him, as Psyche dragged forward.

"Iza-chan! Yay you're here!"

"W-wait, WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" Izaya pointed at the familiar beast in a bartender suit while Shizuo also gaped, "The hell are YOU doing here flea?!"

Psyche, however, linked arms with both Izaya and Shizuo. "Yay! Now we can all go to the amusement park together like friends and family!"

"Family?" Izaya pointed at Shizuo. "With that beast?!"

"Why the hell would I be FRIENDS with this little piece of shit?!" Shizuo growled as he tried to lean away.

"Who are you calling piece of shit, you single-cell-brained protozoan?!" Izaya glared and ground his teeth.

"Huuuuuuuh? Want me to smash your head into the space between two vending machines? It'd make a nice decora-"

"Now, now. No fighting. I want a proper date! You two are my bestest friends, so no fighting." Psyche folded his arms as he held Izaya and Shizuo's arms linked, pouting hard as he looked up at both of them. "Let's all get along!"

"Why should I?! This shit stinks up the whole place." Shizuo growled immediately, his knuckles cracking for action.

"Ah~ Me? Says the man who doesn't even-"

Izaya was cut off by Psyche sniffling and his eyes watering. The informant quickly realized how embarrassing it would be if Psyche bawled in public right here and now…

"Okay, fine. Keep a leash on your dumb master or friend or whatever he is to you, and I'll go." Izaya pried his arms off of Psyche and grabbed Tsugaru, who was standing there with mixed expression. "Come Tsugaru, let's go inside."

"Ah, wait for me Iza-chan!" Psyche started to drag along Shizuo, who grumbled that he didn't agree to this, but followed unwillingly.

When Izaya got in line to pay, Psyche pushed in front of the informant while holding Shizuo's arm. Then, with glee, Psyche placed the money to pay for four tickets, which surprised Izaya.

"It's from my paycheck, Iza-chan! I saved up so we can all go together!" Psyche happily gave the ticket to Izaya. "Though I didn't expect Tsu-chan to come, but here, one for you too!" Psyche handed the other ticket to Tsugaru with a smile. They both took their tickets reluctantly. They knew that Psyche was trying to make this symbolic, but it felt so forced.

Regardless, Psyche grabbed Izaya and Shizuo with a smile. "Let's go! Let's go! I want to get ice cream! Cotton candy! Candied apples! And ride those things! And play games!" As Izaya was dragged along, Tsugaru followed behind them with concern.

First, they got cotton candy. Psyche and Izaya got the pink one. Shizuo picked the blue. Tsugaru said he didn't want any, but Psyche grabbed the blue one and shoved it into Tsugaru's hand.

"Here you go!" Psyche said with a smile.

Tsugaru accepted it, though his face clearly looked troubled accepting a gift that was not from his master. But Psyche would have none of it. Then Psyche dragged each of them to one roller coaster ride after another, not giving them a break. Psyche sat next to Shizuo while Izaya sat with Tsugaru just to prevent any mishaps… all the while the kimono clad young man held onto his cotton candy while others finished theirs. Tsugaru still couldn't truly accept the food.

At first Shizuo grumbled and Izaya whined, but with each ride, informant began to tease the debt collector every time he screamed on the roller coaster ride like a baby and fucked up the handle he held. Shizuo would heatedly yell that he did not scream and that the handles were already broken. The next time they rode, Shizuo would tease that it was Izaya who had screamed while the informant haughtily replied he wasn't screaming in fear, it was because he enjoyed the heights, the dumb protozoan didn't know the difference.

Psyche only smiled as Shizuo and Izaya started to bicker, slowing down on their next suggestion for the ride as he watched the two fight about everything and anything, but at least they weren't trying to kill each other. Tsugaru held onto his uneaten cotton candy tightly the entire time, his expression forever stuck in a disapproving frown as Izaya ignored him and only paid attention to Shizuo. He didn't like it one bit — Izaya didn't even notice Tsugaru shaking as his master continued to face Shizuo as they fought.

"Ah, candied apples!" Psyche pointed to stop the two arguing - both of them in the middle of voicing that they were clearly not afraid of heights - and ran ahead to point at all the different choices. Shizuo sighed as he walked ahead and looked along with him, finally picking the chocolate covered apples with nuts, swirls of white chocolate and oreo cookie crumbs.

"Yuck, what a terrible choice." Izaya said as he made a face when Shizuo grabbed for his candied apple. In anger, the debt collector snapped the stick like a twig and Psyche hurried to catch it before it fell to the floor.

"What did you say, FLEAAAA?!" Shizuo growled as he stepped forward.

"Obviously you have such a childish taste. Only a kid would choose such a sugar-loaded apple." Izaya shrugged nonchalantly.

Shizuo was about to punch that smug look before Psyche's head popped up between them and shoved the now-shorter-stick-candied-apple into Shizuo's mouth.

"No, fighting, no fighting! Here, Shizuo-san! And Iza-chan needs to choose one too!" After shoving the apple into Shizuo's reluctantly munching mouth, Psyche dragged Izaya to the candied apple shop to make him choose.

