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Sonny's POV

Today was the day of the party. So Random! and Mackenzie Falls had been invited to a party to celebrate the tidal wave of viewers that we had been getting. Everyone from each cast were invited. I am so excited! I couldn't wait until 7pm.

I looked at the time, it was currently 5pm. Hmm.. I should probably start to get ready at 5:30, then leave at 6:30. I had decided that, that was going to be my plan.

To kill off some time, I walked over to my closet and found the dress that Tawni had helped me choose. It was beautiful. It was a black-strapless dress and it had a pink bow in the back. I had black high-heels that matched the outfit. I

After admiring the dress and the shoes, I glanced back at the clock, it was 5:30 already. I began to put my dress on, the shoes and then some make-up. After I had put my make-up on, I decided to curl my hair a bit.

When I had finished getting ready, the time was 6:27. Hmm... 3 minutes earlier might as well leave now.

I walked to the door and just as I opened it, my friends, who are also my cast mates, and Chad Dylan Cooper, the jerk throb, walked through the door and into Tawni and I's dressing room. Why is Chad here? Oh wells.. who cares.. I smiled and closed the door. I guess I won't be leaving now.

I walked up to them and asked, "What are you guys doing here? I thought all of you had left for the party already."

"We were about to leave, but we thought of getting you," said Nico.

"We're riding in a limo!" Tawni shrieked.

"Aww.. thanks for thinking about me!" I said with a smile still on my face.

I then heard someone clear their throat.

I turned to look at Chad. I had totally forgotten that he was here.

I asked him, "What are you doing here?"

Chad looked at the ground. He looked kind of embarrassed. He then mumbled something.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" I said confused.

Chad looked up at me and said, "I said that my cast mates left me and took the limo."

His eyes looked like it held some sadness in them.

How could anyone leave Chad Dylan Cooper behind? How could they leave him? He was the main character in their show.

I then replied, "Oh... where's your car?"

"My car's under repair. So now here I am, stuck with Randoms and you, Sonny."

"Oh.. okay I guess it's alright that you're here," I said and gave him a smile.

He shockingly returned the smile. It wasn't a smirk, it was a real smile.

Tawni then said all of a sudden, "C'mon guys! The party's about to start so we gotta leave now!"

All of us made our way to the limo and got inside.

All my friends were here with me. Chad (yeah I consider him a friend), Tawni, Nico, Grady and even Zora was here. I thought that she wasn't gonna come because she was going to be the youngest at the party. But I guess she wanted to come.

Everyone was talking about how the party will be like.

Chad and I just kept quiet.

The place that the party was being held at was about 20-30 minutes drive from the studio. So it was going to be somewhat long drive.

About 5 minutes after we had left the studio, my eyes started to get heavy. I was getting sleepy.

I then began to lean my head on Chad's shoulder.

He was the only option, because I was sitting between him and Zora.

And Zora is kinda shorter than me, so I would have to bend low to lean on her shoulder.

So now my head was on Chad Dylan Cooper's shoulder.

He then put his arm around my shoulders. This feels nice and comfortable.

I was about to drift off to sleep, until...

A truck crashed into our limo.

The last thing that I felt was Chad's strong arm still around my shoulders.

Before I drifted off into darkness.

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