"Guess what Muse?" Riven said bursting through the doors of his bedroom, he waved a piece of paper in his hands and sat down beside Musa

Musa raised both her eyebrows as Riven unravelled the paper, he showed it to her and she smiled

"We succeeded! All our former enemies are now our friends! Do you know what this means?" Riven asked and looked at Musa, Musa shook her head and furrowed her eyebrows but still nothing came to her mind, "It means that we're the strongest realm in the magical universe!"

"That's great! Elementis-the strongest and most powerful realm ever, it sounds so good!" Musa said happily, she embraced Riven and then they shared a kiss

"Egh, wrong timing!" exclaimed Harmonia in disgust as he entered her parents room, Harmonia was now ten and she was prettier that before, her hair had grown down past her small waist and her eyes were bigger and their violet colour went well with her navy hair. Over the years her skin tone had changed and it was more or less similar to Riven's now

"Maybe you should knock before you decide to walk in on us!" Riven pointed out and then Harmonia walked towards her parents

"Well, I just came to say that Melodie and Rhythm are playing in the fountain in the garden and they splashed me and ruined my dress that aunty Stella gave me!"

"What?" Musa gasped in disbelief

"Stella's here?" Riven asked in horror, Musa rolled her eyes and ignored him

"Keep an eye on Richard while I take care of your twins!" Musa said angrily and then dragged Harmonia outside into the palace gardens of Elementis. Riven heard his wife of ten and a half years mumble something as she closed the door, this made him chuckle but unfortunately his son awoke

"I'm coming!" Riven moaned as she went over to Richard's cot, Richard had bright magenta hair and his deep blue eyes would mesmerise you for hours, so now Riven didn't have to worry about his only son finding a girlfriend when he was old enough to go to redfountain. He picked Richard up and patted him on the back gently until he stopped crying, which was almost instantly and then Riven took him to the garden to see the water fight his two daughters were having

"I said stop it!" Musa roared annoyed, she had asked her twins to get out of the fountain about ten times now but they were both too stubborn just like herself and Riven, that they wouldn't listen to a word she said

Riven sniggered a little behind Musa, he was holding Richard and was examining the scene before him, Musa turned around and glared at Riven before pulling Rhythm out of the water

"You're going to catch a cold if you're not careful, little misses!" Musa said drying Rhythm's face with her light blue gown she had on, which had several jewels under her breasts in a semetrical pattern

Rhythm was like a replica of Musa in all ways, she had Musa's temper, stubbornness and their features were identical, her dark blue hair shimmered in the sunlight and her stunning navy eyes were an exact copy of her mothers.

On the other hand, Melodie wasn't any less beautiful than her twin sister. It was strange that the girls were twins but didn't look anything like each other; everyone could tell the difference between them because Melodie had dark magenta hair meanwhile Rhythm didn't. Melodie was known as mini-Riven among the people of the palace, and that was because she was exactly like her father, she was probably Riven's favourite daughter even though they never got along too well. She had his striking violet eyes and his magenta hair, she also had Riven's rudeness, cockiness and humour

Musa was often annoyed with Melodie because she got Rhythm to do stupid things along with her and once again it was Melodie's fault for bribing Rhythm to play in the fountain with her. But Riven would always step in and defend his daughter no matter if Musa and he had another fall out

"I take it that it was Mel who told you to get wet?" Musa asked, what seemed more like a rhetorical question that one needing an answer

"Do you always have to blame Melodie?" Riven asked as Melodie ran up to him sniffling and wrapped her arms around her fathers leg

"I don't always blame her; it's just usually her fault! Because she's like you!" Musa said and poked Riven in the chest

"I think they're both equally stupid, only me and Richard are the clever ones...I don't see why you had these two in the middle?" asked Harmonia sighing, Riven glared angrily at his daughter who put her hands up in a surrender position and mouthed 'sorry' to her father

Musa threw her arms into the air and rubbed her face, "You know what? I don't care, they're just kids and we can't stop them from doing stupid things! And Harmonia don't say things like that, honey" Musa begged, "Don't miss use your royalty!"

"Moooom, you always say that to me!" Harmonia complained and looked at Riven for support

"Yes, but your mother is right, never thought I'd say that huh, Richard?" Riven laughed and Musa just dragged the twins into the palace

"Dad, how much do you love mom?" asked Harmonia curiously as she, Riven and Richard in his arms walked through the garden

"More than I can put in words, Musa's very sensitive but it's funny to watch her get angry, she looks prettier that way...her mother-your grandmother- died when Musa was very young and so she's always put up a tough exterior but I found a way past that and all the way to her delicate heart."

