So...hey, everyone.

Yep, the dreaded 'Author's Note' chapter is here. You might have been expecting this, you might have not. Either way, you must be thinking of the worst now...the idea that I won't continue this story.

Well, your worst fears have been realized. I'm not continuing this story.

Doesn't mean that I'm gonna drop it off. No way.

This story is so popular that it would be a shame to let it rot. At the same time, I am ashamed of my writings back then.

So yes, I'm planning to rewrite this story from scratch. The story will follow the main plot, but I've already written down the Prologue and Chapter 1...and it already has diverged from the original thing that I wrote. Hopefully the one I'm writing makes much more sense and answers questions that I never bothered to answer before. I'm pretty sure that 2 years is a big difference. Yep.

I'm going to be posting the new story in a new account called Arata Iwaku (literally meaning 'new story'). I'm still going to use this account mainly for reviewing and new stories, but I'm thinking that all stories I'm going to rewrite will go there. (I can't post it yet since there's still a waiting time).

Thanks so much for all the favs, alerts, and reviews. You have no idea how much I love hearing feedback...

I'm sorry for making you wait so long, but do not worry, this story will live on! And eventually, all of my other stories will follow.

So this one story will be now labeled as the 'old', and a 'new' one will replace it soon.

May 26 is the day! I hope you look forward it!

See ya for now!