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"'I'm still kicking your ass Naruto!" Sasuke smirked as he jabbed the buttons on his PSP.

"I will defeat you somehow Sasuke. Believe It!" Naruto shouted raising one arm in the air making him lose control of his character and lost Sasuke, AGAIN!

"You lose again Naruto!" Sasuke said in triumphant as he won Naruto for the hundredth time.

"Hey whatcha doin?" Neji asked as he walked towards them.

"We're seeing who's better in Tekken!" Naruto shouted. Neji raised one eyebrow.

Kiba walked towards them saying hi.

"Sup' dudes?" Kiba asked as he and Akamaru came towards Naruto.

"I'm trying to beat Teme to see who's better in Tekken!" Naruto said again.

"Oooh! Can I play?" Kiba asked.

"We can all play. Just sneak in your son's bedroom and 'burrow' his PSP! Just make sure your wife doesn't see you," Naruto whispered the last part out.

"Kay, I'll go see Takeshi's PSP!" Kiba ran back towards his house.

"Hn," Neji replied, which in this case means, fine and he walked back to get his son's, Ryuu, PSP.


"Dude, you guys are such kick ass awesome in this game!" Kiba said to Sasuke and Neji.

"Hn," they both replied bluntly as they kept on jabbing the keys.

"I defeated you Kiba!" Naruto shouted.

"Holy dog poo!" Kiba screamed as his 'Tekken' character began to fall.

"Yes! I finally defeated someone!" Naruto shouted in joy doing his happy dance.

Shikamaru noticed that his friends were crowding in one spot so he decided that he'll check on them.

"What are you guys doing?" Shikamaru asked lazily.

"We're trying to beat each other's ass in 'Tekken'!" Naruto shouted.

"You know when you're wife finds out their going to kick your ass?" Shikamaru informed them.

"Tch. You're just jealous 'cause you don't have a son and that you can't use his PSP!" Kiba stuck his tongue out.

"I'm not jealous. Just being a good friend and concerning about your health," Shikamaru said.

Just like Shikamaru had predicted, their wives came along, not looking very happy.

"I'm going to kill you Sasuke!" Sakura hissed, poisonous venoms coming through every word she said.

"…" Hinata didn't say anything but her pale eyes said it all. She. Was. Pissed.

"I'm going to make sure that these kunais get all his nervous systems!" Tenten managed through her gritted teeth as she twirled her kunai angrily around her finger.

"Kiba. You're going to rot in HELL!" Ino shouted as she punched the air pretending it was her husband.

"Oh shit," the guys (except for Shikamaru) said simultaneously.

"I warned you…" Shikamaru whispered as he closed his eyes not wanting to see what was going on.


The very next day, Sasuke was in the hospital for three broken rib cage, both arms broken and both legs broken.

Naruto was in no better condition. He was bruised from top to bottom. His left foot broken and his right ankle twisted.

Neji was almost dead the time he reached the hospital, with multiple wounds almost to all his vital points. If he wasn't rushed to the hospital in time, he would've died.

Kiba was in cast from his lower body downwards. He couldn't move much and was still a little freaked out at the jutsu that Ino had performed on him.

Conclusion, Shikamaru is the only who is not beaten half to death (if he was he would be dead because Temari is a very scary woman!) so he was the only left to take care of his friends.

"I'd hate to say but… I told you so!" Shikamaru smirked as his friends grunted back.


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