"Ah! Tsu-chan didn't eat your cotton candy yet?" Tsugaru was sure he'd had his eyes on Izaya, but suddenly Psyche, who had been right next to the informant just earlier, was suddenly standing next to him. It felt like he was everywhere.

"That's no good, Tsu-chan! You need to eat your sweets! Maybe that's why you're so calm, is your blood pressure too low?"

Tsugaru stared at that grinning little devil, for Psyche was like a little devil to him. This sly little fox was clearly manipulating Izaya and Shizuo. And only Tsugaru seem to notice as he was not part of the circle; the outsider looking in.

"I'm not interested," he finally said, his first sentence the entire day.

"No! Not allowed!" Psyche 'cutely' smiled as he grabbed a handful of the untouched blue cotton candy and shoved the fluff into Tsugaru's mouth. Then he grabbed another handful and ran over to Izaya to make him eat it too. Izaya coughed and spluttered at the sudden mouthful of cotton candy which came with scolding, but Psyche smiled and giggled while Tsugaru watched. They were only few feet away, but it felt as if they were miles away from him. He wasn't part of this laughter. He wasn't part of the scolding. He wasn't part of this warm familial aura that Psyche was creating around Shizuo and Izaya. He didn't like this one bit.

After two more roller coaster rides, ice cream and one almost-tossed vending machine to Izaya's face later, Psyche pointed at a haunted mansion.

"Oh, let's go there next!"

"Oh good, I wanted a break from all the roller coaster rides," Izaya moaned as he rubbed his head. His stomach had flipped around so much and he'd eaten so many sweets at once, Izaya was definitely feeling sick.

"Heh, weak," Shizuo snorted as he walked in.

"What was that, you neanderthal?!" Izaya snapped and ran to catch up with Shizuo to speak more of his mind.

Tsugaru quickly grabbed onto Izaya's sleeve.

"Ah…!" Tsugaru gasped, not wanting to see Izaya follow Shizuo into the haunted mansion, just those two alone.

"W-what is it?" Izaya turned to face him finally, a bit surprised by Tsugaru's abruptness.

"I…." Tsugaru floundered, not sure what he should say. He couldn't voice what he wanted nor would Izaya listen. His master would surely just scoff at him.

"Are you scared?" Izaya smiled. Tsugaru's eyes softened to see Izaya turn to him and smile so gently. Behind them, Psyche watched as his eyes grew a bit hard.

"Here, you can hold my hand, then." Izaya held onto Tsugaru's hand that had reached out to him as he walked into the entrance. Psyche hurried forward and grabbed Izaya's other hand and also grabbed Shizuo's so the four of them could approach the front together.

Once they were inside, the door closed behind them and ghost noises were heard. Psyche whimpered and held onto both Shizuo and Izaya as if they were his 'daddy' and 'mommy.' Shizuo and Izaya both looked at Psyche, then back at each other quietly in the low-lit room with just a few fake torch lights. It was a weird feeling, Izaya did sort of want to console Psyche but… Shizuo's presence made things awkward. Shizuo wanted to pat Psyche and tell him it was nothing to be scared of, but… to show affection in front of Izaya felt like showing his weakness in a weird way.

Tsugaru felt like a fourth wheel and did not like that tight squeeze of his heart.

Just then, the floor started to spin and drop slowly. Psyche held on tightly as the floor, acting like an elevator, came to a stop to reveal a dark hallway. They walked through as more ghost sounds were heard, holograms of ghosts sweeping past them. Bubbling cauldrons, skulls and old books, lots of screaming sounds of witches, all of which Psyche would squeak at as he held tightly onto either Izaya or Shizuo or both. Whenever Izaya turned to comfort Psyche, Tsugaru would tug at his master too and the informant was too busy to be spooked. The hallway led to two paths, one themed with dark clowns and the second leading to a maze of mirrors.

"Let's go this way!" Psyche pointed at the darker rows of mirrors.

Shizuo frowned. "I… I'm not sure about that…"

"Why not?" Psyche pouted.

"It just doesn't look right. Why not go through the brighter one?"

"Ooo? Is Shizu-chan scared?" Izaya smirked and teased.

"I'm not scared, you fucking louse!" Shizuo growled.

"Haha, look at Shizu-chan being a five year old and wetting his pants from being in the dark."

"Who's the fucking five year old, flea!"

Shizuo and Izaya had started bickering once more, and again Tsugaru could not help but feel even more lost and alone. The black feeling that he was unneeded spread inside of him until he felt too suffocated to stand still. Knowing that he could never be as good as the 'original' Shizuo, Tsugaru quietly let go of his hold on Izaya's hand.

And he slipped away.

"I'm just saying, Shizu-chan is a crybaby," Izaya prattled on.

"Oh yeah? Want to see who's the crybaby once I fucking break your face?" Shizuo started to crack his knuckles. Psyche was watching with a smile until Shizuo had started to threaten violence.

"No fighting, no fighting~~" Psyche got in between the two. "Psyche doesn't like fighting!"

