My Dear Readers/Fans of Ace's shenanigans,

I'd like to start off by saying how much I love the lot of you, especially those who leave reviews and/or fave this fic.

It tickles me pink that there are even some who enjoy what I've written so much that they incorporate it into their own work, translate it into other languages or are even inspired to draw pics or write their own fics. These people are wonderful and they understand the concept of giving credit where it's due, of citing their sources. To those people, more power to you.

What I can't accept however is others copying my work and then try to take credit for it, ie. plagiarism. Yes, Second Division Prohibitions has been plagiarized under the title Restrictions on the Commander by someone using the pen name Spade12 on the website (lunaescence).com (minus the parenthesis). With the exception of an OC named Scarlet Maya- she belongs to Spade12- Restrictions is nearly a word for word copy of Second Division.

I am not asking anyone to flame Spade12 or the website's admin staff. I'v already logged a complaint with them and I trust that they will deal with it. I just want everyone to know the reason why this fic will no longer be updated. I will think about starting up again when Second Division's doppelganger is gone.

[UPDATE 7/1/2013: Restrictions on the Commander has been taken down. My thanks to the admin of Lunaescence and to everyone who sent their support via review/PM. With regards to updating this fic, I want everyone to know that I do wish to continue...I just don't know how long it will take. I've been rereading the older One Piece chapters; maybe my muse will be inspired...]

Thank you everyone,


PS. If anyone else has seen instances of plagiarism occurring please don't hesitate to speak up about it, whether to the original author or the website admin or even the author him/herself (they might have legitimately forgotten)

PPS. I know chapters that are purely author's notes are not allowed and I shall delete this page should anyone complain about it but I had to get this message out.