"That's so sweet!" cried Harmonia and then they sat down together on a bench and starred at their surroundings

"If anything like this happens again, no dessert for a month!" Musa said angrily, she had become a paranoid mother but who could blame her? She did have four kids to handle, Harmonia being the eldest, ten and then the twins who were currently six years old and her latest member to the family, Richard who was only one

"We're sorry mommy!" sobbed Rhythm as Musa got them dressed into dry clothes, they had to wear dresses because they had to look formal since they were royalty and it was a law for royalty of Elementis to dress that way

Musa sighed and then hugged her two daughters and then forgave them, she couldn't stay angry with her two beauties for too long

She led them back into the garden seeing as it was such a nice day, when they got there it looked deserted, there were the few odd guards standing on duty but no sign of any of the family members

Just then Renée came over to Musa and lead her towards the gazebo. Musa was surprised that a gazebo had been set up without her knowing of it, she was the Queen after all. The twins weren't far behind the two women, they were giggling to themselves because they had been receiving mind messages from their friends

Then the two girls ran inside the gazebo quickly and waited for their mother excitedly, "Surprise!" everyone shouted and sprung up from under the table

Musa placed her hand on her chest in shock; there stood before her were all her friends, husband, kids and her family, who wouldn't be happy?

"I just thought it would be nice to have everyone for dinner today!" Riven exclaimed and then pulled out a chair for Musa to sit on and then sat on the one next to her

"So that's why you asked if Stella was here? I thought you were being rude as usual!" laughed Musa and Stella eyed Riven, Riven laughed awkwardly and scratched his neck

"I just couldn't resist giving your Harmonia her present!" she explained, and kissed her seven year old daughter on her hand that she was playing with. Star, Stella's daughter was exactly like Stella, a fashion freak even at seven, she had long brunette hair and caramel eyes which went well with her glowing skin tone. Stella had refused to have any more children because she didn't like the baby weight she put on after having Star and had to be on a strict diet and exercise routine

Bloom and Sky also had kids; their oldest was Blaze a nine year old boy who had ginger hair, blue eyes and some freckles which Bloom claimed that he had inherited from her earth father, even though Bloom had none of his genes. Their second was also a boy, his name was Flame and he was brave and much like Sky with the same hair but shorter and his small blue eyes

Flora and Helia had a little baby girl the same age as Richard, they decided to have a family later than everyone else because they wanted more time for each other and to carry out their several wildlife projects which included nature too. Her name was Lilly, she had tanned skin, bright green eyes and Helia's hair colour which Flora thought made her look unique in everyway

Timmy and Tecna had triplets which they hadn't expected; they only found out when Tecna was in labour, because they carried out all the other tests by themselves with the help of their high-Tec gadgets. There were two girls, Temina and Tara, then their boy who was named Teom, after a well known ancient sorcerer. All of them were extremely intelligent and shy. Tara had really good fashion sense and designed futuristic clothing, Temina was the cleverest because her nose was always stuck in a book and Teom, well, he was the easy going one but always had an answer for everything. The girls had Tecna's pink hair and Teom had Timmy's soft ginger hair in a messy cut, all of them had Tecna's beautiful teal eyes, though

Layla and Nabu had a beautiful daughter who was seven years old a few weeks ago, her name was Lelia, named after Layla's mother. She had flawless dark skin and chocolate brown hair but unlike her mother's curly hair, hers was dead straight. One thing scared Nabu and Layla and that was the colour of Lelia's eyes, that was because they were turquoise and none of them had those eyes but Layla assumed it was because they were from Tides, the realm of the sea. Layla was expecting a boy in a few months time and she was very excited because Nabu wanted another kid

"Shall we eat because I'm starving!" exclaimed Riven and picked up his fork, everyone laughed but then agreed

Musa starred at everyone who sat around the large circular table, she was happy, very happy!

Suddenly her breath caught in her throat as she felt someone grab her hand, only to find out it was Riven. She let out a sigh of relief and smiled at him

Riven holding her hand, meaning that he was there with her and that'd he'd never let go, felt assuring and gave Musa eternal hope that Riven would be by her side forever

Her hand in his gave Riven a satisfaction that Musa was his and always would be

And their love that they shared would never ever decrease, not even in the smallest amount, now that's what I call true love...

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