Izaya shrugged, "It's not like I started it, isn't that right, Tsugaru?"

When there was no sound, Izaya turned around.


Izaya turned a full 360 as he realized Tsugaru wasn't right behind him like he was supposed to be.

"T-Tsugaru? Tsugaru?!" Izaya's eyebrows shot up and his voice had a hint of panic as it fully dawned on him that Tsugaru wasn't there at all. "Hey, Tsugaru?! This isn't funny, where are you?! Tsugaru!" Hestarted to dart off in a random direction, calling out for him. "Tsugaru!"

"Hey, flea! We'll get separated if you run like that!" Shizuo reached out to grab Izaya before he ran away. Already the maze of mirrors made it difficult to figure out which images were real, if Izaya were to just run off-

"Like I give a damn!" Izaya slapped Shizuo's hand away. Then, with more desperation, Izaya turned and ran, shouting for Tsugaru's name.

Shizuo blinked, taken aback as he watched the informant disappear into a corner. mages of him running around desperately started to circulate in reflection after reflection.

"S-Shizuo-san, are you okay? Does it hurt?" Psyche came over and rubbed the hand that Izaya had slapped away.

"No, I"m fine it's just…" Shizuo's voice trailed off as he saw Izaya's last image reflect through the mirrors before disappearing, now only his voice calling for Tsugaru echoing through the maze.

"I haven't seen him so…"


"Let's go," Shizuo finally said before finishing his sentence as he grabbed Psyche's hand securely and walked through the maze. It was surreal to walk through the maze hearing Izaya plead for Tsugaru to at least answer him. Sometimes Shizuo could catch a glimpse of Izaya's desperation and he turned away from the image reflected on the glass. Psyche looked up at Shizuo worried.

They saw the light for the exit and finally made their way outside. Near the entrance to exit was none other than Orihara Izaya, frantically waiting.

"Did you find him?" Shizuo asked coolly, standing straight with blue shades hiding his expression.

"No, of course not! Do you think I'd be standing here if I did?" Izaya snapped before pacing back and forth again nervously. "You two stay here and call me if he comes out," he commanded as he went back into the mirror maze.

Shizuo grabbed Izaya by the arm again for the second time. "If he doesn't want to be found, just let him be. Maybe he just wants to be alone."

"Like hell!" Izaya wretched his arm away again. "You don't know him like I do!" And with that, he ran off.

Shizuo let out a long sigh as he leaned against the wall and waited.

"You know…" Shizuo almost spoke to himself softly.

"I've never had him chase after me before…"

Psyche did not say anything as he squeezed Shizuo's hand with his own.

About five long minutes later that felt like an hour, Tsugaru shyly peeked out of the exit entrance. Shizuo grabbed the non-offending man as if he was catching a burglar.

"You." Shizuo glared through his blue shades at the man with his face regarding him quietly. "You sure made a mess of things. Why didn't you stay put like the good doormat you are?"

There was a quick flash of anger in Tsugaru's otherwise calm blue eyes, a tsunami brewing in the ocean.

"Got something to say? Speak up then." Shizuo growled. He didn't like this man. He didn't like that he looked like him but didn't get angry. Part of Shizuo was indeed jealous, but it wasn't something he would proudly admit.

Tsugaru turned his head away and ignored Shizuo instead of replying back.

Shizuo wanted to break that face, but Psyche squeezed his hand, reminding him to calm down.

"Tch... " Shizuo let go of Tsugaru, muttering something about doormats not being worth a punch.

Just then, Izaya had run full circle and came back out to the exit. Before he could even finish saying, "Hey has Tsugaru came back out yet," the informant saw the kimono-clad man and jumped him with a fierce cry.

"You stupid idiot!" Izaya yelled, and hitting Tsugaru's chest with his fists before burying his face into it. "You idiot…" Izaya's voice was muffled and faded away as he cried in relief. Tsugaru smiled softly as he wrapped his arms around his master, taking in all the physical smacking and the verbal abuse like a gentle buddha.

Shizuo regarded them silently for few minutes before he tsk'ed and turned to leave. Psyche quickly followed with a worried expression.

"S-Shizuo-san?" Psyche inquired. "Erm… will they be okay like that?" wondering if it was okay with them leaving them behind.

"No," Shizuo replied quietly. "It's unnatural."

Psyche tilted his head in confusion as Shizuo responded vaguely, "That's not love."

"..." Psyche turned back to look at them as he and Shizuo walked away.

'Ah...' Psyche realized as he watched his previous master cling desperately to the man wearing the face of someone else. Something Shizuo had once told him clicked in his head once more.

'... That's codependency.'

Author's note:

Thank you always for reading this fanfic. And finally we're at the half way point of this fic. (yes. This is finally the HALF point sob...) and the whole theme of this fic too, which was love vs codependency. I'm sure I'm going to disappoint practically all my readers and I'm sooo sorry that i'm a slow writer but if you can still stay and read, i hope i can prove my theme of the story as I keep writing this story.

Thank you again always and always for reading despite my slowness and lack of quality. Thank you so much.