It was a beautiful and peaceful day as Brock, the eldest of the group was cooking some soup for their lunch and Dawn was practicing for her upcoming Pokémon Contest. Ash was leaning on a thick tree trunk resting under the shade while his pokémon were playing with each other. Everything was so serene that it gave the trainer some time to think of his past adventures. He hadn't reminisce about them for some time...Ash does this once in a while to help him remember the many people that he has encountered in his long journey.

Out of the blue an image of a pokémon and his master came into his mind. It has been what, a year since he last saw them? Even though the black-haired trainer only met him once, he still missed them...a lot. "Lucario...I wonder if you're with Sir Aaron right now..?" he muttered to himself as he gazed at the clear blue sky.

He grinned when he saw Pikachu bouncing around with Turtwig and Buizel, and Buneary was close behind them. He chuckled; it was cute that the normal type pokémon had a crush on his partner. Ash just hoped that she wouldn't get too carried away with it.

"Excuse me..." a voice came out of nowhere. The trainer turned and saw a person who seemed like the same age as he. The boy had long blue hair tied up to a high ponytail, blood red eyes, a dark blue short-sleeved shirt with two cyan lines in the middle, dark gray pants and white rubber shoes. "May I sit with you?" he asked with a sincere tone while showing a smile.

"S-sure..." the mysterious boy thanked him and sat on the soft grass.

"You know one of these days; your innocent and trusting attitude will put you at risk."

"H-huh?" the stranger laughed at Ash's confusion.

"Do not worry, there are many advantageous factors concerning your upbeat personality." the strange boy still flashed that big smile.

"He looks like my age but he speaks like he knows a lot..." the trainer thought.

"You were just thinking about my manner of speaking weren't you?"

"U-uhm..." he stuttered bashfully.

"It is brother also sees it as something what most humans would call 'weird'." the stranger replied in a calm tone.

"You have a brother?" Ash asked with curiosity.

"We are twins...but when you look at us you would assume otherwise. You might say we are hardly related, yet sadly it is true." the black-haired trainer wondered why he used the word 'sadly' in the sentence. It couldn't have been that bad right..? "Oh yes, I might as well get to why am I here in the first place." the boy cut in his thoughts.

"Why you are here-?"

"Forgive me Ash." out of the blue a bright sky blue sphere appeared in his hand. He then thrust it on to the trainer, causing him to vanish in to thin air. But for the stranger, he merely teleported...

He sighed. "Why did I even agree to this in the first place? This is all that idiot's fault. I hate being dared."

The boy continued to mumble to himself as he walked away from the huge tree and the peaceful scenery. Glancing back once at the two other people that was there, he exhaled. "" and then he himself disappeared.

A/N : And here I thought I was going to just focus on one story. Now I have another. *sigh*...anyway, can you guess who the boy is? Either way, you will be given a really big hint in the next chapter. Don't worry the next chapter's going to be way better than this one.